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Apple AirPods Pro (with Magsafe) $319 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest price on Amazon, according to 3xCamel. If you've been sitting on a fence because of the price, grab it while you can.

This is an updated Magsafe version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • good

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    These were $249 during Black Friday last year

    • Really ? I guess 3Camels' info isn't very accurate then.

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        It’s because it’s this years model (MagSafe) but I think that’s been cheaper this week too?

        • Not according to 3Camels. I posted that in the description.

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      some say that every year.

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    Went to officeworks yesterday and price beat Media form. $303 If you want the extra savings.

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  • Apple is also offering gift cards when you bought these directly too. They’ll sometimes price match

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    Good deal, if stacked up with Amex offer of $20 cash back.

    Or effectively you can get it for $274. Purchase apple gift cards from big w (10 percent rewards points), apple gift card of $70 and cash rewards of $ 16.

    • Bit of info?

    • I know you said “effectively”
      But I’m not sure if the $70 gift card you get w purchase through Apple can be used in the exact same transaction, if that’s what you’re mapping out above. Verrrry happy to be corrected tho 👍🏻

      • Yes, gift card cannot be used in the same transaction but can be used on same day for another purchase. You get it in an hour of purchase, if you select store pick up.

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    Not bad for Amazon, though I got Officeworks to price beat jackdeal.com.au yesterday, $294.49.

    • i had OW price beat mediaform.com.au ($319) yday down to ($303)

    • I tried this but OW staff member said that it wasn't the same deal as Jackdeal's warranty is in house repair instead of sending it back to Apple which is OW's policy. So I asked to price beat Amazon's deal and paid $303.50

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    The price of the non MagSafe version was sitting on 318 for a while since the AirPods 3 were released. Good find on the new MagSafe version at the same price.

    Would help to include in the description or title this is the MagSafe version.

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      Thanks. Updated the description.

    • Any difference with the earphone itself?

      • Nope earphone hardware is the same :)

        • Ah… are the older version still available? Hoping to get it at an even more discounted price since I don't really need the Magsafe….

          • @Hamlet: I was originally looking for that but couldn't find one. My guess would be that the stock of the old model has been depleted.

  • Picked up a set (MagSafe version) last week from OW for $274 using the Mydeal sale.

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      via local store or online? you are lucky :) I tried online, they said MyDeal had the old version, so no price match

    • I did the same thing yesterday at OW North Lakes. Didn't even need to show them the deal, as someone had just done it earlier.

  • Any tips to prevent constant falling out? saw some silcon grip things somwehere

  • It's been this price on Amazon for the new version since they came out so it's not a "bargain" since this is their normal price. I bought a pair a couple weeks ago at the same price.

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      According to 3xcamel, it is not the case

      • I just realised this is sold and fulfilled by Amazon. The one I bought ($318) was from a third party seller fulfilled by Amazon.

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    Just used this to price match OW for $303. My local OW didn't take the MyDeal as their site didn't say it was MagSafe nor did it have the Model Number of MLWK3ZA/A on their site

  • These are great. Just got a new pair for free from Apple after used mine for 2 years. Nothing to complain.

    • How did you manage that? Mine is getting about 2 years old now too

      • How's the battery life after 2 years?

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    Confirming, just got Highett OW to price match jackdeal to $294.49

  • Just got OW to price match too (JackDeals). In VIC

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