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👋 Say Goodbye to Sore 👉 Sweaty Feet: Our under desk foot rest is designed with high density foam to give your feet a soft, supportive base to rest on while added ventilation holes promote airflow, keeping them cool and comfy
🦵 Finally Address Your Leg, Knee, and Foot Pain 👉 Sitting at your desk all day can lead to pain and swelling in your lower body; our foot pillow elevates your feet off the hard ground to reduce pressure and improve circulation
🦶 Versatility at its Best 👉 Use it as a foot stand under desk at work or in the office, as a Desk stool for flight, or turn it over to have an ergonomic desk foot rocker. It will come in handy for kids in the car if they cannot reach the ground.
👨‍⚕️ Orthopedic Doctor Recommended 👉 This foot support cushion helps to correct your posture while sited. Helps to keep your knees bent at the right angle and slightly higher than your hips as well as keeping feet flat on the floor which will positively reflect on your health and productivity
😍 Worry Free Purchase 👉 Committed to creating the best products for a healthier lifestyle, each HASHT foot pillow comes with an Unconditional 90 days Satisfaction Warranty.


Ergonomically designed for pain relief and ultimate comfort, the contour design hugs your curves and provides superior support. Advanced heat-responsive technology conforms to your body to create the optimal support and comfort level.
Our orthopedic seat cushion promotes proper spinal alignment and a healthy posture.

Turn Any Chair into A Premium Seat!
Portability makes it easy to bring comfort where ever you go and turn any hard surface into a premium seat:
An office chair, Car seat, Wheelchair, Seated Jobs, Road trips, Long flights, Trucks & RVs, Kitchen seats

Working long hours frequently can have adverse effects on your back and spine. Without proper support, you could have debilitating issues in the future. Hasht Seat Cushion will help alleviate that pain.

Hasht premium 100% pure memory foam remains uniform in density and conforms to your individual shape to relieve pressure points and help increase blood flow while maintaining support and comfort time after time.


【Neck Pain Relief】 Hasht cervical neck stretcher is a versatile orthotic that is made of 100% memory foam, non-toxic. It gives you great comfort with the just-right firmness and softness. Great for relaxing neck/shoulder muscles and helping users to maintain good spinal posture as well as relieving pain and compression.
【Cervical Spine Alignment】 When you lie down, it offers vertical, horizontal support, and curves stretch for more complete neck traction therapy. This specific stretching reduces pressure on the spine, expanding and separating the vertebrae to restore the natural C-curve of the neck along. (Can't be used as an ordinary pillow all night long.)
【Ergonomic Design & Shiatsu Massage】 Hasht ergonomic cervical pillow conforms with the correct form of cervical spine, perfectly match with the human curve. When you lie down on it, it offers vertical, horizontal support and curves stretch for more complete neck traction therapy. Furthermore, 6 massage granules evenly right on neck muscle areas, provide an acupressure shiatsu massage to the cervical spine, greatly relieve cervical neck pain and stiffness, help cervical spine alignment.
【Relief Your Pains Everywhere You Want】 Hasht neck traction, your nice companion no matter at home, office, travel. Different from most traditional cervical traction systems, this neck support pillow for neck and shoulder pain is easy to use, just simply and comfortably lying down in couch or bed, even simply lean on this neck stretcher while working in front of computer. Its 0. 7 lbs. weight and small size let you can carry it anywhere. Moreover, we also provide a storage bag.
【Attention & Customer Service】 Please DO NOT use Hasht cervical neck traction device as an ordinary pillow, DO NOT use it more than 20 minutes or all night. Normally you will need 1-3 days to adapt to this pain relief pillow because it needs time to fit your neck contour. Hasht neck stretcher cervical traction pillow is a versatile orthotic, helps in restoring proper cervical curvature, relieving headache, cervical syndrome, TMJ, pinched nerves and so on.
【Warning: 1.】 Generally, it’s safe to perform cervical traction, but remember that results are different for everyone. It's definitely uncomfortable at first. You should avoid cervical traction if you have: Rheumatoid arthritis; Post surgery hardware such as screws in your neck; A recent fracture or injury in the neck area; A known tumor in the neck area; A bone infection; Issues or blockages with vertebral or carotid arteries; Osteoporosis; cervical instability; Spinal hypermobility.
【Warning: 2.】During using the product, make sure to listen to your body and threshold in terms of stretching and the duration of your exercises. Don’t overexert yourself by doing cervical traction for too long. Discontinue use if you experience any pain or irritation or if your symptoms get worse. If any questions occur, do not hesitate to let us know
【Neck massage Tips:】 New device will have a natural scent comes from the materials. Please air it or wash it. It's water-proof, you can wipe it down with damp cloth to clean, or just dunk it in water.

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