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[eBook] The Riftwar Trilogy, The Serpentwar Saga and Empire Trilogy by Raymond E Feist $4.99 @ Amazon AU


Great books for an excellent price. Enjoy!

The Serpentwar Saga https://www.amazon.com.au/Serpentwar-Saga-Complete-4-Book-Co...

The Complete Empire Trilogy https://www.amazon.com.au/Complete-Empire-Trilogy-Daughter-M...

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    Magician is one of the best fantasy books ever written

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      Yes, it is an excellent entry into sword and sorcery style fantasy novels. Then onto Game of Thrones, then onto the Wheel of Time series.

      I still believe that the highest level of this art is the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series, but it is a huge series of books of SUPER heavy, dense reading. Where the above books follow a dozen or so main characters, the Malazan series has seemingly hundreds, all with complex backstory and motivations.

      • +2

        Thanks for the recommendation, I get onto Malazan Book of the Fallen, bit scared if you consider it bigger than wheel of time series. Have read them all, and in the order you mentioned.

        For an easy read, David Eddings is a good author, the balgarad (sp?) and the sparhawk series are good reads

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        Would say Would say GoT books are quite different. The others have amazing character arcs and development. GoT ahh does not. For "reasons". Without spoiling any if no one has read/seen it.

      • Absolutely WoT as a finish, it's such a shame he wasn't able to finish the series himself, Sanderson is a great author but no-one is a match for Robert Jordan.

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      You can get a signed copy from Easton Press at the moment which is awesome.

      But you do need to use a US ship forwarder.

  • Just finished the riftwar trilogy - which of the other two is the better to start on next?

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      Go to Krondors Sons and then Serpent War if you want the main series and continue from there if you like the series enough. Serpent War is a good early epic 'wrap' for the series if you want to stop there. Although Empire is good in terms of story it is not core to the main story and the characters are only referenced a handful of times. Although i said Empire is good in terms of story i was not a fan of the writting style as it was done by a diffrent author but i am in the minority i think in saying this and a lot of people love it.

      The Empire Trilogy
      The Riftwar Legacy
      Legends of the Riftwar

      Can all effectively be skipped and are all suplementary works in the whole saga. With these sales you can effectively get all main series books except for 2 of the last ones (Darkwar & Chaoswar Saga)

      • +1

        I agree with your opinion on the Empire Trilogy. I liked it when I was younger, but reading it again recently was a slog due to the writing style and I ended up skipping the last book.

        • Could be Empire is much better as a first time read due to it's suspense. I rate Magician as the best novel I've read, but Empire the better series. I gotta wonder why Empire hasn't been picked up for TV maybe too Asian for western TV?

          • @tonka: Too Asian? What? I'd say I today's TV market a "great epic" type story isn't popular, and there isn't enough "drama".

            • @incipient: You didn't get a massive Shogun feel from the Empire books. It felt very Japanese to me.

              • @tonka: Ohhh empire. Haha I can't read. Actually yeah quite possibly!

        • +1

          Unfortunately I feel the last book is the weakest. It's still good, but I start to get distracted by the time I reach it.

          • @dizzle: The use of simile starts to get old fast. I found myself rolling my eyes every time the author wrote something like, "Arakasi disappeared into the night like a (insert name of fictional stealthy animal)."

    • +1

      Honoured Enemy is one the best standalone books in the entire saga.

    • +1

      I read them in this order and thought it worked perfectly. Despite what others said I absolutely loved the Empire Trilogy even more so than the Riftwar Saga.


    • +1


      Empire is just really good, personally wasn't a huge fan of Riftwar but empire was fantastic

  • +6

    OP Krondors Sons and Demonwar Saga are also $5



    I have been waiting for them to go on Sale since picking up the other books in the series over the last few months on my Kindle.

    Just need Chaoswar trilogy and Legends of the Riftwar to go on sale lol

  • +3

    A book so good, someone stole my first paperback copy! Absolutely a great read.

  • +1

    Had to double take as I thought I already bought this trilogy from a previous ozbargain post. Sure enough I I bought it Dec 2020. I have put the first book on the back burner as I was finding it a bit of a grind

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    Can anyone confirm if owning these makes you eligible for the whispersync audiobook upgrades at Audible?

    • Good thinking. Will have to check that out.

    • Doesn't seem to, or I haven't figured out how to make it sync 😔

      • Yeah it's always hit and miss with anthologies. If you bought the ebook check on the Audible website though because sometimes the whispersync option doesn't appear on Amazon for collections.

  • I am pretty sure that I own all of these in paperback. But the temptation of ebook convenience is really strong!

  • +1

    My reading is sorted for the next two years. Many thanks!

  • +1

    Without a doubt my favourite author. No-brainer at this price, even if you have physical copies!

  • thanks, I had all the others from years ago (paperback) which have been read numerous times, but just purchased the Empire trilogy

  • +1

    They should’ve made this into movies or high budget series a long time ago.

    • +2

      I don't know if I need it ruined. Also, it would get destroyed for being racist.

  • +9

    My older brother gave me Magician for my 12th birthday. In doing so he introduced me to this wonderful magical world and added about 5 years of additional virginity in doing so. Thanks big bro.

  • Thanks OP got them both goin to try whisper sync now

  • Read them all 😔 moved onto Brandon Sanderson, need more recommendation’s. Got fed up I think half way through wheel of time (I think it was book 7)

    • +2

      I haven't started Wheel of Time yet (was waiting until I finished the TV show to now interrupt it), but have you read the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson? I read it for the first time recently and it was amazing. There's technically 2 parts - the first of 3 books and the second I think of 3/4 - I haven't read part 2 yet, but the first 3 (Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages) were absolutely amazing, and I can definitely recommend them!

      • +1

        Skyward series is very good as well and a quick read.
        Stormlight Archive is another good one but he's only up to book 4 out of 10

        • I've heard great things about SLA! It's on my to read pile for soon!

      • Mitborn series was great, and SLA. reading skyward book 3 now.

        Evermen Saga by James Maxwell was really good.


    • I gave up on Wheel of Time roughly around book 7/8 as well but my friends say it gets really good when Brandon Sanderson took over from book 12.

    • Checkout 'The Licanius Trilogy' which is by an Australian author

    • Push through it. There is a book or two half way through the WOT series that admittedly is a bit of a drag, but once you're through it really picks up and snowballs to an amazing conclusion.

      • Why can’t you buy wheel of time as a set on kindle. Or even individually, or am I missing something?

        • You can buy the whole set on US Amazon, but only individually through AU (bought book 12 today on AU).

          • @Skyfox: Even on AU Amazon there was no buy button for book 1

    • WoT does become a bit of a slog, but its worth pushing through

  • +1

    Has anyone found a working US link?

  • Amazing deal. Thanks OP! There’s actually 5 of his bundles on sale! 15 books for $25! Makes up for all the hard copies I sold years ago!

  • I can't get this to work. I see the daily deal but when I click through to any of them it just says this title is not available for purchase. What am I doing wrong?

    • I am having similar issues. Is it because some of my previous Kindle purchases have been from Amazon.com? I've tried to change my default kindle purchases to Amazon.com.au but still doesn't work for me, getting error….

      • Nevermind, now working for me!

  • +1

    Loved reading these 20yrs ago, Riftwar was amazing and Empire series took it to another level, still have the books on my shelves, but bought it to keep electronically anyway.

  • Looks like the sale just ended.

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