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15% off Tyres @ Tyroola


Last few hours of Tyroola's 15% off tyres Cyber Week promo. Get in quick. Valid till stock lasts.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    What's the point of this discount? What you really do is increase the tyre prices by 10-15%+ Remove any free shipping offers on tyres you had earlier , put a promo voucher for 15% off, + (which makes any cashback on orders ineligible) So in total customer really is worse of buying at this time. ( because getting same price if not worse after calculating cashback)

    • evidence?
      i just searched same tyres i had fitted early this year… I paid ~760 then and now quoted ~710 (that's 4 tyres with free fitting and a wheel alignment)

    • Not true, I looked at some tyres over the weekend before this promo, price is still the same. I think that's a better comparison than months ago.

      Personally, I wouldn't buy from them because their customer service is bad though.

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    I hate tyroola. Ordered tyres to be sent to a shop, tyroola said they sent and delivered. I ring shop to book appointment and they said they never received. I contact tyroola, who are slow to respond and they pretty much said tough titties follow up with the shop. Got thrown back and forth for weeks. Finally got a refund. Now I get sent 10 emails a week from tyroola with information about other businesses and their clients information which I imagine should be confidential. I emailed them and never got a response. Not worth the trouble with this company and their shitty customers service and out of date tyres.

    • I had a great experience with them months ago when i ordered my tyres to a fitting partner of them, Got it to them good and quick, tyres were like 4-6 months old. Tyres been going good only complain them jacking up prices

      But again i didnt had to deal with tyroola customer support

      • Yeh. They seem bit shonky. Rather support local shop

  • spelt 50% wrong

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