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[Switch] Paper Mario: The Origami King $39.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just noticed this was down to $39, been down to $35 once before on Amazon.

Doesn't appear to be a Lightning Deal from what I can see but presumably will jump back up as per usual with Amazon price drops.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    How many hours to finish this game? May buy it for my nephews

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      The main game takes about 25hr to finish, can be up to 40-50hr to fully complete it.

    • Took me around 30-35 hours. I usually play games thoroughly but I'm not a completionist.

    • It is an amazing game :) if you are a gamer, you should give it a chance. Around 40hours or more, depending if you want to complete all the achievements, it may go up to 60-70 hours.

  • How does this compare to TTYD? Last 'new' Paper Mario game I played was Sticker Star and I didn't play for more than an hour.

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      TTYD is seen as the pinnacle of the series. This one is seen as a return to the right path, but not the same level as TTYD. General consensus is that combat isn't polished, but story is charming.

    • It's not a bad game, but I don't think it holds up to TTYD.

      I personally liked most things except for the combat system.

      A 7/10 for me, which would be 8-8.5 without the puzzle based combat.

      • I wasn't a fan of the combat either, really the only thing that made me put it down.

        • +1

          I liked the real time combat versus the giant paper mache enemies.

          I honestly think the game would be only improved if they cut out the normal enemy combat, left in the boss battles and made all enemies like those giant ones.

          • @HolyFosh: I think that would have been much better, puzzle type combat for EVERY enemy really wore me down I think

            • @InsertCrow: Yeah, exactly.

              It's not hard per say, but its more mental effort than I want to devote to each random battle.

              Plus unlike most games, they don't really get easier or quicker after you've done a bunch.

      • It is the ONLY paper mario game I loved since TTYD. The new battle system is quite good, i find it very engaging and very open (like you even get the puzzles solved with some coins). I really got engaged with it, but i wish that the TTYD crybabies would stop. I myself grew up with paper Mario 64 and TTYD but this series has changed a lot. For me and most The Origami King has been the best paper mario since TTYD. One last thing i want to include is that there are many gamers and fans of Paper Mario that grew up to enjoy Super Paper Mario, Sticker Star and Colour Splash. Personally, I do get a lot of fun wth The Origami King - I have actually completed the game 5 times and I may go for the 6th time.

        • +1

          I think it just comes down to if you like the combat system or not. I just think the game would be only improved if they made the action system of the paper mache enemies the normal battle system. With more health probably, taking a few things from SPM

          I find it such a drag that it brings down everything else which is very good.

          Overall I rank them as TTYD > Super Paper Mario > N64 > Origami King > Sticker Star. I haven't played Colour Splash

          • @HolyFosh: It does come down to taste. For me, as an overall experience, PM64>TOK>TTYD>CS>SPM>SS.

  • Price matching Catch

  • +1

    Great game, just have to remember to avoid random battle encounters (run away from baddies) - very funny writing.

  • I’ve heard no one say anything positive about the combat which for me is very important in RPGs as it’s what you do for half the game.

    • The boss fights are pretty cool, but yeah, it becomes redundant throughout the game. A real shame because the game is beautiful. Great script.

    • It is very unique but quite different! There are 3 different combats - the casual battles, the boss battles and then the Macho Battles.

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    This game is DEFINITELY worth the money. I got easily 30hrs out of it and the storyline is great

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    Thanks OP sons gift sorted

  • Is this multi player?

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      No multiplayer option in this game.

  • Same Thing everyone else Has said… The combat is so draining and not fun that I couldn't stick with it. Nintendo just has to shake up the mold even when it doesn't need to be… If this had the same combat as the gba games, would've been mint

  • A steal!

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