Delivery Delays - How Long Is Too Long?

Ordered a 75" Samsung Q70a at the start of July and the ETA gets pushed out month after month. Should I cut my losses or ride it out?

Anyone else in the same boat?

It was a killer deal -

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Last day to redeem the cashback is 15th of January 2022. Maybe wait it out until then before asking to cancel?
    Or if a good deal for a different TV comes along then cancel and get that instead?

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    I'd have cut my losses long ago…

    but now the good news is there are better models out there now..

    the other bad news is you could have taken on Black Friday sale

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    It took around 2 months for my Q70A TV to come under the JB Deal:

    Odd that JB seems to have been able to fulfill the orders when Good Guys haven't.

    Hope you get your TV soon.

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    wow 4 months on a tv, no thank you. they obviously dont want your money

  • cut loses and buy another one in stock with the last hours remaining on the sales

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    That's a ridiculous period of time to wait for a tv, especially considering how quickly tv technology changes and moves on.

  • I hope you've had something else to watch in the last four months! lol.

    Ask them what your options are if you don't want to wait. They might offer you a good deal on something that's in stock or, like others have said, take your money and go get it elsewhere!

  • Thanks for the replies so far. I've started to explore what the store can do. I might have to take the hit with the sound bar as I have already gifted it so will miss out on the cashback. On some sites, it indicates stock at the end of January. That's almost 7 months of waiting..

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