[Unobtainable] Lenovo ThinkVision S27E-20 27" 1080p IPS 4ms FreeSync Monitor $49 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

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Shopping Express seems to have changed the price to $299, I'm not associated with SE and I did not make this change.

At the time of posting the monitor was listed at $49.

Excellent price on this 1080p IPS Freesync monitor. Part of Shopping Express' Cyber Monday sale tomorrow. Starts at 12:00pm lunch time.

Delivery to Melbourne 3000: $10.35, Sydney 2000: $17.89.

Actual footage of Shopping Express' servers at 12:00pm tomorrow.


  • Screen Size (Inches): 27"

  • Screen Resolution: 1080p FHD, 1920 x 1080

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Screen Panel Type: IPS

  • Screen Refresh Rate (Hz): 60Hz

  • Response Time (ms): 4ms

  • Adaptive Sync: FreeSync

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.4, VGA

  • Tilt Adjustable: Yes

  • VESA Mounting: 100 x 100

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      • I understand that, not having a go at you, if anyone Shopping Express

          • +5

            @TeddyBear: I'm negging over the advertised deal and how Shopping Express has handled it - sorry you take a neg as a personal attack, though its still valid and lets people scrolling past the post/store know it is a business possibly worth avoiding.

  • OOS already

  • +13

    Lawyers contacted

  • So is this the trick to get something from ssquare? You need to add it to cart way before?

  • +4

    Letter written and posted to my local member of parliament already about this.

  • +3

    Free PR STUNT.

  • +3

    It's not out of stock. It was never in stock at that price. Is there a sin bin for this kind of trickery?

  • +9

    Clickbait. Lawyers contacted. ACCC alerted.

    • Grabs popcorn 🍿

    • -9

      It might be more effective to direct your criticism to Shopping Express rather than negging a community member for a valid post at the time it was written.

      • +2

        No need to get hard feelings. It was a downvote to the deal and seller not to you as the OP.

  • What a load of HS

  • B.S.
    OoS before the sale started!!

  • OOS..never had a chance

      • +6

        We are downvoting the deal itself, if you are not associated with Shopping Express then there's no need to feel offended.

    • -2

      OOS, OOS, OOS!

  • +1

    Still not Lunch time it was suppose to be at 12:00

    • +1

      I don't understand the neg when the deal was valid when posted. I don't work for Shopping Express and did not make this change.

      • But could you actually buy it for $49 earlier? It was advertised as starting at 12pm for that price.

        • -1

          Regardless of whether you could buy it, there was no information to suggest this change would be made at the time.

          • +1

            @TeddyBear: If it was never actually available to buy at $49, then the negs seem valid. They're negging the deal, not you.

            Post should probably be moved to forums.

            • -1

              @MiscOzB: Requested for a mod to move to the forums. Since the deal was unobtainable.

      • +2

        I wouldnt take it personally.
        One could argue the deal is not valid if no one was able to obtain it, which seems to be the case.
        But i do think neggers need to think about whether they want similar 'potential' deals posted.
        I say its worthwhile.

        I suspect this will be moved to forums since its more of a pricing error.

  • One of those too good to be true deals

  • Price is wrong, i never got their eletter saying this?

  • Inb4 the vitriol and SE hate starts, ah the smell of clickbait in the morning…

  • +1

    Dodgy ShoppingExpress

  • Shopping Express has just changed it to $299 as it was a pricing error.

    • No pricing error. It was a deliberate dodgy tactic.

      • I doubt that but at the same time its Shopping Express we are talking about here. They have done it before

        • They advertised it as a sale item, yet not only was it OOS before the sale went live, but they also changed the price from $49 to $299 before it went live too.
          Clearly deliberate.

  • so they have corrected a pricing error for a now sold out item- wut?

    • +1

      The price may have been valid, but the demand was too large. Or it could have been a pricing error. Also possible they posted the price as clickbait for more traffic unfortunately.

      • They adverised it before hand as a Cyber Monday sale item for $49 yet before it even went live at 12pm, they changed the price to $299. That's neither valid nor a typo. It's clearly deliberate. The item was "OOS" before it went live too.

        It was click bait for traffic and to get people to create accounts thinking they could get ahead of the queue for an item that wasn't even available. Not the first time they've done this.

        • The negs were valid. I've since requested for the deal to be moved to the forums as it was unobtainable. I only recently found out that standard users don't receive the same posting penalties for negative votes as reps do. It seems standard Ozbargain users don't receive penalties for negative votes at all (apart from deal visibility), only for breaking the rules themselves: no socketpuppeting etc.

          Apologies for being on the defensive.

          • @TeddyBear: Yeah, don't take it to heart. You made around 30 replies here getting really defensive over it.

            People vote on the deal and the negs are for Shopping Express, not you. That's how it is here. It wouldn't make sense if we all voted for the person and not the actual deal, right?

            • @Freezies: It was more the account repercussions (e.g. posting restrictions) that I was concerned about. But I do think that negative votes on deals do have their place for quality control and alerting the community to poorly rated sellers.

              Maybe they should be used more often? Seems like deals used to receive more negative votes before.

            • @Freezies: SB haven't lived in China, doesn't understand Chinese, is now talking "common sense" NMSL

  • 27" @ 1080p. Why would you even bother? Waste of that size.

    • yeah this monitor is absolute dogshit anyway

      fhd60 27" with only hdmi in

      i mean… even at $100 its questionable

      i picked up a 1,440p 32" for ~$200 w/ dp hdmi etc.

  • It's not even 12pm and already OOS.
    Obviously a scam that tries to get traffic!

      • +9

        We are downvoting the deal itself, if you are not associated with Shopping Express then there's no need to feel offended.

  • +2

    Non-existent deal.

  • +2

    Shame this happened but oh well.
    Thanks for the find anyway mate @teddybear :)

  • Dodgy PR practices. Reminds me of Step-One underwear

  • Did any sell for $49?

    • +3

      No, it's possible they posted the price as clickbait for more traffic or that demand was too large.

  • Voted -ve

  • They just want to drive more traffice to the site.

  • scam or mistake

    • By Shopping Express.

    • Dishonest attention seeking by Shopping Express.

      They had the deal up for half a day and didn't fix it.

      If it was a $50 discount, I would have believed the pricing error, but it is not even that.

  • Deal increased to $299 and out of stock.

  • +2

    OP not understanding that people are negging the deal and not OP. Taking it way to personally lol.

  • +6

    Hi OP, don't feel bad about yourself. The negs are because of SE clickbaiting all of us. It's not because of you and/or the deal you posted. Props to you for sharing this because this could have gone down as one of Cyber Monday's best deals but SE probs knew someone would bite on this fake offer to get more traffic especially from OzB. So to everyone who clicked on this deal, please collectively give SE the finger by not buying anything from them. Have a great day ahead OP. :)

    • +1

      Dude OP probably doesn't care as much as you think lol

      Edit: I take that back, OP is getting hurt over negs..

      • OP is really overreacting as if losing "likes". and taking it very personally. They're not new here either

  • +1

    i set an alarm for this and it's OOS.
    neg vote to this seller, not to OP.

  • Ditto

  • Scan

  • OOS…no deal

  • By the way, it seems to out of stock at 300 dollars.

    Who would buy a slow response 1080p monitor for $300 when 4K or 144hz screens have been posted here for much less.

    • I don't think anyone even bought it. Either SE didn't have any intention to sell it but used $49 as a clickbait and marked it OOS after getting enough traction, even before the deal went live. Or they realised their pricing error and just decided to pull it off so they don't have to explain.

  • Liar!

  • It was a great initial find, OP. Really bummed on what happened with the price and stock.

  • +1

    Negging the deal not OP (which is normal practice here OP, stop getting overly defensive).

    Dodgy practice by Shopping Express.

  • +1

    Downvote to the seller not to the OP.

  • +2

    Ban this seller for using ozbargain for false marketing

  • Dirty tactics

  • +2

    Yeah, these guys are shifty as. I bought an RTX3080 from them a couple of months ago but they decided to cancel the order (after paying them in full). The reason was because "the Manager decided to cancel it" … no other reason. A few days later, it was relisted $200 higher than what I had bought it for. WTF man.

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