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Samsung Q70A 75" QLED 4K Smart TV $1,996 + Delivery ($0 C&C) + CB with Soundbar Purchase, OOS online, in store only @ JB Hi-Fi

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  • Not FALD. Expect Disney plus and Netflix HDR shows to be very dark

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      Very dark? Being a bit dramatic there

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        I've got the 55" version. I'm not exaggerating. Plus the auto dimming Samsung does to "enhance contrast" is downright distracting. It's like going from full brightness to 50% on your phone everytime the scene goes indoors

      • Yes dark!, samsungs HDR on dark scenes is shit on non FALD Tv's. even blaupunkt handles it better and samsungs software doesnt allow you to tweak it.

    • What s FADL?

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    also Samsung Q60A 65" $1296 + soundbar $350 + $200 cashback, if you go for the deal ask jb to price match appliance central on the soundbar $224

    • How to get price matching if in lockdown?

      • Call 13 52 44 JB sales line

  • Cant get extra care online, dont trust 1 year warranty

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      No need to get extra care because of Australia new consumer law.

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        that is not quite true, with Australian Consumer Law depends on a gizillion circumstances if you are going to be covered beyond the manufacturer warranty. The extender care things WILL cover you. It happened to me once a drama like this and i had to complain with like 300 managers and staff people to get the thing sorted, it was a pain in the ass, i would've paid the extra like 150 of the extender care 10 times. Thats my experience at least.

        • My last FHD Samsung TV they replaced the screen for me after warranty.

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          Should also purchase with a credit card that offers free extended warranty for high value items like this

  • You can get $150 cashback on tv alone if you don't want the soundbar

    • Nope. No Cashback on tv alone. You have to get a soundbar.

    • Only if you buy soundbar afterward not on the same transaction.

  • Tried it but no free delivery for this tv. $74 delivery in Perth

  • Fkk I bought the Q60A for 1570 on Monday from JB after price match and this goes to $1296?!?

    Is there any price protection policy?

    • Yeah I did this the other day, price dropped few days after .. called up to get price difference against sale at Goodguys, got refunded the price difference on a gift card ($336 difference)

      • Ahhh they're really good guys! :)

      • Or may be ur lucky, you talked to a nice sales guy?

        • Yeah think it was a bit of luck.. JB support online wasn't helpful and refused, but called the store and they were happy to process the refund

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        TGG had 30 days price guarantee I think?
        It is 30 days now and for Concierge members only.

    • JBHiFi has 2 week pride drop guarantee. Call them and they will refund you.

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    OMG, first TGG 20%off, now JB but still no sale for Sony TV'S. That sucks.

    • I think this is Samsung just being Samsung. Don’t think Sony is willing to cut price like this.

      Also the equivalent tv with Sony is the x90j and the tech is very different. This is a very thin tv whereas the back of the Sony is lot thicker. The thicker it is the more advanced the tech for backlighting.

      • Ok, thanks. Not just Samsung on special though. Most other brands are too, just both 20% off deals this week Sony was excluded.

  • Bugger! Bought the Q70A 65 inch for $1916 yesterday. Could have got this bigger one for only $80 more…salty as!

    • Cancel buy again?

      • Already unpacked and setup, been using it since yesterday :(

        • Oh …. but this 75" you don't know when they will have stock from Samsung.

    • How is the TV though? If you are happy with the picture quality then at least you have a good TV.

      • Yeah true that. It's an awesome TV, I'm pretty impressed with it, picture quality is incredible. Not sure what the comments at the top are saying, Disney + looks great. Now just gotta find a sound bar to go with it.

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    FYI I believe this is a price error, so jump on it if you're on the fence.

    JB's RRP price for this TV is $2,995. The $2,495 price was the previous sale discounted price (up to 14 July), before it reverted to $2,995.

    I believe someone has mistakenly applied the 20% off to the old sale price rather than the usual RRP price. That's why this TV currently costs the same as the inferior 75" Q60A.

    • May be they match TGG previous deal

      • Maybe! I hope that's the case anyway.

    • I reckon you're right. Looks like this price was meant for the Q60A not the Q70A. Wonder if they'll honour it or cancel.

      • Just purchased at this price (actually 36 bucks cheaper) in store, but in preorder. Should still be honoured it seems.

        If you are keen for the price get into a local store.

  • Shows out of stock now. Missed it.

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      Available in store at this price in preorder if you are keen still.

  • Probably got ads in the UI. Got to love Samsung.

  • Damn, saw this a few hours ago and should have jumped on the price. Seemed too good but wanted to discuss with wife.

    Hope it isn't cancelled for those who were able to grab it!

    • No need to think anymore 🤣

      OOS before the actual special in store.

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    Hey everyone despite it being down on the website I was able to get the Q70A 75 inch in store. They actually even lowered to $1960 but only did the 450A soundbar for $280 (rather than price match fully at Appliance Central) and charged $59 shipping (which I thought should be free for metro). Happy overall.

    Stock should be available within a month they said for the TV. If you are keen and had FOMO try calling your local store. You will need to go pay in full but secures a good price.

  • I bought this TV 13 days ago at a higher price (yet to be delivered), and called JB Hi-Fi about the price difference. They were happy to credit the difference to a gift card, but only once the TV was delivered and I brought the receipt back in-store.

    Has anyone else had experience securing the price difference before delivery?

    • I bought it higher about 2 weeks ago too. Wonder if they'll let me get credit too…

      • I think is 14 days.

        • Correct, I got in just in time. But was hoping to get the credit back today rather than sometime in August when the TV is delivered (hopefully they will still honour it).

          • @theoracle30: Got $142 refund back :) i hope this doesn't stuff up my samsung cashback which I already submitted. My tv and soundbar receipts are now separated…

            • @Penro: Nice! Did you pick up the TV already is it due to be delivered in the future?

              Hmm that's interesting about the cashback because it does say it needs to be in the same purchase for the maximum offer…

            • @Penro: You submitted with the original receipt with both on it, right?

              • @superforever: Yeah i already submitted claim a week ago but got rejected because i didn't provide full receipt. My receipt is huge as I also used 27 gift cards 😄. Hopefully the 2nd time i submitted has gone through. Because if i need to redo with new receipt I don't think i can get the full $300 now as receipts are now separated because i technically returned and repurchased the TV today.

                • @Penro: Can you just give them the original full receipt?

                  • @superforever: I already did when I submitted last week. Just hope it's already been processed and don't need my new receipt.

                    • @Penro: I think should be OK I don't think they will verify with JB

    • Mate just wondering if your unit has been delivered yet? I bought mine probably a week after you and order is still waiting to be fulfilled.

      • I had a set date delivery in mid-August. Not sure what 'ASAP' delivery times are like right now.

        • Absolutely crazy the way this is being handled right now. My delivery placeholder date was set for the next day though the salesman did advise that there was going to be a week or twos delay.

          A follow up call 2 weeks later didnt yield much result with the guy on the other end stating that they have no ETA and I could cancel my order if I wanted to. Ironically, one of their competing retailers ran out of stock as well earlier but they have it replenished now by the manufacture ready to dispatch for next day delivery! Sadly cannot say anything close for JB.

  • Any way to check store stock? Just called a few stores around Truganina VIC and they are all out of stock.

    • But this deal is JB to order it from Samsung to deliver it.

      • Sorry for the ignorance. What do I ask to the person? When I called they said it's not in stock and they can't do anything.

        • A few peoples here said that they have successfully back order it in store. May be you should talk with the manager.

  • Awesome deal! Called instore to confirm price and it's a two week back order, walked in and paid for the tv and paired it with a $299 soundbar for a $250 cashback! even got the soundbar down to $280. Also free delivery. Time of purchase 12:22pm on receipt. Thanks again OP!

  • Got this 75” Q70A for $1990
    + soundbar Q950A $1,300
    = $3,300 - $300 cash back
    = $3,000


    • So you got the soundbar first and wait for the TV from Samsung?

      • I took the soundbar at the store. As long as both on same reciept will get the full cash back. You need the serial number from the TV and soundbar though to claim so will need to wait for delivery of TV before putting in the claim. Plenty of time in the promotion but.

  • From which store you guys bought it. I tried almost 5 stores in VIC and I have been told that no more sale for this TV as they don't have stock.

    • +1

      I rang 3 stores in Brisbane and two were happy for me to order and the third couldn't see the item on the website so just said was out of stock (he wasnt part of the TV dept though). Maybe it is even further out with shipments now. I'd just keep trying any in driving distance or even call back some and maybe someone else at the store will help you out.

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    Got told by JBhifi that their Samsung rep told him they aren't making this TV anymore so he can't backorder it……still selling it on Samsung's website. And it's a 2021 model. Sounds like BS to me.

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    I managed to order from JB Hi-Fi Home Narre Warren HOME Superstore. 1960 AUD TV+ 59 AUD Delivery+ 570 AUD Samsung Q Series HW-Q600A 360W 3.1.2 Channel True Dolby Atmos Soundbar+ 209 AUD 3 years extended Warranty on TV.=2798 AUD

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    JB Booragoon said could order but stock only available in August. Might wait until end of year or black friday sales as no hurry. Hope I don't regret not buying it today :(

  • Anyone managed to get their backorder yet?

  • I received on the last Saturday

    • Hey Shiven, just curious you received the Q70A 75inch delivered by JB off this sale?

      • yes

        • Lucky you mate! I bought it a week before this sale went live and my order is still waiting to be fulfilled with no ETA in sight.

          • @BargainHuntahh: Sad to hear that you have not yet received it. I ordered over the phone and did direct deposit to the JB account, and the salesperson I was dealing with might have done something because I received it in the next 2 weeks and with just 1 follow-up.

            • @Shiven: Like I said bro you are one real lucky bloke! Wish I had the same luck as you haha. The Jb branch that I'm dealing with has told me that there are over a 100 orders of a similar nature waiting to be fulfilled!

              Might be a long shot but would you want to maybe share a copy of your receipt which I could successfully use to leverage my way out of this sticky situation with JB? I can totally understand if you can't due to privacy concerns..

  • Wondering if anyone else had their backorder fulfilled already? JBs been giving us the run-around saying they have been told by Samsung that they have absolutely no ETA. Seems its just a strategic move to get us to cancel our orders due to everyone having it acquired at the price we did.

    • I'm still waiting. Keep calling every couple weeks and no ETA.

      It does seem to be out of stock a lot of places. Appliances online seems to suggest a delivery date at end of September. https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/samsung-75-inch-...

      Only way I am going to cancel is if they offered another better TV at the price.

      • I've been doing the same thing. Been calling them weekly with no real progress. Yep agreed that its out of stock with most of the retailers but apparently if one orders with Samsung directly, they can get it delivered within few business days.

        I assume JB would be responsible to sort this out. Even an ETA would suffice but they have absolutely no clue whats going on and the sad thing about this whole fiasco is they are not doing anything to rectify it! At this rate, they would deliver a 2021 model in 2022 and expect us to just deal with it. I smell unethical business practice.

  • Just updating on my status.

    I just received a text to call the Brisbane JB HiFi warehouse to organise shipping. They had my TV in stock and my delivery date is this week!

    Hopefully others that ordered will get notifications soon!

  • Anyone having issues with the EPG showing 'No Information' for most of the channels?

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