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[Mac] BetterTouchTool Black Friday 30% Discount


BetterTouchTool lifetime and standard licenses can be had at 30% off with the Black Friday coupon code. Just bought my license with the coupon code and seems to be still working.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Love this app.. can’t recommend enough

    • How does "Window Snapping" work with this app? As I've been using magnet app and wonder whether this one is better thanks

      • Just drag the window to then edge of the screen - or the corner if you want a quarter snap

        • Can you change how big the area is? Similar to Ms Powertoys in windows, that you can configure the size of the "snap area"

          • @BigLeviathan: Not that I’m aware but I haven’t looked.
            Optimal layout used to do that but it’s discontinued.
            Maybe you’ll want divvy.. but it might be configurable

          • +1

            @BigLeviathan: Yes you can set up custom areas and set up where to drag the window to trigger them. Have used this app for years it’s great

            • @roeja: I remember it used to support wiimote and leap motion back in the day

  • Cheers, bought a standard a few years back. Good time to grab Lifetime!

  • How does this compare to Magnet?

    • +1

      It handles what I want in terms of repositioning windows (hole option key and press left, right or up), however the apps got far far more functionality than just window management.

    • I went from BTT to Magnet. I preferred the simplicity and wasn't making use of any of the advanced features.

  • +2

    Price in title pls

  • I bought a lifetime license 2 yrs ago when Apple removed the usual gestures I had become accustomed to. This put them back, and I like the app-specific gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Excellent app.

  • So this is $23.16 AUD. Worth it for the price?

    I thought apple was taking a break from the touch bar idea

    • Its worth it. Touchbar is one thing it can customise. It can also do keyboard shortcuts, touchpad gestures etc. I use the app and don't even bother with the Touch Bar components.

      • Awesome. I'll give it a go.

        • There's a 45 day trial so have a quick play. You can configure shortcuts system wide or on a per app basis, and then there's a lot of things around window management and the like too. There's stacks you can configure and I hardly touch the surface.

  • First thing I do is setup up F5 to be the shortcut to refresh the browser. So simple but miss it from Windows

  • +1

    Works out to be approx A$6.50 for a year license or A$21 for lifetime.

    • I get $23.16 for a lifetime license after applying the coupon code, is that right?

      • Yep, about there depending on the exchange rate. $23.15 when I got mine.

        • So it shouldn't be A$21 then as @krouton24 wrote.

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