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Free Shipping with No Minimum Spend @ Total Tools


Free shipping at Total Tools today and no minimum spend required. I just ordered the $2 Gaffer Tape

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$10 credit for referrer and referee.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Thanks OP, also got 2 x gaffer tape.

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    Thanks OP. Gaffer tape Mondays

  • +15

    Thx op, also got some tape, here is every item sorted by lowest price

  • Thanks OP, also got tape

  • Thanks mate, not sure why but bought some tape . Cheers

  • Nice spot OP. Got my 5 rolls 😀

  • Ripper my friend, thanks for the deal!

  • Thanks bought some tape. Don't need it. But 80% savings screamed bargain.

  • Thanks bought tape for the whole family haha

  • +8

    They're going to regret this, should've had a $20+ min order at the very least

  • Thanks OP.

  • Tape is showing out of stock for me

    • +2

      Change your store location.

      My delivery is coming from a store over 2 hours away instead of a local store.

  • Thanks op bought some tape, gloves and sunnies

  • Website undergoing scheduled maintenance! 🤣🤣

  • +1

    …and it's over. I viewed a couple of pages on their site before I saw a "website closed for scheduled maintenance" message.

  • Site undergoing maintenance :(

  • +1

    ok guys you broke it

  • Just worked for me?

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    Got the tape, the few other things I put in my cart were showing out of stock at checkout. Disappointing given the time spent scouring their website.

  • Cheers OP. Time to cancel my pick up order

  • Thanks for the cheap tape

  • +1

    Got some tape, thanks op. Set for wrapping presents now. Using the tape to tape up tape gifts.

  • Got one. Thank you! 😁

  • +1

    5 FREE Gaffer Tape!

    On 26/11 ordered c&c - 1 x $2 Gaffer Tape
    Set up account and Insider Rewards
    (Requires referral code - received from another Ozbargainer)

    You have $10.02 Insider Dollars to redeem
    Expiry: 26 NOV 2022
    ^Insider Dollars may take up to 48 hours to appear.

    Subtotal $10.00
    Shipping & Handling $0.00
    GST $0.00
    Insider Dollars Redeemed -$10.00
    Grand Total $0.00

    Am on "crowd control" for Brisbane OzBargain meet - I'm prepared!

    • +4

      Requested Mods set up a Referral Randomiser to share the love / gaffer tape!
      Might take a while.
      Referrals in comments aren't allowed.

    • where do i find my refetral code in my account ?

      • In account - under Hi you, its top of the list. Shows referral code under your credit as I copied & pasted in my comment.

        • kool thanks! sneaky hidden lol

          • @Ryxxi: Obviously I removed my code from comment… Otherwise useful comment would be removed.
            Your code is under expiry date.

    • +1

      Insider Rewards Program

      Can join the program without referral.
      But a comment in previous Deal was to use a referral code. Can't find benefit of using referral code.

      $10 credit for joining free (I used a referral).
      Adds 1c / $1 spent
      So received $10 on joining + 2c on $2 order.
      Takes up to 48hr to receive credit.

      • I got $10 insider rewards from joining in the socket set deal last month but I could not remember how I got it. Maybe through referral. Does anyone know if there's any benefit for referrals? Could not seem to find any info. If anyone needs a code, let me know

      • I seen an add pop up about insider but not coming up anymore and when I sign up I’m already logged in but have no $10

      • Signed up new account with Insider Rewards (no referral used) to test if $10 is added.

        Will see if $10 added within 48hr.
        May not be added until after 1st purchase. Or not at all.

    • Referee gets $10. What does referrer get?

      • I've searched through the site & can't find information regarding benefits for referee or referrer.

        It's very uncertain, so understand delay in possibly adding a referral system.

        Any benefit can take 48hrs to be added. I've referred, but no benefit showing yet. Not expecting anything.

        The referral code I used to sign up, came from OP of this Deal days ago. So the person who may know more is OMG. Code was posted in comment in previous Deal posted 26/11/2021 - 19:27

  • Keep getting no option for delivery - click and collect only. What am I doing wrong?

    • Try changing store.

      • Already tried that and no joy.

        Tried different browser.

  • Cant checkout a stack of items because of one item out of stock and it wont let me remove it from the cart. I give up, 30min of adding things to cart down the drain.

      1. Install and/or use different browser.
      2. Use incognito browser.
      3. Use the opposite/another: phone/computer.
      4. Close browser, reopen, delete cookies/cache in browser settings, then go to the site and start again.
  • that Gaffer tape seems to be the bomb; bought 3.

  • What's the recommended paint/rust stripping disc (125mm) - apart from Josco?

  • They just cancelled my tape order.. wtf

    • +5

      bit of a gaffe on their part!

  • Maybe no love for regional, just tried there is no free shipping.

    • was for me in a regional area - but we'll see if they honour it

  • Whatever, guess I'm buying Gaff

  • I'm regional and received free shipping. Confirmation email arrived also.

  • How do you get the free $10

      • But says I’m already on it or when I try to join im already logged in or takes me to my details when signed into site

        • Seems you already joined!
          (Can create new account)

          Under your account, what does it show under INSIDER REWARDS?

          Joined on 26/11/21 & spent $2 (used referral)
          You have $10.02 Insider Dollars to redeem
          Expiry: 26 NOV 2022
          Referrer Code: #####
          ^Insider Dollars may take up to 48 hours to appear.

  • Also got some sandpaper on clearance :)

  • Order confirmed for 3 x tape plus a box of cut off wheels in Adelaide

  • Gahaha went and picked up my Gaffer Tape order this weekend, and saw a collection of other tape 5 stacks sitting behind their Online Orders Desk.

    Enjoy the tape folks. They had a massive bin of them in the Tulla store, but it was quickly running out.

  • Where to list our referral codes?

  • Just ordered Two, thanks! I was going to go 5 but I think the adhesive would diminish by the time I get through 5.

  • The gaffer tape is now OOS.

    • No it's not, maybe for your closest stores. I just checked Forster and Maitland, in stock for delivery

  • Thanks ordered some sand paper and tape for a few bucks delivered.

    • +2

      I almost thought you were making reference about cricket.

  • Great I also ordered the tape which I wanted

  • Pretty much everything cheap that you’d want is out of stock

  • -1

    Received shipping SMS from Shipit.

    Took 9days to deliver similar sized small parcel last month - from 30min drive away. Sending through same distribution centre…
    Needed to lodge complaint (min 2 days after expected delivery) & wait.

    • -1

      This month, took 9days to cross a few suburbs. Not pleased Shippit is delivering.
      No problems with any other couriers.

    • Just delivered.
      Fortunately not (lost for a week) by Shippit, but delivered by postie.

  • Was in stock when I ordered, but got the cancellation email today.

  • Free Gaffer Tape just arrived.

  • My order was cancelled and refunded just now
    ordered nov 29 in the morning
    took them long enough to cancel

  • My order OOS and obsolete finally notified today = Shabby performance in my book, why other told nearly 2 weeks ago!

    • why other told nearly 2 weeks ago!

      be thankful that you at least got told today, I am still waiting for cancellation.

  • Thanks OP. I acted on this post and ticked a Christmas present off the list (a Bromic soldering iron). By chance there was a competition to win one of ten Bromic DC200 Gas Cooker, RRP $269. I took delivery of one of the prizes today.

    • Xmas bonus!! Well done

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