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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30P Global English Version With Gen 2 Motor $1049 Delivered @ Ai Ecosystem


Good Day OZBargain Community,

Greetings from Ai Ecosystem

Offering a discount code for Actual Global English Version Segway Ninebot Max G30P with Gen 2 Motor Kickscooter. These Global English Versions are different from the Chinese Version G30P and some typical images of both types are attached below to draw out a difference.

Chinese Version Images Attached here Image 1 & Image 2
Global English Version Images Attached here: Image 1, Image 2 & Image 3

General Spec of Global English Version G30P as below:
* 30 Km/h Default Top Speed (on Private Property Only)
* Upto 65 Km Range On A Single Charge
* 551Wh Battery
* Upto 100 Kg Rider Weight Handling Capacity
* 20º Inclination Handling Ability
* 10" Pneumatic Tubeless Puncture Proof Tires
* 350W Gen 2 Motor With 700W Peak Power
* Weatherproof to IPX5
* Over-Heating, Short circuit, Over-Current And Over-Charge Protection
* Dual (Mechanical & Electronic) Braking System

Brand New in Box and come with 1 year warranty. Please refer to Warranty T&Cs here. Please use discount code 85379Z4P at checkout to avail the reduced price of 1049$ per unit.

Units shall be shipped out on 10th Dec 2021.

Note: We strongly encourage customers to practice safe scootering and adhere to local laws governing e-scooters. Riders should always wear a certified helmet when operating their e-scooters. Riders should not operate their e-scooters between dusk and dawn or in low light conditions. Riders should additionally be aware of their local municipal and provincial laws governing e-scooters use, which may have additional safety requirements governing e-scooters and their use, including restrictions on where and when they can be used.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +3

    I’m only here for the “can I ride this legally in my state” comments.

    • +2

      have u noticed law enforcement are turning a blind eye to people riding these now.

      they KNOW that transport laws are antiquie in some states, and that its a losing battle trying to stop people riding them!

      they have REAL crimes to fight, not kiddies on scooters to stop.

      buy it now & enjoy, is my feedback!

      • 100%

      • +3

        Fined $2699 just last month.

        • -1

          there's always ONE….

      • Agreed, the law is antique in many aspects, but so many examples to speak of on the bleeding tech / innovative designs - and it takes years / decades of them to catch up.

        Law enforcement probably 9/10 won't follow this up, but if someone is being reckless, sure they deserve to be fined.

        Another point, like many other examples of Law enforcement, it really depends on how bullied the cop was at school. Does he want to throw the book at you and exercise the full strength of the law coz your e-scooter is 220w and not 200w (as per vic law)? Or can they see the common sense and e-scooter riders just trying to reduce congestion on the roads and achieve Scott'y from announcements net-zero 2050 target?

  • +2

    Realistically would this be able to commute to work in the 10-20km distance during traffic and not be uncomfortable?

    Anyone with real world experience using an escooter for the daily commute?

    • Why would anyone neg this ?

      Have you a plus to even you out 😜

    • +1

      I have the M365 Pro i use to commute ~10km now and again. They're great but depends on the route for your daily commute. If its cycle paths - easy as, its nice and smooth. If you are communiting 10-20km on city roads, footpaths and whatnot it will still be ok but bear in mind these things don't have suspension to absorb shocks that much, so the stem can take all the strain over bumps (which is why people break the front stem thinking its strong - which it aint). Overall i really like riding the scooter to work, its a great solution for short distance travel.

      Overall they're great….but not sure why you would buy this for $1049 when you can buy a Pro 2 at JB Hifi for $599 right now…and its pretty much the same specs give or take a few tweaks. I modified the firmware on mine and it does 32kph and still has a +30KM range.

      • +1

        Thanks for the info.

        My big concern like you mentioned would be bumps with the lack of suspension and standing upright for up to an hour depending on traffic.

      • @Dogzilla Jb hifi link please

    • +1

      I commute to work in Brisbane ~10km each way. It takes 22mins along Veloway 1, so smooth surface the entire trip. I too modified mine to get 32km/h, which is as simple as downloading an app. Definitely better than road rage inducing traffic or arriving drenched in sweat from bike riding.

    • +1

      It seems an electric bike might be better for your user case?

  • Why so these scooters never accommodate fat bastards

    • Max will take over 100kg without too much issue, though ironically you'd be better off with the regular Australian model rather than a parallel import like this. Local one has the "gen 1" which loses out on top speed but gains torque, which it useful for powering lumps up hills.

      However really if you are big you want a dual motor, as even the 1000w single motors are not a patch on a dual when it comes to shifting lard.

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