[Unobtainable] Lenovo ThinkVision S27E-20 27" 1080p IPS 4ms FreeSync Monitor $49 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

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Shopping Express seems to have changed the price to $299, I'm not associated with SE and I did not make this change.

At the time of posting the monitor was listed at $49.

Excellent price on this 1080p IPS Freesync monitor. Part of Shopping Express' Cyber Monday sale tomorrow. Starts at 12:00pm lunch time.

Delivery to Melbourne 3000: $10.35, Sydney 2000: $17.89.

Actual footage of Shopping Express' servers at 12:00pm tomorrow.


  • Screen Size (Inches): 27"

  • Screen Resolution: 1080p FHD, 1920 x 1080

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Screen Panel Type: IPS

  • Screen Refresh Rate (Hz): 60Hz

  • Response Time (ms): 4ms

  • Adaptive Sync: FreeSync

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.4, VGA

  • Tilt Adjustable: Yes

  • VESA Mounting: 100 x 100

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  • +8

    This will sell out in 30 seconds

    • +1

      yeahhh… no chance

      More importantly, how many are for sale?

      • +3

        I'm going to be asleep. Can someone in Sydney get me one?

        • +4

          Please request Huey, Dewey, or Louie.

  • 4 real?

    • Yes.

      • Think it's missing the 1 or 2 in front of the 49

    • Not sure if it was real but it would have over 10000 clicks for sure

  • let's see

  • Seeing is believing.

  • Where does it say $49?

  • I hope it's not a typo for $249

  • Most certainly it's a typo.. if not, most certainly you will miss out. Either way be prepared to be disappointed.

      • +1

        Deal starts "LATER TODAY".

        • Got it! Will see what happens

    • Yep every think is 20% discount and this is like 80 to 90% - certainly a mistake

    • +22

      Should have gone to Specsavers

      • +3

        the number of people ready to shout that the deal is over without being able to read is too damn high

  • +3

    Hoping for 61Hz at this price, so pass. 4K would have been nice, too.

    On second thoughts, I’ll prime the bot for 12:00:00.000001. But not a moment sooner. Good luck, everybody…

    • +3

      Personally holding out for the MicroLED model at this price, I have an entire lifetime to wait anyhow.

      • MicroLED or OLED… one can get lost in the terminology. What I don’t understand is why it’s so hard to produce a monitor with inky blacks and vivid, natural colours… oh, and high refresh rates for buttery-smooth scrolling… oh, and pixels that can’t be seen under a microscope, for less than $50. Why? Why??

        I’d settle for 14 inches, I really would. Just don’t rip me off!

        • +1

          I'm sure LG Display© could sell LG Electronics© OLED panels for that price.

          • @TeddyBear: Tim Apple gets a good deal when he buys a few million units…

    • Autobots ready

  • +3

    Shipping costs may kill the deal

    • +1

      Sydney $10 not too bad?

      • $18 for Melbourne

  • may the best bot man win!

    • lol are there such Ozbargainers like that?

      • That's a joke right? Yes…. Check eBay at 12.01 to see them relisted

  • FreeSync won't work with nVidia without DP

  • WHY so cheap

    • +1

      Because then it wouldn't be a bargain!

    • +5

      To get people to visit their website and buy other stuff….. click bait

    • They get ya on the shipping. No free shipping, big bulky item? Big shipping.

      • It was $10 shipping for the record.

        • Sweet, well if the bots can be beat, let's see who gets one in the 3 seconds it's available

  • +4

    Would this even pass the rules about minimum stock level? Or otherwise as "obtainable" as those eBay deals in the past with hundreds of deals but no proof of purchases? :P

  • So why is this monitor selling for like 300$ normally?
    Spec looks average to me

    • ThinkVision is a brand adjacent to ThinkPad, businesses typically buy this brand of products at volume.

      • seems the kind of price you can get per unit if you buy 100. selling it for this price as singles is pretty rare

  • I’m sure there will be plenty of stock. It wouldn’t surprise me if this deal lasted until the afternoon. Early afternoon. Just.

    • I waited exactly around 12pm when the deal will unlock they mentioned but it shows not in stocks and price is 299. It is a clickbait.

  • +1

    Nice found.
    Let's order and see (99.99% price error and cancel your order).

    • This is a great clickbait strategy to get the ozbargainers interested. Their website hits will show a big surge.

      I've used this monitor at my workplace. Decent viewing angles, very good antiglare coating. Neat slot to tuck in a smartphone at the base

      Definitely worth it at this price……its peanuts. I doubt its even cost price

  • I could do with a new secondary monitor since the backlight in mine is wonky as hell now. No chance I'm gonna be quick enough to get this before it sells out though lol.

  • +1

    Seems like a typo, their other deals are decent but not completely insane like this is.

    • Is it consiered a typo if ou comletely iss a key entiely? Im no sur.

      • I think you missed half the keyboard entirely

  • +1

    If it's not a typo, it's low stock bait.

  • Possibly at 12pm they'll put one in stock

    • Or pickup from warehouse only!

  • Looking at the amount of discount on the other monitors on sale, I think it was meant to be $49 off. Definitely a typo.

  • can u add this to cart and the price will update

    • Is that a question or statement?

      What’s the point of adding it to cart now?l when sale hasn’t stated?

  • I tried adding it at $329, says not enough stock to fullfill order.

  • +3

    Added to cart to calculate dhipping and there is no stock.

    • Yep, I think it;s BS.. Just to get traffic to the site

  • I needed a laugh this morning. Thanks OP.

    • But you still clicked the link right?!

      • Of course I'm going to take a look. Doesn't mean I'm sitting there on the edge of my seat expecting it to be a real attainable bargain though.

  • hmm how much nits and contrast?

  • Hope they add more stock by the the time of the sale. Currently says out of stock:

    "Sorry, we don't have enough 'Lenovo ThinkVision S27E-20 27" 1080p IPS 4ms FreeSync Monitor (62AFKAR2AU)' in stock to fulfill your order. Please change the quantity on order in your shopping cart and click update. Then try to checkout again."

    • All sitting in carts waiting for 12pm checkout…

  • This has now changed to $329

  • +4

    it's showing out of stock before it even begins, lol

    see here


    • That's pretty standard, there will be at least 2 available at 12pm

  • +1

    Obvious Click Bait.
    Yet everyone up votes :/

  • I get these from work for free. they are ok, a usual monitor nothing special

    definitely not worth busting your ass to get one for $49

    • +3

      I'll buy them off you for $49. How many can you get?

      • +1

        personal use only, fellas

        signing out a cart load of these will sure raise a few eyebrows haha

        all I am saying is: it's a meh monitor, nothing special, and certainly not worth the trouble

    • I'll buy 2 off you for $50 each

  • Delivery kills it /s

  • I doubt this will happen

  • OOS already?

  • -2

    $49 now

    • Lol so much for 12:00pm

      • it didn't work.

      • I wonder if anyone bought any. it didn't work for me.

  • Its already Out of Stock :)

  • Perfect timing. Need 10

  • 27 1080p good? Just because it's 49?

    • I have a 32 inch 1080p TV as a monitor :(

  • not in stock

  • +6

    ACCC, fair trading etc

  • +3

    Website says it'll be $299 at 12pm. lol what a joke

  • +2

    Deal increased to $299 and out of stock.

  • +1

    I had this in my cart from last night but now getting below message.

    Sorry, we don't have enough 'Lenovo ThinkVision S27E-20 27" 1080p IPS 4ms FreeSync Monitor (62AFKAR2AU)' in stock to fulfill your order. Please change the quantity on order in your shopping cart and click update. Then try to checkout again.

  • +2

    Website updated to say $299 at 12pm
    That's not even $49 less than $329.00..

    • The deal has since been updated and was valid at the time of posting.

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