Perfume Recommendations for The Wife

Looking for a nice perfume for the wife for Xmas, tbh I haven't been a fan of her recent choices being:
Miss Dior and Gucci Bloom.

I'm thinking something subtle that offers a sense of pleasure Everytime the scent is smelt. Also something that isn't of the 'mature' category.

Price up to $250.


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    Is this present more for you or your wife?

    • Both?

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        If she's 20-30 then Coco Mademoiselle.

        If she's 30-40 then Miss Dior.

        If she's 40+ then Lady Million.

        If you want something very classy and unique then Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge.

        You'll enjoy any of those as much as she will.

        • Does she, aka You, like a heavier more exotic fragrance, or prefer very light and delicate types?
          My long time fave if Diors Poison…the classic original one - there are around 6 varieties now, but the original green and black box is absolutely gorgeous.
          Estee Lauder do a similarly exotic type, the long time selling Youth Dew, almost as nice for mine. It is said occasionally that more slightly built women don't always suit a heavier fragrance, but my wife is almost miniature, and it's all nonsense.
          Have a tester spayed onto a sample card, try the Eau de Toillette Poison original, first fragrance….you just might love it to bits. Myer staff usually very helpful if you need assistance
          I think a 100ml EDT spray close to $200, but there is a 50ml, around $150 also.
          . Good Luck!

      • I don't mind some Viktor and Rolf, but I'm not sure if it's too 'mature' for your liking.

        The thing is you are buying her perfume that suits your tastes and not necessarily hers. I would assume she buys herself perfumes that not only are to her taste, but are also perfumes that suit her. Different perfumes smell slightly different on different people so trying them on is kind of important.

        • Second mention of this , added to the list

      • Try Diors Poison Eau De Toilette spray, deeply exotic…the original is by far the best, as they' have 5 other variants too.
        By far my favourite, from a man who has bought so many over a lifetime.
        For yourself, drive her nuts with Chanel EDT Antaeus……she'll be chasing you around the room….the only one I've used for over 50yrs now.
        Good Luck!!

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    Old spice.

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      If only it was that easy

    • Wow I got a 50 year old bottle left where my wife is a bit careful with the strong smell.

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    I'd think your wife chooses a fragrances she likes…

    • Isn't the point of a present is that it's meant to be a surprise?

      • A perfume that doesn't fit her tastes would definitely be that…

        As someone else said, Jo Malone. Personally, I'd just wander into Myer, tell them what she likes and what they recommend based on that.

        • I've given her a list and sent her off to Myer to us them out

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    Another post from someone asking for gift advice; how would anyone on OzB know what your partner likes / dislikes?
    It's ok for you not to like her recent purchases, but wouldn't that be a prompt to discuss with her why she likes those (and why you don't) and use that info to find an alternative that you could look for.

    • No harm in asking for someone's recommendations. There are many to choose from, I'm hoping I can narrow it down with some suggestions.

      • That is my point. There are many, many perfumes. And there are many, many, many people with a view, as we all have individual likes and dislikes.

        The best that we could do are:
        - suggest something that we like
        - google for scents similar to the two that you mention (which you say you don't like)

        • So what do you like?

          • @Spennyrich: 4711 ACQUA COLONIA MYRRH & CUMQUAT EAU DE COLOGNE

            • @GG57: Thanks for the input I'll check it out!

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                @Spennyrich: Sure. I found it with a few others by googling 'cheapest perfume'.

                • @GG57: Hahaha. The way @GG57 set it up, that's violation my friend.

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    If you give your wife a perfume she doesn't like she won't and shouldn't wear it.

    Just get something for yourself so you can…smell yourself.

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      Hopefully I can get some more helpful comments so I don't end up getting her something she doesn't like…

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    This stuff is really nice

    • Thank you, I think I'll add this to my list to look into

    • I second the Angel recommendation. Wore that for years before I found Flowerbomb.

      • Just checked Mrs Paints perfume drawer and she has that also

        That one is awesome too and gets me a tad excited if you don't mind me saying so.

        Is this your alt account Mrs Paint?

        • Haha!!! I find the men's Spice Bomb has the same effect on me. It's only that I don't have a perfume drawer that I know you're not Mr Choc Strawberries. :P

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    Dior and Gucci is just mid tier. If you are looking for the next level up with $250 budget, go for Jo Malone. Personally, i feel that their Wood Sage & Sea Salt is the best and very popular with the corporate ladies.

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      Appreciate the feedback, she is in banking so I'm keen to get her something that will play the part. I'll look into this!

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        You wont go wrong with any Jo Malone. In the corporate world, when people mention they use Jo Malone, people know you got taste.

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    Perfume is a very personal thing and the fragrance can smell different on different people.
    High risk gift.

  • maybe your wife is trying to tell you something?

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      Yes she is telling me she wants perfume for xmas

  • Chanel Chance eau tendre (pink bottle), it's got a nice fruity fresh vibe that suits someone younger.

    It's my current fave and gets loads of compliments from males and females.

    • Thanks! She is bit insure about chanel as I got that for mum for her bday haha

    • We got this but in green, should we swap for pink?

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    My wife's favorite is Byredo Gypsy Water. Not cheap by any means but it's a nice scent.

    As with most of the comments, it is a very personal thing but I don't see any harm in seeking recommendations for ones to try and ones to avoid.

    • Second that. The missus has Byredo, I'm not sure which scent. It's not cheap but there's something nice about not wearing the same perfume as every second person on the street. That's what'll happen if you get a chemist warehouse special.

    • Got a sample of Byredo Pulp and that was also very nice and different, and lasts all day.

      • Added to the list

  • Tom Ford Rose Prick is a nice one

  • I think the best smells I have liked on her are Calvin Klein's Eternity Flame and Air. Get EDP and dont buy from chemistwarehouse if the quality of the perfume really matters to you

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      What's the deal with chemist warehouse

    • I LOVE air, it's such a nice light summery scent (just bought a second bottle from kmart for $25). Although, idk if I would describe it pleasureful.

  • I did not mind ysl black opium.

    Or Chanel number 5?
    At the very least can get done likes on instagram

    • They sound awesome

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    • Take photos of the products she already wears
    • take photos to Myer or some perfume stores
    • the Staff member should be able to see what fragrances are used
    • see if there's a common theme, buy something with similar fragrances.

    or just buy a refill of what she already wears.

    Good luck

    • Great strategy, I've sent the wife off to try the suggestions in this thread.

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    You can check out "narciso rodriguez"

    I find them pretty good.

    • Thanks

    • Agree, Her by Narciso Rodiguez has been my favourite for a few years, diptyque has many lovely choices, there's a lot to choose from but they will all smell different on the body of the wearer than how they smell in the bottle.

  • Just a think outside the box idea, it is the time for Advent calendars, why not get her a perfume advent calendar? Budget can be from 50 to 500.

    • I like this, I was looking for samplers to do something like this.

  • Is it really that hard

    Ive been thinking of a present for you for christmas which needs your input
    Darling that perfume you have been wearing doesn't do much for me and i think you deserve something much nicer
    How about i take you out to lunch and after we go to a perfume store to try different perfumes and find something we both like something more elegant, alluring and arousing something that makes me want to get closer to you.

    If not can i start splashing you with VB because that's what the other stuff your currently using reminds me of

    • Will keep this idea for when I need a quick divorce.

      • Does your wife have you on a leash loll

  • Age would help

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    My all time favourite perfume is the original Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. It was my wedding day scent, and even now when I wear it, almost 14 years later, I'm instantly back on my wedding day. It's really nice, strong but not overpowering. The Nectar version is also really good, but a bit more fruity. And if you're looking for one for yourself, the Spice Bomb is awesome. My hubby wears that, and it's really good.

    • That's so sweet! Someone else mentioned it so I'll add it to the list thanks!

  • As a lot of people have said perfume is very personal and so even asking for opinions you will get widely varied answers, even if you made a poll and got the most popular one it won't guarantee your wife will like it.

    Another thing to consider is that perfume will also smell different on each person's when in like mixes with the person's own smells. I loved a perfume a colleague had and bought it for myself, quite pricey. Found it smelt slightly different on me (no not knock off or anything), ended up giving the bottle to that same colleague.

    If it's gonna be a smell gamble anyway and you are adament about not getting her to try / tell you what she likes. My suggestion is to get one with a very pretty / fancy bottle. At least it will look good on the shelf.

  • Fragonard have some beautiful scents that are office friendly and reasonably priced, and decent sillage (longer lasting), I recommend Santal & Cardamone, not too mature.

    I would recommend buying a gift voucher to a perfume store like . It is so enjoyable to spend an hour testing and trying out and finding a new scent to fall in love with.

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    Ironically the wife settled for chanel Chance, she was reluctant to get chanel because I had got that for mum but that was a different type. Thanks for all the input everyone!

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    Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb hands down. This was my wedding day scent also. By far my favourite scent, over the Chanel and Dior perfumes. Don't get me wrong, I have others but I use the Flowerbomb EDP far more than other.

    • She had a negative association with this one, can't remember what the story was. Something about a brothers ex

  • VB …. Let me know how you go so I can get my wife some for Xmas

  • Have a listen to Jeremy Fragrence for some ideas:

  • My current faves are Issey Miyake Rose and Rose and Juliette has a Gun in Vanilla Vibes. Try looking at more boutique cosmetic stores like Mecca and Sephora, they have a lot of perfumes that you can't find in department stores. Also try you can input scents or notes that you both enjoy and they will recommend a perfume. It also has heaps of reviews from the scent community.

  • Yeah I don't like Miss Dior either. It's a white floral and it's just not my thing. I recently sampled Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme and it's delightful. Has a sweet fruity opening and then settles into something woodier. Bottle is a showstopper too. My advice is to go to Myer and do some sampling. :)

  • Buying perfume for the wife is like her buying you a lawn mower.
    Show her how "intelligent" you are by giving a gift that lasts, rather than wafts away in a matter of moments.

  • Flowerbomb !!!

  • Narciso Rodriguez

  • Most of the advice in here has been very good, seems you made a decision with your wife's help but let me add my taste to the mix for the future. My absolute favorite is

    jadore by Dior, sweet but balmy, slightly sharp floral with fresh mandarin in the top; jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart; and amaranth, musk and blackberry in the trail

    and a new best choice is

    Signorina Elegana by Salvatore Ferragamo this has a more woodsy, feminine musk like smell to me but it's described as "Top notes are Pear and Grapefruit; middle notes are peach-and-plum-and-apricot nuance and Almond; base notes are woody, sweet, and spicy and Leather." not like sweet flowers and such. Catch has this for $88.00. Cash rewards = 10%!

  • YSL Black Opium.

  • Go for Lacoste Touch of Pink. Nice, not costly and stays for long. If she is in her 30ies she should like it.

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