[QLD] OzBargain 15th Birthday - Brisbane Meetup - Saturday 11 Dec at Big Roddy's Rippin' Rib Shack Fortitude Valley at 12pm

Please see the event updates below

Update 2
Update 1

knobbs and I are organising a Brisbane meetup!
Our Brisbane meetup will be at Big Roddy's Rippin' Rib Shack - Fortitude Valley @ 86 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 from 12pm Saturday (11/12/2021). Reasons to come include:

  • Free meal
  • Free soft drink
  • Win a free OzBargain t-shirt
  • OzBargain Trivia
  • Free Not a Bot virtual badge.
  • Free Meet & Greet with SEQ OzBargain enigmas!

All attendees are required to have an OzBargain account as well as comment and vote below.
Please PM me any dietary restrictions before the event so that we can cater for you.
Please keep your attendance up to date so we can keep the venue organised. It's difficult to plan with no-shows/unexpected guests.


  • Put your size request in your RSVP comment.
  • Sizing. See Gildan's site.

FAQ (updated as people ask questions):

Q: Soft drinks are great but can I have a beer/wine/tequila shot?

A: Yes, drinks can be purchased from the bar.

Q: Can family/partners/friends attend?

A: Everyone needs to have an OzBargain account, and comment their attendance below.

Q: Are there any age limits?

A: There is no age limit. However, those under 13 will have to purchase their own meal.

Q: Will there be meetups in other cities?

A: Yes, see meetups below.

For people in other locations, we need your feedback and/or confirmations.

Date Time Location Organiser
Thu 2 Dec 6PM Pamana, Chatswood NSW dust
Mon 6 Dec 5:30PM Seasons Buffet, Gold Coast QLD eman resu
Thu 9 Dec 6PM Red Cow Hotel, Penrit NSW 11
Thu 9 Dec 6PM Fortress Melbourne, VIC neil
Thu 9 Dec 6PM Auckland House, Gladstone QLD PrinceHarry

Annual OzBargain Members Meet up (2021)

Thank you neil for the template.

Poll Options Sun, 12/12/2021 - 00:00

  • 110
    I will be attending - Please make sure to comment too!
  • 71
    I won't be attending but like voting on things


  • +2

    Please PM me trivia questions for the day if you have any!

    • +8

      Please PM me trivia answers for the day, as I'm terrible at all trivia 😂

      • +2

        i have the answers to the questions, just dont know which question they relate to

        • I'll take my chances with multi choice, sounds good! 📃

        • aglet.

        • Eneloops

          Gift cards




      • Submit all the questions you know, then you'll know all the answers on the day 🤣

  • Thanks OzBargain & stickyfingers I will be attending .
    Size : 2XL
    Thank You

  • thank you for organising stickyfingers !

    size : XL please and will be attending.

  • Not again…. I will be working on the day 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Is it on 12.01pm (noon), or at 11.59pm (midnight)?

      Anyone wants to see this tightarse?

  • +1

    Thanks for taking the reigns, can I get an XL shirt so I can fit all the ribs in?
    I will try and PM all the other people on my list tomorrow to let them know about this post.

  • Sounds great! See you there. Size M

  • Size M for me thanks.

  • Size S. See you there

  • size S. Thank you!

  • +8

    I'll be there. 2XL shirt please.

    A big alert to everyone who went to the last OzBargain Meetup - this is NOT the same location as the last meetup at Big Roddy's, it's at their other store, in the Valley. I missed that on my first speed-read of the deal.

    Also, if you want to be auto-notified of meetups, log in, then do a search for "brisbane meetup option:titleonly" (without the quotes), and then click on "!create alert". Check that it worked by navigating to My Account->Subscriptions->Events and you should see it listed. That's how I just got notified of this event!

    • +2

      Thank you for pointing this out!

      This is the Fortitude Valley location. This was selected to its larger location so that we can group together better.

      The venue will also be validating parking for those wishing to drive.

    • +2

      After almost missing the last one I too set up an alert, and got notified accordingly.

      I've been to both Big Roddy locations and the Valley one is definitely better for groups. It's generally a nicer setup too so I'm looking forward to returning!

  • +5

    Yes! Thanks for organizing mate and keeping the dream alive! I wish I could be there this year, but I'm still living in Sweden!

    • +2

      We’ll have a rib for you!

      • +1

        Poster name check out ! :)

  • I would like to confirm my attendancefor fortitude valleyand medium size t-shirt.

  • I love this idea (and must have missed previous meetups, I see it's not the first). Medium t-shirt, please and thanks.

  • Thanks for organising, size M

  • Sounds awesome, congrats on getting it organized! Size XL

  • Cool I would like to attend my first ever Ozbargain meetup hahah

    Size: M

  • Thanks for organising.
    Size : XL

  • +3

    Bugger, can't make it. Was hoping to use the occasion to give away my scripts.

    • +3

      Happy to get your scripts off you anyway, dealbot!

      Always interested in automation :)

    • +1

      Nooooo! Maybe we need a second one ;)

  • Cool, thanks!

  • Size: M

  • Size XL

  • sweet! Free shirt! L for me

  • Would love to attend!
    Size: M

  • Size M.

    We can't retract or change our votes? When does RSVP close?

    • +1

      Can’t seem to turn it on. I’ve asked the mods for assistance.

      RSVP’s close the day of the event but please as soon as possible to help me plan.

    • The mods have now fixed the poll.

  • Would have loved to attended, the only Saturday i'm not free!

  • Thank you for organising ! Keen to come
    Size S

  • Large size please!

  • Medium size please

  • Thanks for organizing @stickyfingers I will be attending.
    Size : L

  • Thanks for organising. Size = S

  • Thanks for organising. Size = M

  • Thanks for organising size M please

  • Thank u for organising, size M please

  • Great idea! Bringing along my better half .

    • Make sure they have an account and comment their T-shirt size!

  • Thanks for the reminder. Size L would be great. :)

  • Thanks for organising! Size M

  • Thank you for organising Size L

  • Count me in. Size M please.

  • +1

    Dam we already got 30+ people attending, are there any size limits for our booking?

    • +1

      Based on last time I planned one of these, 30 really means 15. I’ve reached out to the venue regardless to check on our max capacity.

  • Thanks for organising! I'm a definite as I'm an Ozbargainer from way back but never been in a position to attend before. Size 3xl but 2xl will probably be fine if the larger size isn't available

  • Keen, size L

  • Yes Im coming too. Size S for me.

  • Yup Im keen, size M

  • Want me to get anything from Tribe of Judah?

    Keen, I'll come. Size XL

  • +3

    This venue has 40% off on eatclub app, I hope Scotty isn't paying full price.

  • Thanks to everyone involved in organising!

    I would like to attend, thanks. And XL please for the shirt 👚

  • I am so excited! M size shirt for me please!

  • Def keen to attend! S size for me, thank you!

  • I think it would be awesome to go just to see all the Teslas and Ferraris rocking up. Oh, hang on, this is ozbargain, not whingepool

    • Yeah, we drive BMW's

      • Nah, not that many tossers on ozbargain

  • I will be attending, M size please

  • Love it, size m please

  • Size L, thank you!
    See you there!

  • That's awesome. Size 2XL. See you guys there.

  • Looks like a great event. thanks for organizing.

    Will be there - Size L!

  • This sounds awesome, really excited!

    Count me in - Size L

  • How to I sign up?
    COunt me in - Size - S

  • Count me in - Size S

  • Thanks for organizing!
    Count me in Size - L.

  • +5

    Would my 1 year old need an account too? She has an email address so I can set it up… Just wondering.. she might be the youngest bargainer 😂

  • I will be attending too. Size S please :D

  • Is there one coming to the Sunshine Coast? Driving down to Brissy is a bit of an effort :P

    • I'm coming from Sunshine Coast ;) you can do it!

      Otherwise, I'd be keen for a Sunshine Coast meetup if somebody would organise one.

      • Oh wow, I feel like if I didn't ask this, I'd lose my account here: carpool?

        I don't know much about the coast yet, everything seems to close at 1pm lol The issue is to find a venue methinks. Brissy ppl would be happy to come up for a day trip at the beach for a meetup, surely.

  • Coming size M, will have a 2 year old and 4 year old! Thanks so much

  • Sounds Awesome I'll be there.Thanks for orgonising size Large Please

  • Sounds Great! I'd like a 4XL shirt please :)

  • +6

    A few event updates

    • Tee's will be limited. To ensure this is fair to all members they will be distributed as prizes.
    • You are welcome to bring your child. Please be aware though that there is alcohol available at the venue and a group of bargainers gets quite loud and rowdy. Those attending under 13 will also need to purchase their own meal.
    • Non-members will be turned away. Please make sure you and anybody accompanying you is a member.

    We have a special menu for the day for the free feed. There are two options:

    • Any burger, 1 side, and 1 soft drink
    • Pork button half ribs, 1 side, and 1 soft drink

    Whilst the venue capacity is 70 people, we can only fit 20 people at a table so we'll be spread out a little.
    In order to aid in planning and to ensure the venue isn't inconvenienced please make sure to keep your RSVP poll response up to date. scotty has rolled out a fantastic new event feature on the site which uses your poll response to allow check-ins on the day so it is essential you record your attendance on the poll. It's okay to change it several times but please make sure it's accurate as no-shows make it very difficult to plan.

    See you all there!

    • Damn! Is merch capped at 70 too?

  • Thanks for organising! Size S 😀

  • Oooof!!! OZB Birthday bash!!!! :) Yes please. 3XL.

    Thanks for organising this stickyfingers! See you guys on the 11th!! :)

  • Hi, thanks for organising the event. I will be attending with my hubby who is a long time member. Size = Medium. Look forward to seeing everyone there 🙂

  • Yes please, I’d like to attend.
    Tshirt size XL

  • Very long drive but i'll try to make it - S

  • See y’all there :)

  • ill be there in my $80000 high yeild car, with by portable bbq trolley

    • Don't forget to bring along enough eneloops to power up the bbq and car…

  • Count me in, size M please!

    • Sorry, change it to size S please.

  • Super keen size L

  • Will be there ! Size 2XL please

  • Size L please!

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