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Bugaboo Donkey 3 Stroller (+ Bugaboo Universal Seat liner) $1599 C&C/Del @ Baby Kingdom ($1519.99 Price Matched @ Baby Bunting)


BugaBoo Donkey 3 is priced at $1679.20 @ Baby Bunting.
Baby Kingdom has the same pram for $1599.99 + you get a free BugaBoo seat liner. Link below.
Do a price match at Baby Bunting and they beat it by 5% and include the seat liner.


IMO this is a good discount for those looking for an easy to use pram. I love the side basket when using this pram in the mono mode.

Meet the Bugaboo Donkey 3, the pram that grows with your family. Offering multiple configurations, both as a single or double pram, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is versatile, easy to push, and ready for the future.

Ready from day one, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is compatible with different car seats. You can pair it with a car seat or use it with the bassinet during the first months, and then transition to the seat as your child grows.

If you’re thinking of expanding your family, it can be easily converted to a double pram for two children, in just 3 clicks. No matter which configuration you choose, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is small enough to fit through standard doorways and designed to hold up to 23kg in each seat (facing the world).

Easy to manoeuver thanks to its side-by-side geometry, steer it with one hand and go up footpath curbs even when it’s fully loaded. When using it in the mono configuration, it comes with an expandable side-luggage basket with 35 liters of capacity. The improved side-luggage basket comes with an integrated zipper at the top, increasing its capacity, and transforming it into a large tote bag so that you can keep your essential items or groceries protected from the elements… or from curious little hands.

The puncture-proof wheels have a new lighter design. They are made of a special EVA foam, making them last longer, and ensuring a bump-free ride for your baby. Whether you’re using it with one or two kids, they will always ride comfortably. The side-by-side geometry of the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is great for a sibling connection, especially when they’re facing each other.

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 features a new sun canopy with a peekaboo window and integrated breezy panel, ideal for airflow and allowing you to stay connected with your children.

The Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono includes:

Chassis, wheels and wheel caps
Seat/ Bassinet frame
Complete seat fabric with comfort harness
Complete bassinet fabric with mattress and apron
Sun canopy, clamps, and wires
Handlebar and rotating carry handle
Side luggage basket and under-seat basket
Rain cover

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    can save further 15% by buying the 'baby' TCN gift card ( includes baby bunting) at Coles, its on special

    • Wow. Thank you!
      I managed to return the item and re-purchase with TCN gift cards. Saved me another $227.8.

  • +3

    $1500 worth of pram, baffles me.

    • +5

      Doesn't baffle my wife. Unfortunately.

      • Brilliant

  • +4

    I had one of these donkeys for my first born and i wouldnt recommend it unless you have twins. Yes its large and wide and holds a lot but it is the wideness that make its inaccessible into cramped shops such as chemist warehouse or the smaller grocers. When folded up it fits well in a large soccer mum suv but not so practical in a small hatch like a subaru xv or toyota chr with other baby junk in your trunk.

  • a pram costs more than my first car!

    • I think that says more about your first car than the pram.

      • it's the toyota echo manual, the exterior looks bad but the engine keeps going!

  • +2

    Or save $1156.41 and buy one of these. Ours has been a workhorse for 3 years. It’s not a statement to people saying look at me I’ve got so much cash to splash on a $1500 pram but it does the job just as well.

    • Yup.
      Same logic why anyone would buy a watch that costs $10k or a car that’s costs $200k or an iPhone that costs $2.5k 🤷

      • Certain models of rolex ap and Richard Mille are worthy investments as prices skyrocket. A new strain of covid will send prices even higher.

  • +4

    If you do have the money to get this level of pram, I guess you get the Uppababy Vista v2 instead. Basically does everything this does, but better construction and more space.

    • I found Bubaboo design/quality slightly better overall than Uppababy but it's a much of a muchness at that point. I agree that I'd rather the Vista than Donkey due to the form factor (wiide) though.

    • Yeah we looked at the Vista V2 and eventually decided on the Donkey. It is a better fit in the car due to its compact fold and Vista is 3.5 cm wider than Donkey.

    • This is a lot more flexible, Vista has limited configurations.

  • +1

    What do people put in the side basket? Isn't it a major inconvenience making the thing wider than it has to be?
    We've had a trusty Steelcraft Strider for years, carries 2 no problem if we have to and is still bulky enough to be a hassle in some places or getting in to a hatchback. I can only think this will be bulkier than an everyday pram needs to be and would be increasingly frustrating knowing you dropped 1.5k on something that is a PITA?

    • The side bag is great for baby stuff. And can hold a bottle too.

  • Never understood these things. I had a collapsible pram that I could manage with one hand. Fit in the boot of a small car and totally manageable with bubs in hand.

    That was 15 yrs ago. Now there's compact collapsible prams everywhere.

    One thing I can tell you - no kid that went through life in that cheap stroller suffered from not being in a $1500 version!

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