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NBA League Pass 50% off Annual Package only


Valid for League Pass annual package only. Must apply promo code at checkout. Offer expires at 11:59pm ET Nov 29, 2021. Terms and conditions apply.
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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    For anyone who might be interested in watching the NBA but aren't sure if they want to pay for a pass you can watch select games live on SBS On Demand and Viceland to see if you enjoy it or not.

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    Thanks! Just signed up via South Africa, US$21.49. AU$31.18 using PayPal!

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      Nice to see a fellow South African here!

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      Hello good see so many south Africans here 😜

    • Does this need to be connected to VPN just to watch the games like the India one?

      It's the only reason why I remained Mexican even though its costing $100AUD.

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        no, only on signup.
        India requires you to be connected to the VPN to watch games.

        • Thanks. Looks like I'm becoming South African when this season ends.

    • Can someone link me on how to get this deal.

      • Use VPN to connect to South Africa. I used VPN unlimited on iOS but tunnelbear also works. Go to Start the sign up and change the currency to US dollars. With the discount code it should be US$21.49. I paid with PayPal.

  • good to remember for future seasons to wait until Black Friday for this saving

    • If you wait until Black Friday next year, I guess you'll miss all the Oct and most of Nov games?

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    This might be a bit contravesial but you can watch pretty much every NBA game if you have money deposited into your sports bet account. You could essentially watch the whole season for $5 (min deposit) and never bet it.

    • What is the coverage/quality like on SportsBet? I.e can I cast to my tv?

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        Sorry I'm unsure if you can cast to a TV, I use it on a tablet at my desk and don't have anything to cast to to test. The quality isn't as good as something like kayo but it's fine, especially for the price. You get the American coverage with no ads as well which is pretty funny watching all their half time performances.

  • I wasn't able to make it to South Africa, I guess I am not so Slick after all.

    I went to Brazil, it is pretty much the same price for premium as it is for the annual package. Sharing with a friend the 2x screens gets it to just on $50 each I guess.

    Any advice on free trials that can help me move to Sth Africa for a few minutes?

  • Whats a NBA token worth? Apparently gives free NBA league pass (or similar)?

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    Under 32 bucks for League Pass - so good! Much easier than stuffing about with streams etc. Thanks OP.

  • How do I make it so it auto renews at this price?

  • I signed up in South Africa using the 50% off code but it looks like it went through at the full price? When I went to PayPal to pay it was definitely the 50% price ($21.49US) but the email I got from PayPal says I authorised a payment for $42.99US and the temp fee on my credit card which was reversed straight away (to test the card was valid I assume) was for the full price. The email has the PayPal description which does say "NBA League pass annual, NBA LP Annual Intl 50% off_multiple codes."

    Has anyone else had this issue? Should I contact NBA support or just wait until the payment actually goes through to see what is charged (it will go thru on 3rd December after the 7 day free trial period)

    Appreciate any help.

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      Same thing just happened to me - input the promo code, confirmation pages on NBA site and PayPal at the point of purchase showing USD $21.49, but the PayPal payment authorisation email showed the full amount of USD $42.99 being charged and the same on my card’s pending transactions. A pre-authorisation notification on my PayPal account is showing USD $21.49 though, so proof I didn’t forget to input the promo code.

      Did your issue get resolved? I contacted NBA Support to report the issue and am waiting for a response. I’m hoping it’s a case of them charging the promo amount of USD $21.49 after the 7-day trial or that it’s a legit error they’ll rectify.

      • I haven't contacted them yet was going to wait until the payment goes through to see which amount is charged. Let me know what response you get.

        Where can you see the pre-authorisation on your PayPal account? I can't find anything on mine.

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          I found my pre-authorisation as a notification on the PayPal dashboard page (i.e. the bell icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar, next to the gear icon and "log out"). What I've read on another thread ( from someone who's already received a response from NBA support is that PayPal holds the full amount but refunds the 50% at the end of the trial.

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