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[Afterpay, PC] Battlefield 2042 $19 + Delivery @ Mwave


New to Afterpay? Get $30 off your first order. Min. Spend $40. Capped at 1,000 Redemptions. Discount will automatically be applied at the final stage of Afterpay checkout.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +18

    About what it's worth tbh. I'm still having fun but it's rough af.

    • +9

      It shows signs of brilliance, only to be let down by so much heart ache.
      A sniper can 1shot you but splash damage from a barrage of heli rockets do nothing to soldiers.

        • +1

          Sounds like 2042 in a nutshell.

        • I played about 30 min of the early access and yeah, on foot was essentially a waste of time.

        • might as well just start in vehicles at this rate, screw gunplay.

    • +4

      Real question is why pay for an unfinished product from a massive company?
      Would you buy a shirt with holes in it and then wait months for the patches to come through?

      I'd say stop supporting bad practices from massive companies, don't give them your money.

    • +1

      Wouldn't even pay $6.99 (ea pay for trial)

  • Hi, I just signed up afterpay (with referral), but didn't get the 30 dollars. Do you have the link to lodge a complain? The contact us link is confusing (not the right topic).

    • You don't get $30, you get $30 off your 1st purchase. It should be deducted in your 1st purchase when you're about to finalize payment.

      • Sorry for the confusion, on the last step of payment, I didn't get the auto 30 dollars off (afterpay webpage).

        • OK make sure this is your 1st time you have made an account, you can call them but they are not open today.
          I can't find the number but you wont get any online support today. They will help you though if you try to contact them through your portal tomorrow.
          I have used them for over 3 years and they are excellent to deal with.

  • +3

    This game is so all sorts of wrong, console players have to deal with no aim assist against PC players who continually dominate.
    No server browser, match making after ever match, horrible performance, pretty boring game play.
    BFV is astounding compared to this.

  • +5

    Dont forget the 15 bucks of shipping

  • +10

    $19 For an Alpha test ?!? They should pay is $19 an hour to test it lol

  • +1

    I would buy it for $19 on PS5 🤣🤣🤣

    • It was the same price before. 49$ but they put it back up now. I was hesitant to buy it since the delivery was $15 .. delivery is a rip off ..

  • +2

    "capped at 1000 redemptions" this sort of things are always misleading..

    • +1

      I don't think they have sold 1000 copies world wide.

  • +3

    So dumb paying $15 for them to deliver the code when they could just email it…. but I guess that would be too hard.

  • +6

    I can't believe I paid $70 for this. I feel like I should hand over my ozB badge.

    • +3

      I paid $79, $10 extra for the Series X version so I could in 1440P 60 HZ feel the hurt better in a higher resolution.

    • +1

      Count yourself lucky for only $70, I spent $135 on the gold edition

      • Why not refund it? It clearly has lots of technical issues

    • $70? I paid $150 for early access. My badge is well and truly handed in.

  • +1

    this game has very bad review on Steam

  • +1

    It's probably better to pay nothing for Halo multiplayer.

    • Which is an awesome game, and not a compromise in anyway. Very fun game modes and maps. Weapons are also balanced

  • +2

    Game is rubbish. Paid $1 for game pass. Only tried the game for 1 hour and havnt played since. I still have 9 hours trial on it, shows how bad the game is.

    • +2

      I would sue for that 1hr played

  • +1

    game is sooooooooooo broken #battlefail 2042

    • +1

      Brokenfield 2042

  • +1

    Manufacturer Warranty:
    12 Months Limited Warranty

    At least that’s good to know…

  • didn't work for me mate it doesn't remove the discount on after play it just charges you full price.

  • I need a new gaming computer first.

  • +21

    Awful day today, I had 2 copies of Battlefield 2042 in my car and someone broke in and left 2 more.

  • So game no good may have to wait until 2042 before buying it.

  • Will be 5 dollars by end of year. Dont bother with this sh#t

  • +1

    Its $63.95 delivered + $30 Afterpay discount. So $34 not $20.

  • -1

    A true ozbargainer just plays cod Warzone for free instead

    • Ew, David!

  • +1

    this only worth $5

  • They should've made a campaign for this game, would've at least saved the title abit

    • +1

      I’m glad they didn’t, I can’t imagine any less effort out into multiplayer.

  • -1

    Unsure if worth more than $10 when it doesn't even have campaign.
    I reckon should be free when they just do multiplayer

  • The only part of this game I sort of enjoy is portal, and it's hard finding servers in that as it's mostly people grinding XP against bots.

    Play Halo instead, and that's free.

  • i heard 3042 is going to be epic

    • you do know they made Battlefield 2142 20 years ago right? 2042 is going backwards lol.

  • Why wasn't this duplicate deal removed?

  • +3

    Battlefield 20-42fps

    • Legit one map i get like 100fps next map i am struggling at 60 fps lol. That i can put up with for a while but then i go to aim and the 1% lows kick in and lags so bad by the time its done i am shot lol.

  • Even though I posted the deal I must day I tried this game through the $1 pass and to be honest it's not even worth $10.

    Back to Warzone bitchessssssssssssas

    • Don't know what's worse a half arse broken release or warzone full of hackers and glitchers lol

    • -1

      Why did you post a duplicate deal though? Did you not check before posting?

  • would rather put that 19 to other games with higher price lol

  • went to my local Harvey norman got it for 54 bucks.


    spoke to ea chat and got refund on game saying it was unplayable / not up to expectation etc etc

    refund already received in my paypal account !!

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