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Bonus $20 Shop Card with $60 Costco Gift Membership (in-Store Only) @ Costco Australia (Membership Required)


Costco is currently offering a bonus $20 shop card with every gift of membership card until Christmas.

You can use the gift of membership cards to sign someone up or to RENEW YOUR OWN membership, effectively giving you $20 off your membership.
You will need to go inside the warehouse and head to the register first and buy it, then take it to the membership desk to redeem.

Please note for Costco business members who only pay $55/annually, the membership desk would give you a $5 shop card back since the gift of membership is $60 in value.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Any idea how long the gift of membership card is valid for?

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      No expiry and no limit per customer

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        can you buy $60 gift card at the membership desk and then renew $55 membership at the counters with the products?

      • Does that mean we could buy two & renew our membership now & then again in a year? + 2 X $20 GC?

        • Yes

          • @YourImag1nat1on: Do you know if it is for all states, not just Victoria?

            • @ubor: I would assume it’s for all of Australia but you can call your store to confirm

      • Can we get this offer at Costco service station too?

        • If you mean for fuel, then no you can’t use shop cards at the fuel station

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    @YourImag1nat1on Hi, my membership will expire on March next year, can I buy this to renew my membership?

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      You certainly can.

      • thanks! will try to buy this next week.

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      Yes, i had organised this today - membership expires in Jan, but they were able to do it today no problems. Plus you get a small gift of a choice of scented candle + chocolates when you renew.

      • Valentine's Day sorted. Give Costco to missus and eat the chocolate and throw candle in BBQ.

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    so where do we get the $20 card? they will issue one when i buy the $60? thinking of renew my membership recently.

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      Yep. $20 shop card will be given upon purchasing $60 membership card.

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        cool i will see if any of my friends is going to visit the warehouse.

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    Is this is only for existing members? It sounds like I can't sign up and get $20 as a new member right?

    edit: OR can I just go into Costco, and sign up? I thought people without memberships can't enter.

    • Benefit seems to be for the member .

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      You would need to have a member buy it for you

      • Can you renew your own and also buy one for a new member and both get the $20 shop card?

        You can use the gift of membership cards to sign someone up or to RENEW YOUR OWN membership

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          Yes you can, you can by multiple cards at once

    • Ask your friend who is a Costco member to buy and give to you as a gift 😂. Or you buy on your behalf ☹️

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    The real OzB cheap trick is refunding your membership on the last day of it. jk, but in all seriousness Costco customer service is so good you can refund at any point and get a full refund.

    Also don't miss out on the hot dogs at the foodcourt — quintessential americana. $1.99 for a hotdog + unlimited refills of a 24oz drink.

    • this is what some will do consider wasting 1/3 of membership due to lockdown.

      • Surely they would frown if you cancel and renew constantly

        • I thought you couldn't renew for one year if you cancel.

        • It wouldn't matter anyways as Costco requires you two months clear if you restart your membership. Otherwise, they'll just backdate it like you never cancelled.

          Say, you start your membership Jan 2021 but decide not to renew, this gets you to end of Dec 2021. If you decide to renew on mid-Feb 2022, they'll backdate your membership from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022.

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        Costco already gave out a voucher for $20 during the lockdown as compensation. Very kind of them.

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    Do the business members get a $5 shop card + a $20 shop card?
    Or just a $5 shop card?

    • $5 in cash. But I didn't want to have my existing membership renewed immediately, so they said they would refund me $5 when I redeemed $60 membership card for next renewal.

      • So business members miss out on the $20 shop card?

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          No. Biz acc holders also get $20 shop card. The $5 refund happens when a biz member uses the $60 membership card for renewal, coz membership card comes in $60 value not $55.

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      You get a $20 shop card and the membership gift at the register for $60, when you redeem the membership at the membership desk on a business membership you get another $5 shop card

      • Cool, so business membership total renewal cost would be $30?

        Also, with the business membership, can you have 2 cards for 2 person from different addresses?

        Oh wait… A current member would need go inside the store, buy the Giftcard and get it for you? Boo…I thought I can go to the counter and ask them to renew my expired membership and get the discount benefit straight away

      • Hi OP, I went to Costco Marsden Park, they rejected to renew my Business Membership with this offer, they said it’s only for Gold star membership. I still have expiry date till Feb 2022 on my membership.

  • thanks my membership expires next week, great reason to sign up for another year.

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    How long will this offer last

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    Not sure about other Costco warehouse, but Costco Ringwood (Vic) also offers a small bag with gift-wrapped chocolate and beautiful candle box inside, on top of the $20 shop card.

  • good find bro,
    but I use my roommate's membership for shopping. That's free.

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    Can we get it online?

  • I wasn’t planning on renewing my membership, but now this may change my decision.

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    Can this be purchased online? Why only available for existing members?

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    My membership he expired. Can I use it?

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      If someone else buys it for you, yes

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    I visited Costco Auburn on Thursday and Costco Staff refused to renew my membership with this offer. They claimed it’s ONLY FOR NEW MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP! Has anyone renewed their own membership with this? Then I must argue with them! :(

    • Do you have a partner? Cancel yours and use this in their name.

      Not sure if they count as a full member if they are one of your additional card holders though?

    • Costco usa can definetly use it to renew …cannot find anything the same for australia..

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      Update: looking at the card in store it explicitly says it can be used to renew an existing membership.

      Tell them they are wrong and they owe to an apology

    • Visited today with existing membership. And was able to get it organised to renew.

    • I called Costco Moorabbin today. They said come into costco with my expired membership come to the register buying the card , they will see you need to renew the membership and use that card and also get the bonus $20. I'll head down there in the next few days

  • My membership is expiring in 2 weeks time , but when I went last week the team member offered me if I want to renew and I said OK. If I can try to ask them for this deal now..

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    So annoyed at my husband he was at Costco last week and they asked do you want to pay your renewal at counter, it's due soon so he paid it.
    it's not due till the 31st of December and I've told him I only renew when we get a good deal, now I can't get the good deal.😭

    • +3

      He cost you $20…the only reasonable thing to do would be to file for divorce.

      • +1

        The $20 would help negate how much he spends at Costco 😭 I will make sure to add it to the divorce settlement😉

    • Cancel it after some serious Christmas shopping along with a $60 Costco Gift Membership and then take up a new membership under your name using the giftcard.

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    So I can ask my friend to buy 3lots $60 cosco card . This will give my $180 to use at cosco in the future, and the free 3 lots of $20 shop card to be used to pay for a membership?

    • It’s the other way around.

      Every card means 1 year of membership AND you get $20 to spend in store.

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      You need coffee.

  • +1


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    Why not use it to expand your customer base and get new customers?

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    For the $20 card, is it loaded to the members card or can this be gifted as well?

    For the additional cardholder, do they have to be from the same address and present on registration day - or added later if they can’t come on the day?

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      Same address and can be added later.

  • FFS I signed up earlier this month

  • We are not due to renew yet ? I just renew last month, how can I get this offer ??

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    Went to Ringwood to renew, they said the $20 shop card offer is not available for renewing own membership.

    It’s only for gifting memberships, which means I have to be an active member first, THEN buy another to gift, in order to get the $20 shop card offer.

    They told me to do this instead, and I did: I just renewed, then created an online account and turned on auto-renew, and got a $10 shop card and a cooler bag.

    OP, if you have any more information on renewals also eligible for this offer, such as a photo, could you share in the OP?

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      You can buy and use the gift of Membership on yourself if you are a current member, if your membership is already expired you can’t buy it, this is the case at Moorabbin, was your membership still valid? I’m not sure why Ringwood wouldn’t let you

      • Ah I see, mine was expired already. My mistake. All good, a $10 shop card and cooler are good enough.

    • -3

      How many time are you going to post this in this thread? We get it.

      • +4

        I thought I was being helpful by replying to related comments only, as they may not check new comments. My bad, I will delete them all.

        But you didn’t have to be rude about it.

        • +1

          it's a semi long thread

          i 'ppreciate it

  • I went to Costco Marsden Park, they rejected to renew my Business Membership with this offer, they said it’s only for Gold star membership. I still have expiry date till Feb 2022.

    • Not sure why they are saying this, at my store the membership department has no issue renewing and giving $5 back, but other warehouses may be different

      • +1

        Renewed business membership today with this offer at Epping VIC. I was given $5 cash. Need to get a team lead to operate the $5 cash refund.

        • I’m glad you were able to get that sorted

        • Anyone tried in Ringwood Vic? I just got the email that they are going to charge me shortly as my business card membership due shortly.

  • I just renewed mine like last week, can I still claim this? Thanks

  • Wait,so I need someone who is a member to gift this? I can't go in myself and purchase it to become a member?

  • can I buy like 3 cards and use it to renew membership over next 3 years?

    • Yes

    • What if they have new and better renewal promo next year? lol stacking up renewal cards nonstop?

      • It was the same last year

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    Guys, for those of you that read this deal and went into a Costco store today hoping to save $20 on their membership fees ( maybe I am the only dummy that misread this), then there is no saving for new members.

    This is only a deal if an existing member bought you a card and gave it to you. I went to join and paid the full $60 at counter.

    BTW what a freaking trolley jam and carparking nightmare for a suburban Woolies and Coles shopper !

    • +2

      wait… can't you buy the gift of membership to your wife then cancel your one, you still get the $20 ?… this deal seems a bit weird to new customer.

      it's like creating unnecessary workload for the staffs…XD.

      • +2

        dlovep - thanks !
        Mate I feel like such an amatuer OZBargainer 🤣. Why didn't I think of that….
        BTW the ushers at the store make ppl lining up to join feel like cattle in a cattle yard. A proper American Experience ! Nevertheless I joined.

  • This is a great deal, effectively 33% off gold membership, or 36% off business membership.

    But the business membership renew is a bit of a process, because staff can't just take $5 from the till, they have to refund the gift membership then use $55 for renew and give you the balance $5.

    I guess when they process the refund, system must have flagged there's a $20 gift card, so team leader have to come to override.

  • Hi there. Sorry if this has been asked but does anyone know when this deal expires? Cheers

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