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Monitor Stand Riser $18.99 (Was $27.99) Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Wavlink-RC via Amazon AU


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PS:The stand allows you to hold your head up and relax your spine,proper height can reduce the eye strain, relieve sore neck, help you read and type comfortably and develop a right sitting position, #working long hours will not feel too tired,which is very important for everyone who need sit all day.

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  • What protective feet do these have? The pictures kind of look like it's just metal.

    • +2

      I use two of these exact ones, they are rubber feetededed(footed?).

      • Thanks. Can't really tell from the photos

  • Would this hold a pc tower, need to get the tower off the floor.

    • States up to 20kgs. I don't see why it cant hold it.

      • Easily.

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    Kmart Monitor Stand $15.00.
    Kmart Monitor Stand with USB Hub $20.00.

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    Save yourself $19 and make use of the phonebook nobody has needed since the internet became ubiquitous.

    I've been using 6 reams of paper for the past 4 years.

    • Where do you live that the phone book is still thick enough to use for anything? Ours is so small these days that I can tear it in half with my bare hands.

      Or at least certainly much smaller than it used to be.

      • I haven't received a phone book in over a decade.. Don't you have to request it these days?

    • 6 reams of paper will be more than $20 ;)

      • +3

        Just go into work and print out 3000 blank pages. Bam - 6 reams.

        • +1

          Pro life hack! And boss will be so impressed he'll say you don't need to come to work any more!

    • Do they still deliver phone books? I don't think I've seen one in quite some time.

      • I got one a few months ago actually. Not as thick as they used to be.

        • That's absolutely wack. I think you can opt out from what I've seen

  • These are great, I'm currently using two and recently got one for my wife.
    Sturdy as and easily height adjustable too.

  • I bought one of these to keep my PC off the floor, its really sturdy and high quality. Also perfect size to get a Cooler Master NR200P off the floor lol.

  • I bought two from Umart same price $18.
    I put 2 of this on the normal monitor stand for my full size keyboard and for supporting 43"(over 16kg) more than 30cm height from desk to bottom of monitor stand.
    Because of narrow width size only TKL or small custom keyboard may fit under this stand.

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