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50% off Laser Hair Removal - Australian Laser Clinic


Black Friday sale on laser hair removal and skin treatment.

50% off hair removal (excludes full-body).
Price is for individual session or for bulk-buying sessions.
Sessions are tied to the clinic they're booked for.
Complementary consultation before first session.

Not much else to it, just think about where you need to be hairless :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Cheaper on silklaser.com.au - 60% discount

    • They dont have store in VIC.
      Thanks for pointing.

    • +1

      Good catch.
      Though only applies to orders with 6+ sessions. Not a deal breaker as laser needs multiple sessions anyway.
      Probably a better deal for people local to clinics.

  • -3

    Biggest Scam ever

    Have personally spent 1000's of dollars (on both Silk Laser and Laser Clincs) still got all hairs growing on. These Do not remove hair, they offered me nothing as a compensation too. All of my money wasted 3 years ago.

    AGAIN these companies services DO NOT REMOVE HAIR yet they advertise it as that

    • +3

      Sorry it didn't work for you but it's not a scam and I've had great results personally in around 5 sessions per area.

      • i had like 10 sessions at silk laser Adelaide, 6-8 at Laser clinic Adelaide + Spend money on their skin care products, and mate only thing happened was hair thinning

        The truth is your regular shaving is what is keeping the hair not on your skin, Not their service, which only thins the hair

        • +2

          I don't shave though "mate" and it took nearly 2 years before I got a few random hairs appear under my arms for example. I've literally just had my first maintenance session since January 2020.
          Again - sorry you didn't get the results you had hoped for but that doesn't make it a scam.

          • @ironik: well then just saying this company doesn't do anything for those who dont get results,
            Other than saying to them you can get a 50% discount on any future treatment (on same area)-

            Why would I want to spend a single cent more on this scam false advertisement

            • +1

              @USER DC: My understanding is that works better with people with dark hair and a fair/medium skin colour.

              Apparently, if you have blonde hair it doesn't work that well, therefore, a waste of money.

              Do your own research there is lots of info on this.

              • @UrbionPT: Black hair, yellow-brown skin, I am way too hairy. This Service never worked for me and nor the companies compensated me properly

                • +1

                  @USER DC: https://alluraclinic.com/blog/are-you-a-good-candidate-for-l...

                  "The best candidates for this type of hair removal are those who have pale skin and dark hair. The contrast between light skin and dark hair allows the melanin to be easily targeted."

                  • @UrbionPT: I dont care what the people or internet say, I had my Live experience on me Spent like $4000+ on these companies about 3-4 yrs ago, Gotten only information that DO NOT USE THEM EVER AGAIN, they didn't work on me and company gave me no compensation. I was quite different person that time too didn't used to scream and constantly ask for refunds etc. But man using there services has been one of the biggest mistakes/wasted of my money in my life.

                    • +1

                      @USER DC: I get that, however, what I'm trying to say is that for some people it does work, depending on the hair/skin, I've seen it myself in less than 10 treatments

                      • @UrbionPT: Worked for me.

                        Fyi Testosterone can drive new hair growth so therefore it does reduce it heavily but may never get rid of everything if your body is cranking more.

  • Excellent! Thanks :)

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