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LIFX Smart Light Bundles: E.g Avid Gamer Bundle $150 & Free Delivery @ LIFX


First Post, don’t be gentle. We’re probably in a simulated reality anyway.
Just saw a couple of offers on LifX products that come as a bundle. I like the Avid gamer bundle


mainly because the price for 3m of smart strip which I have is well worth it. It’s better than the original hue strip in that it can have different sections with different colours and cool movement animations. It’s also pleasantly bright enough for a big area if you like ambience lighting. LifX integration works well with home assistant however The light strip loses wifi connection every once in a while so have to turn off and on.

$10 delivery or free with $50 order.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Can't seem to find an infrared bulb along with a UV cleaner bulb bundle

    • The cleaner bulb may be cool but I don’t think it’s effective enough apart from a very local area near the bulb.

  • +3

    I loved your entertaining first post!

  • Simulated reality, this guys clearly gets it !

  • Need some more dusk to dawn minis if anyone knows of any?

  • +7

    I had bought the smart strips as (shockingly) lights for my room, but ended up having a lot of fun with them in lifxlan[0], a Python library for controlling lifx devices.

    The zones are individually addressable, with a quick response and decent refresh rate- animations are well within the realm of possibility.

    I've used the library to create a morning alarm, with the bar slowly filling from left to right during the half hour before my scheduled alarm time, giving an intuitive sense of time if I wake up a little early. Changing colors with the weather is also a fun, easy project, but was annoying in practice.

    [0] https://github.com/mclarkk/lifxlan

  • Loved the opening too. On a related note, Matrix 4 is coming soon ;-)

  • Probably worth mentioning everything is at least 20% off

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