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Broadlink RM4 Pro S - IR/RF Hub - w/ Temp Sensor $39.74 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Black Friday sale

All in One
Suffering pains of too many remotes? Add unlimited IR appliances and ditch all your remotes.

Control from Anywhere
Make your life more convenient and smarter. Control your home appliance anywhere any time. Turn on Air Conditioner on your way home and feel comfortable once you open the door.

Voice Control
Works with Alexa and Google Assistant to add hands-free voice control of your IR appliances by just saying "Alexa, turn on the TV" or “Hey Google, turn on the air conditioner".

Schedules and Timers
No more missing any crucial games. Schedule a time to turn on or switch your TV to whatever channel you want to watch your favorite game on time.

Works with IFTTT
Supports IFTTT to create more fun experiences with other apps and devices. Turn on TV to your favorite channel automatically when Google map detects that you arrive home.

Preset Scenes
Customize different scenes with one-click option for sleep scene, morning scene, away scene and more.

Temperature & Humidity Detection
Real-time data displayed in BroadLink APP allowed you to check your room temperature and humidity anytime and anywhere.

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    Bought one. Thanks! Excellent price! Been waiting ages for this. Don't forget ShopBack/Cashrewards!

  • Would this make a good replacement.for a sensibo

  • The problem with these is most of my devices are either HDMI-CEC controlled or already otherwise alexa/HA enabled, I only need aircon control so not specifically wide band IR hub, is there a cheaper option single devices cirumstances like this?

    • Get something cheap Tuya based, that's just an IR blaster

      • The Tuya app is pretty terrible for remotes though. Broadlink's isn't great but still better than Tuya. The IR version of the Broadlink is probably the better choice.

        • I am only using Tuya via Google Home. The app itself isn't great but no issues when using via Google.

    • If you only need IR, Broadlink has the Black Bean which is smaller and cheaper

    • I found that my broadlink mini has to be in exactly direct line of the fujistu air con to work, its a little annoying

  • Any idea whether you reckon this would be able to control my Spotlight motorised RF blinds?


    • +1

      Generally speaking if its RF you will be able to control it, finding the right frequency is the only thing, they're usually programmable though by pointing the original remote at it for a period of time, similar to how old universal IR remotes were programmed.

      • Hmmm yeah - I believe it is somewhere in 433mhz but really unsure.
        The product is garbage, no information on either the motor or the remote and it doesn't look like you can disassemble it either 😂 would really like to be able to set schedules so will have to have a think whether I want to possibly waste $40 on trying it…

        • +1

          At worst, its Amazon, return process is fairly simple.

  • +1

    I have the old model and whilst it's been working great for a number of years the compatibility with Google assistant has recently suffered.

    Drives me nuts how Google speakers tell me that it can't connect each time I give it an instruction but yet it works?

    • Same for me, Google's really dropped the ball over the past few years with Google Assistant/Home.

      • That more broadlink changing apps as well

        • Nah it's 100% Google. Never had any app issues.

  • Crap. Was too slow faffing about with my Amazon account.

    • +1

      Says $37.09 for me!

      • +1

        Ah, silly me!

        An old address was the default for my account. Obviously I hadn't faffed about enough…

  • Not sure what's the difference, but I think Mirebella genio ir is better buy? https://www.kmart.com.au/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDi...

    • +1

      The Mirabella is IR only, doesn't have the temperature sensor and has poor to no integration into Home Assistant. The Broadlink is much better plus Tuya's remote support isn't the best experience.

      • I have used it to control my air-conditioning via Google mini. So I think it's pretty good, especially for the price.

        • +1

          They're not bad by any means but the Broadlink is better bang for your buck.

      • @Darkscythe: You note "integration into home assistant". Do any work in HA without Cloud i.e. local control in HA?

        • I'm fairly sure the Broadlink integration is running locally - it's just sending the Base64 command via the Broadlink unit. That said, I haven't tested my setup offline.

          • @Darkscythe: Thanks. Just looking to grab a cheapie to play with IR wise (no need for temp/humidity). I assume any Broadlink should do the job or some better that others do you know?

            • @Borg: I've found the Broadlink the best to integrate into Home Assistant but I'd still consider getting this version as you never know when the RF will come in handy and the price jump isn't massive. I've got an RM3 mini but since added the RM4 Pro as I suddenly had a heap of RF devices in my place.

              • @Darkscythe: Good point. Too late and I missed out on the decent price. I should have asked the question on the day :-) will keep my eyes out for next discounts on this model.

  • Anyone know anything which is just as easy to setup with Home Assistant but doesn’t have the IR blaster? I just want to monitor temp and humidity via wifi.

    • Found the non-pro mini for $25 on Amazon and it’s basically the same without RF capability. I’ll take that.

  • Is this gone?

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