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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] Sony Alpha A6400 Body Only $899.25 Delivered @ Camera House eBay


Sony Alpha A6400 Body Only $899.

Not the cheapest over the last 12 months, but decent price outside previous $200 sony cashback offer.

Will see if Sony will price match this.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Apparently Sony decided to stop making these cameras due to chip shortage. I have one and its great camera. Sigma 16mm. F1.4 goes well with it.

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      This is what I got too. Paired mine with Sigma 16mm, great photos.

      • Yea, personally the Sony cameras produce an overly artificial picture for me, but to be honest, for the price these are offered at and with the compact size, they are definitely fantastic cameras for the majority of people and I don't mind using it as an 'almost there' camera when I don't want to lug around my full size.

        I still prefer the Rx100's for the middleground quality vs size, but these A6xxx are much cheaper if you already have lenses.

        • Artificial with jpegs, raw, or both? Just curious…I don't have any Sony camera gear, but I always have an eye on their stuff.

          • @Banj0: I'm using the term 'artificial' to generalise the look, but in jpeg form I'm not a fan of the style of compression that is used to optimise the image. RAW format colours just don't look right in comparison to Nikon / Canon cameras to me. To be clear, I own several Sony's and they are great cameras - they just don't give me the best output personally. They do take nice 'sharp appearing' photos however and I primarily use an RX100 as a carry around, so they have their uses.

            • @Mortal Krumpet: Also keep in mind that Sony's lenses are bloody expensive. If you in the market for Camera, have a look at others first.

              • @alreadytaken: Lots of third party support though, and some of those are pretty good lenses.

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                Sony's lenses are bloody expensive

                Only if you pay RRP. I have found that by combining the regular Sonly cash backs, Sony store price match and SB/CR cash backs, you will always get bargains.
                Compare them to the equivalent Nikon Z lenses and Canon RF lenses, which rarely get cash backs or not much…

  • This vs Zv-e10?

  • any deal going on for Sony FE lenses; just curious why so quiet here for cameras/lenses in black Friday!!

    • For artistic photography many bright Manual lenses from 7artisan/ttartisan/meike/neewer etc gives its worth and blackfriday sales in Aliexpress canbe used to grab those. 7artisan 0.95 30mm is something to have and many others are as good for low-light and bokeh or mostly still objects.

  • I bought 2 of these for video podcasting. Just a bit of a warning, they regularly just cut the signal/shut off during filming. about 30% of the time both of them have been doing this between 30-80mins of filming. They are supposed to have unrestricted video filming, but both seem to have this issue. Its pretty annoying and can really interupt podcasts. You just have to switch it on and off and its back, but then it can go regularly. Spoke to Sony about it, they said it just happens with some of them not much they can do

    • I've never had this issue. I usually record in 4K format with a dummy battery for 40-50 minutes.

    • During hot days? Is it a case of SoC heating up as it seems to happen randomnly in your case?

      • Not hot days. We have a temp controlled room and so does my producer (he films in QLD and im in NSW). We use a dummy battery and assumed it was that. Switched it, nope still happens. Like i said its about 30% of the time. We only use them once/twice a week so its not that frequent but seeing as Sony actually replied saying that this happens and to just turn it off and on makes me think its not just luck that 2 of ours bought seperately have the same issue

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    a 6400 or e10 yer its a bit of a think….

    E10 has a few newer option lacking in the 6400
    As mentioned below, it's what you need it for I guess.

    Choosing between these two models should be pretty straightforward: if video, with a strong interest in v-logging, is your priority, then the ZV-E10 looks like the best choice. Plus, it looks a bit easier to use for a beginner, or someone coming from a smartphone.

    If photography is also important to you, you may want to consider the A6400 mainly because it has a viewfinder and a more robust construction, including weather sealing.


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