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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] Segway KickScooter E10 $299 Delivered, Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 Pro $299 Delivered + More @ NinjaBuy eBay


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Segway Ninebot eKickscooter E10 - $299 delivered

  • Maximum speed of up to 16km per hour
  • IPX4-rated construction, high-elasticity rubber tires, and a spring-shock absorption system
  • 3 Driving Modes
  • Safe Riding Experience

NEW Xiaomi Mi Purifier 4 Pro - $299 delivered

  • 60sqm Coverage Area
  • Odour Elimination
  • Negative Air Ionization
  • 33.7dB(A) low noise
  • Smart Control

Segway Ninebot Electric Kickscooter E22 - $499 delivered

  • 300w brushless direct current motor
  • Upgraded 9-inch Dual Density tires
  • Dual Braking System
  • Lightweight & One Step Fold
  • Smart Battery Management System

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* Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro 1080p - $999.75 delivered
* Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 - $599 delivered
* Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30L - $749 delivered

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  • Does anyone have the link to the rules around these electronic scooters in Victoria? Tried to find but wasn't quite sure I was searching the right thing.

    • +1


      Pretty much 10kmh and 200w power limit atm.

      • thanks! Guess most of us should wait for the e-trials to be completed.


      I have a escooter and ride it around for commuting to the train station, shopping and going to the gym - this in the city and suburbs.

      Have had cops drive past me without issues except for one incident but I was riding without wearing a helmet (my bad) and the cop let me with a warning and to ride slower.

      So I guess as long as you don't ride it like a hoon - they'll generally look the other way. Still illegal but the police probably don't have time to deal with it.

      • Do you normally ride without a helmet?

        • On that ONE occasion I wasn't lol and I got in trouble for it so now I always ride with a helmet.

      • Until the cop is having a slow day and need to generate some revenue for the State :)

        • or a cop walking on the beat

      • +2

        The law should be that if you ride without a helmet then you have to buy a $700 helmet.

        All of them engraved so they can't be on-sold

        I think after buying a few thousand dollars of helmets and seeing them around their house all the time people would start wearing them.

        The campaign slogan would be "we don't wan't your money, we just want to save your life"

        Ps: fully get for you it's a once off. And in that scenario.. Catch a cab.

  • Is the E22 worth the extra $200 over the E10? Will be used primarily on the flat from my car to work less than 5km away.

  • +2

    So bummed that e-scooters are illegal here, would love to ride around on one :((

    • +2

      NSW/VIC need to catch up. TAS legalised them in a matter of weeks after announcing their intention.

  • +4

    These desperately need to get registered in Vic. WFH mixed with WFoffice means everyone's looking for PT alternatives. Generally that means driving, would be great to have these and elec bikes on the streets. Keep them in the bike lanes and off the pedestrian use sidewalk and everyone wins.

  • -1

    $99.97 for Logitech MK850, which is a very good price.


    • We had one at work. The typing experience is bad and it's too bulky. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • How do you get the Xiaomi 4k UST for $2299. The lowest I get is $2765 with PLBF20. I cant select APBF25 because it says the total has to be less than $2000

  • E10 is showing as $398.66 to me.. am I doing something wrong?

  • APBF25 Isn’t working for me… can you guys suggest? It says code is expired

  • Xiaomi Scooter 3 only comes down to $649 also, not $599??

  • Does anyone know what the difference is with the air purifier 4 Pro model compared to the 3H model besides the coverage space? Are they both hepa? Are the filters the same?

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