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[XSX] Battlefield 2042 $65.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


There's been a price drop on Battlefield 2042 to $65.95 considering it just launched less than 2 weeks ago. Though it may be buggy as hell, hopefully DICE maybe be able to patch the crap out of this game before it will be added to the roster in EA Play

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  • +6

    What a scam lol

  • If it's join xgp I may download and play with my friend who play on ps5. I don't think I will pay for it.

  • Was so keen then I saw how buggy it was… It makes cyberpunk (on regular Xbox) look good 🤣🤣

  • It's amazing to me how many people have paid new release full price for this game and how many people apparently HATE this game.
    Has anyone ever heard of checking out reviews first?
    I just don't get it, the level of vitriol aimed at the latest battlefield and call of duty games, year after year, at a certain point, surely you guys must know what you're in for right?
    Meh, i only play them for the single player, and there isn't any this year anway lol.

    • I got it as part of the WD Black redemption - i play on PC, its fine - actually im warming to it, but its only got a handful (like 3) different multiplayer maps. Some of the controls are frustrating (choppers, wtf)….but other bits are quite good. I guess in time it will improve, and i dont quite get the vitriol about it. Its fun, ive played it a fair bit. 128 player multiplayer is impressive.

      • +1

        Playing on PC is good because you can aim and shoot people with keyboard and mouse. It's much asier than the controller. They should get rid of PC vs Console and just leave Console vs Console.

        • yes, poor console dont even have any aim assistance i hear. and you can only opt out of complete cross play, pc v xbox v ps, not just v pc n ledave urself xbox v ps.

          HOWEVER, i own the pc version and im loving it. so different strokes 4 different folks

    • Everyone has their own review.
      My cousin is playing it right now, and although its buggy, he loves the game… just hope the game gets patched n fixed asap.

    • This relevant opinion was brought to you by the "i only play them for the single player" guy!

      • +1

        I also play them with a controller, on a PC!
        And i'm even on Windows 7 still OMG!

  • +1

    I paid the EA Play fee (like $20) for this, and while it's been fun.. Jesus it's a buggy piece of shit I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it

  • +2

    Terrible game

  • +1

    Got to wait a few months for the bugs to be fixed.

  • +2

    $39 by Christmas… this game is a disaster… will wait for it to be free on gamepass.

    • -4

      I don't think EA games go on gamepass. That would compete directly with EA own EA Play service.

      It's however already on EA Play but only 10 hours of gameplay. That's basically a paid timed game trial.

      • +2

        EA Play is part of Gamepass on Xbox. You'll have to pay for PS5 and PC.

  • +2

    More like Battlefield 2077

  • +1

    I'll wait till it's free on Game Pass.

  • $49 at Mwave, free C&C or $63.95 delivered

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