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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] Victorinox Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato Knife $5.25 Delivered @ Peter's of Kensington eBay

Currently everything is back in stock, note the Afterpay code has expired so only 20% now.

OzBargain's favourite digit deleter/finger filleter/limbic lacerater is currently on sale at petersofkensington's eBay store for $7. Combine with either the eBay plus promotion for 20% off ($5.60) or the Afterpay code for 25% off ($5.25), which I believe is an all-time low. Delivery is also free for eBay plus members. Multiple colours and other Victorinox knives also on sale.

Victorinox Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato Knife 11cm ($5.25 w/ APT, $5.60 w/ eBay Plus)

Victorinox Vegetable Knife 10cm ($5.62 w/ APT , $6.00 w/ eBay Plus)

Victorinox Pairing Knife

All knives aggregated

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • -1

    Real or fake?

    • Similar deal posted here Here and nil complaints if it helps

      • Last ones I got from eBay several months ago, not retaining sharpness as well as the one I bought from Amazon. Seller was knivesandmore

    • +13

      Peter's of Kensington is a reputable seller. Definitely no knock-offs there.

  • Excellent pricing for these knives… stock up folks!

  • +14

    Any deals on bandaids?

  • +1

    nice deal for ebay plus members. else $5 shipping.

  • Thanks op, grabbed a vegetable knife since we go through them like crazy!

  • Black Steak and Tomato is OOS

  • APBF25 does not work, but PLBF20 works.

    • Yeah that first one only works with Afterpay.

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought another 6 for a gift. I bought 6 in the deal earlier in the year for $4 each ($20 ebay kitchen discount) Would recommend these to anyone and I have an older friend that has had a set for 20 years. He sent me a photo, little chipped on the base but still sharp after that long is a testament to quality.

  • +7

    Got all the colours now :D 🔪

    • +2

      Like collexting the infinity stones, but instead u lose half your fingers?

      • +1

        Definitely more dangerous than collecting Infinity Stones 🔪🩸

  • -1

    Only OZB favorite if it’s free like previous deals…

  • Wish there was a deal on the folding version

  • Why no red or white for the stabby version (vegetable)

  • Black wavy OOS

  • Tomato / Steak Black, Red and White OOS

    • Thanks, updated.

  • +1

    If jv had seen this post I'm sure he would have said "What do you pair it with?"

    (It's called a paring knife, not pairing) :)

  • amazon price match?

  • Victorinox Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato - Green & Orange - OOS

    • +1


    • Green seems to still be in stock at this time

      • That's strange. For green, I was seeing "Please enter a quantity of 0 or less", and again this morning.

  • +2

    Just signed up to afterpay to get 25% - then realized you cant buy from 2 different sellers at the same time and pay with afterpay.
    Ok, so I look for some other cr*p to add up to $70 (with discount >$50) - to also enjoy the afterpay signup deal.
    Nothing working, credit card added in afterpay, login saved for "quick checkout" - 2 hours later I still can't pay with afterpay.

    Something went wrong with this payment option. Please try again, or select a different payment option.

    Also saw that even when adding all 25% items, that in the end ebay is not discounting 25% overall … (I checkout out all the individual items, and all the ones in my cart were showing 25%).

  • +1

    This knife is very Sharp..

  • +1

    Honestly - I think this Mercer set of knives is far better value, at $25 for four, you're only paying $6.25 ea, easily equal in quality to Victorinox, but they also come with nice sheathes.


    • +1

      Good set, shipped from USA and need to spend $49 to qualifier for free Prime shipping, so need to buy 2 sets!

      • True, or 1 set and something else I suppose.

  • +1

    Best steak knives I've ever owned. I buy them to use in the kitchen (tomato's, breadrolls e.c.t) then they get relegated to the steak knife drawer when they get more blunt. Once they get there then we just toss them in the dishwasher. Still does a good job cutting steak.

    Prefer heaps over the more decorative fancy knives as they cut great.

  • I suppose at this price it’s good. I’ve been buying these for everyday kitchen use, got 6 previous order but I find them not great for cutting raw chicken meat.

    Got a kiwi brand made in Thailand from a asian grocery store last week. It’s really sharp and much better for just $3.5. The pointy end is super sharp though gotta be careful when I use it.

  • +1

    Can't add to cart

    • Having same issue.. i think its OOS (all)

      • +1

        Updated post to reflect what is left in stock. Essentially just the vegetable knives excluding the black variant.

        • Cheers mate :)

        • Damn missed out again!

          • @neonlight: I was waiting to stack with shopback, looks like they are sold out well before 7pm today.

  • +1

    I would buy these but you've all made me scared over the years with the horror stories… I'm happy to admit that I'm clumsy and keep all my fingers

  • everything is OOS

    • Will update when I can get behind a computer

  • Just bought a bunch, they seemed in stock. The green steak knife link doesn't actually link to the steak knife but the tomato knife. Ordered that by accident and had to do a supplemental order for a steak knife, oh well :) still good to have more than just a woolies steak knife available to me.

    • +1

      I think it's just the eBay seller that calls it a tomato knife, it is more commonly listed as a steak and tomato knife. On Victorinox's website they refer to it as a "Swiss Classic Tomato & Sausage Knife" . In reality it is more like a steak knife but can and is used for all manner of food prep.

      • I looked at the images side my side and the blades look serrated slightly different. However now I'm looking at it now they look the same. Very confused.

  • -1

    Bought an umbrella from these guys. Handle snapped off after only using it about 5 times. They claim it is accidental damage and won't refund. Steer clear.

    • How long after your purchase date did you contact them?

      • 7 months. But I don't tend to use an umbrella every day for hours just to see if the handle is going to snap off or not, I don't expect that's a possibility. I only had to go out in the rain a handful of times. My old umbrella is 15 years old, still works but has a bent rib, one of the toggle things at the end of the fabric that holds it onto another of the ribs has come off, and it is a bit hard to close. 15 years is pretty good, I don't expect that long out of every umbrella, but it should wear out gradually over time not just snap in five uses. If it got 2 or 3 years of good use then started to get a bit hard to close or the ribs bent, I'd say that would be ok. Not 5 uses and the handle snapping clean off.

  • +1

    FYI i got the tomato knife last week and it arrived this morning. Works great- going to get more.

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