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eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery) Plus Home Base $232 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First post, please be gentle :3

Looks like Amazon have matched this deal by Bing Lee which is now out of stock: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666833. Historic lowest price according to Camelcamelcamel.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I've been tossing between this and the Google Doorbell. Eufy can record 24/7, whereas Google will only let me record 3 hours without a sub. However, I have a bunch of Google Nest Hubs in my house and I understand Google Doorbells work far better. I've heard almost 20 second delays for Eufy to connect to the hubs.

    So for those that have this product, or the Doorbell, which one would you go for and why?

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      Jesus, 20 second delay? Seriously? Same boat here

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        Just connected to my Eufy cameras 3-4 seconds

        • Same as mine, 4 seconds doorbell on nbn 50/20 and I get 33/6 as far distance from node. 4g speeds on phone

          • @PerthectDeal: Is that 4 seconds to show up on a Google Nest - or to get a notification on your phone?

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              @poppingtags: Sorry I have not used Google Nest, this is just the app on Eufy notification that pops up on my phone. When I click on I can view and talk to the person at the from door.

      • TP Tapo takes about that to connect and its ridiculous, by the time you ask it to check the camera you might as well have walked over to check. That said, once its up and running though don't presume you can dedicate a device to view it, Alexa/Google devices time-out after a period of time anyway so can't be left as a permanent view-screen solution; a workaround for both problems though is Home Assistant, if you check the device through HA its instant because HA is constantly monitoring, leaving a device monitoring HA also will not time-out in the same manner that Alexa/Google devices do. This however doesn't help the connection lag issue for Alexa/Google connected devices. I've long suspected this is a common problem with non-'native' devices across the spectrum as a built-in "problem" to entice consumers to purchase the higher priced native devices.

        • Above info is specifically about TP Tapo not necessarily EUFY so experiences may vary
        • sorry whats HA?

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        Yeah don't bother trying to view these things on Google Home / Alexa. Definitely a delay.
        Just use the app straight from your phone. I don't think I've ever used it via a "smart home tech".
        You get a near instant popup/notification on your phone so just use that.

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      Have the Eufy wireless doorbell and yeah sometimes the delay makes it quite unusable for responding to visitors. For deliveries, even with a 10 second delay by the time you get the notification, open the app and wait for the camera to load, the person is already gone.

      Not sure what good alternative there but if don’t need to do 2 way communication it works well for everything else

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      7 secs delay for me on high sensitivity. Usually that means they're at the door/pressing the doorbell when I get the notification that the doorbell has detected someone (approximately 4-5m distance from the door).
      Provided I'm next to my phone at the time I can immediately talk to them if I see the notification at the time.

      I find most courier's/posties don't even press the doorbell nowadays, and the one's that do give you 3-5 seconds to respond (as they take out their phone to take a picture and show proof that they've left the package at the door).

      For anyone else that's not in a rush and actually wants to see you, they'll probably wait 10-20 seconds, and it works great in that scenario if you need to tell them you'll be at the door in a minute or two while you get ready=)

      Reason I chose the eufy over the google was - hub storage (and not having to pay an online subscription for increased storage), better quality picture, and what I thought was better orientation/dimensions of the recording

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        I find most courier's/posties don't even press the doorbell nowadays, and the one's that do give you 3-5 seconds to respond

        Try ring the bell , dump at door and off is most of my deliveries .
        10-15 secs when I get there they are in their van/car taking off .
        It has certainly changed from having chats with them a couple years ago .

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          With Amazon, we've been told not to do face to face deliveries, put it near the door, take a photo and leave. I don't touch the doorbell as it's just another reason I have to sanitise my hands again when I get back to the car. If I see a smart doorbell I know I've triggered a notification so even less reason to ring it.

          • @Fybre: LOL, my Amazon delivery guy was knocking on my security door, stood n waited for me to get out.. :)
            idk if that's good/bad

            • @squidz: Good for you, bad for him. His metrics must be crap.

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      In the same boat, we have the google nest wifi for the house but tossing between the Google Doorbell, Ring or Eufy, as the price points are vastly differ. I thought someone would drop the price on the nest for Black Friday, but the google doorbell remains at $329. Thats nuts for a doorbell.

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      I have this
      Same as other poster 3-4 seconds for movement sensor
      There’s about 1 sec delay on the 2 way talk

      No subscription required
      Wifi connection is quite strong - I have the base station 3 rooms away from the door and signal is perfect
      If you wire it (I have) you also get better pre-roll
      Night or day, PQ is pretty good
      Can be wired or battery powered
      Easy to install and use
      App is easy to use
      Can record own message/greetings
      Single alert zone selection

      1 sec delay on two way talk
      Out of 200 alerts (person detection) I have missed one
      Doesn’t record 24/7, only on activations
      Works with Google hub and Amazon Hubs to display video, but I think it can take 20 secs to sync
      No Homekit integration yet

      If you already have Google products, I think best to buy the Google cam and pay the subscription

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        This has homebase 2 so it does have HomeKit integration

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      I have the hubs and got the google doorbell. Partially due to the integration. At the end of the day I want to use it as a doorbell where I can talk to the person. The google doorbell has served me well. Works both through the hubs and via the phone app when I’m away. Have not missed a delivery.

      Losing the 24/7 recording sucks big time. It’s such a handy feature but at the end of the day I wanted a video doorbell. I’ll probably get video camera later down the line from eufy to make it up.

  • Sad Amazon doesn't have the stand alone door bell, as I already have ordered a 2C set with the homebase. Is there any reason to have a second homebase?

    • Range or sell it.

    • If you’re using HomeKit (which this doorbell doesn’t support btw), Eufy purposely limits you to 4 cameras per Homebase.

      • That's a shame

      • I ordered the Eufy Cam 2C Security Kit 4 Pack which includes Homebase 2

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    The Google nest apparently has similar delay as the eufy.

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    I’m gonna be rough and you’re gonna like it

  • I am building a new house, do you need provision to install this after handover? Thanks

    • This model comes with both battery and wired power input. If you stick to former then you can install these with just 2 wall screws and provided backplate. No additional provisions required. The battery lasts around 180 days as per specs.

      If you want a wired power input then you can use your doorbell wiring (if it is wired). The camera supports 8-24V AC inlet which is common for wired doorbells. But either ways the bare minimum you need is 2 holes on the wall to install. And you can do that yourself.

      Source: Just installed one of these yesterday

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        Awesome, thank you so much, builder was trying to charge me $550 for a door bell but i think its too expensive, i might leave it and install it myself later with the battery thanks !

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          Yep, absolutely. Easy enough to diy.

      • Noob question….All I have at my door is a cat6 wire, can this doorbell use that to be powered? Like some type of POE?

        • There are. 2 input options aside from battery. 8-24V AC or micro usb (I think 5v, 1A). You might be able to get a poe rj45 to micro usb converter that can power the doorbell. But I have never tried this, so can't say for sure that this will work.

          Otherwise you have to stick to battery.

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    FYI - Got Bunnings to price beat Bing Lee’s price yesterday if anyone fancies another 10% off.

    • Can you please link to this as Bing Lee ? I can't find it on website . Or did you mean just the doorbell itself at $183.

      • -1
        • Bunnings won't price match against that now then, not sure if they price match against Amazon.

    • You must have had a generous Bunnings. I tried 2 different Bunnings with the same answer they don't price beat special order items. They also mentioned that their supplier is out of stock and ETA is January 2022.

    • If possible share the quote with price beat value so that I can check with bunnings

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    I literally ordered this last night at $249 from Amazon. They put an authorisation charge on my card overnight as well (so I couldn't cancel myself). Just chatted with their online support, they cancelled the order, and I've placed a new order at $232.
    Thanks for posting OP! Saved me a few dollars!

  • Looking to buy how the battery life on these, I read when the motion detector is on it drain the battery fast

    • +5

      Just charged mine for the first time since installed - stats:
      Using Optimal Surveillance mode
      - 9% after 233 days
      - Total detected events = 2376
      - False events filtered by AI = 1008
      - Recorded and saved events = 1368
      Took about 8hrs to charge to 100%

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    Just be aware that these have a terrible security flaw.

    If you physical access to the camera, you can reset the device which in turn (unbelievably) makes the camera's footage inaccessible via the base. So an attacker can who can get at all your cameras can not only steal or inactivate them but also make all footage of them doing so inaccessible. Even if you have multiple cameras setup you have no video imagery of the attack.

    To put this in context though, the attacker must 1) identify that you are using Eufy for your security system, and 2) be aware of the security flaw, and 3) have physical access to all cameras that have recorded video of them.

    Reference : https://communitysecurity.eufylife.com/t/major-flaw-delete-h...

    • Thanks for everyone's comments. But after reading this and seeing that Eufy/Anker have known about this issue for over a year and still done nothing pushes me to buy the Google Doorbell. Might still go for the Eufy security cameras/floodlights because they would be out of reach but if my entire security system can be compromised by someone disconnecting the doorbell, then what is the point in 24/7 recording?

    • Does this include the doorbell though?

    • How likely is someone going to bother to do this?

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      Wouldn't rely on anything wireless for serious security to begin with. I just use mine to spy on the postie.

    • Wow, thanks for that!

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    Hi Everyone,
    Very timely as was looking at this last night and tossing up between this, the slim 1080p and the ring doorbell

    Should I spend the extra $53 on this compared to the slim 1080p version?

    Please let me know if I am missing something. This is how I see it:

    Ring Doorbell $109
    Free replacement if stolen
    Removable battery
    Pay for cloud storage
    Larger bulky unit
    No chime

    Eufy slim 1080p: $179
    Small footprint
    Comes with chime
    Can record locally
    Only 1080p
    No replacement if stolen
    Battery takes 6hrs to charge
    $70 more than ring

    this one - Eufy 2k
    Comes with home base station (so can add more than one camera, has HomeKit integration?)
    2k resolution
    Smaller than ring
    Can record locally
    Base station is large
    No replacement if stolen
    Battery takes 6hrs to charge
    $53 more than slim, $123 more than Ring

    • All those 3 options seem to suck arse one way or another. Could you also please do pros and cons of Google door bell?

      • The next is $329. So in a different league.
        It has a lower resolution and doesn’t come with a chime. Battery last about 2.5mths.
        Other than being smaller, what is the advantage?

    • +1

      Are you sure the $109 entry level Ring has a removable battery? I'm pretty sure only the $250ish one does.

      • Yup $109 Ring has a fixed battery

    • The Eufy base station is slightly bigger than 500ml mug

  • are there any chinese brand similar to this eufy, that take ikea AA rechargeable batteries?

    • Eufy is a chinese brand. You charge these once for a few hours and they last for months. Why would you ever want AA..

      • if it needs replacement can use universal AA

      • I thought eufy is part of Anker which is an american company, no?

  • Price beat at office works brings it down to $220.40

    • Online team doesn't do price beat on weekends, right?

  • How easily are these stolen??.. looks like somone can just clip it off in a second.

    • About a year ago I read a review saying this did happen to someone

      • We have to take their word for it as we don't have footage of the incident, naturally!!

    • +1

      I scratched the quick code and last part of serial number off mine (it is on the box), if it ever gets stolen, they can not pair it and never use it.

      • Good idea, but would that void the warranty?

        • +1

          Good point, it is a shame serial number is the same for registering the unit as the quick code, I think they should have this seperate and the quick code to register the unit is a removalble sticker.
          Better still a way of the serial no being blocked like they can do with mobiles using the IMEI number.

  • Just noticed that this is back in stock and still at the discounted price.

    • Seems like back to $279

  • does this need an extra power supply to be hardwired? watched a few unboxing videos but they make no mention, has anyone wired these up? Cheers

    • You can hard wire.

  • Available again.

  • Thanks op

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