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Samsung 75" Q70A 4K UHD QLED Smart TV + 2.1ch 300W Soundbar $2399 Delivered ($2099 after Cashback Redemption) @ The Good Guys


Samsung Q70A TV 75" - A decent TV with an insane contrast ratio.

Part of Cashback when you buy a selected Samsung TV and a Soundbar.

Add the TV and the Soundbar to the cart, apply 'TODAY' coupon and then claim $300 cashback once you have the TV and soundbar delivered.

This Samsung Soundbar gives the maximum saving:

Here are the promotion details:


For those who have questions about the TV:
- This is a QLED and not an OLED
- For QLED, it has the best contrast ratio and beat several top TV in contrast ratio even if they have local dimming enabled.
- Very close in picture quality to the X9000H (Colour gamut, SDR, HDR, colour volume) and in some regards actually better- see link below. X9000H is last year model while Q70A is 2021. The replacement of X9000H is X90J and provides a similar performance to Q70A although its HDR is better however it is over 70% more expensive.
- Has Freesync, VRR, 4K120Hz support hence can be use with PS5 and Xbox Series X
- Has HDMI 2.1
- Very fast response times
- Does not have Dolby Vision as Samsung does not support it but has HDR10

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  • +12

    Here is how it compares with the very popular Sony X9000H:
    The Sony X900H and the Samsung Q70/Q70A QLED both perform well, although the Sony delivers somewhat better picture quality. While the Samsung has a higher native contrast ratio, the Sony's is still quite high, and it has a full-array local dimming feature to improve black levels. The Samsung has a lower input lag and comes with VRR support, while the Sony doesn't yet have it but will receive VRR in a future update.


    • what is vrr and why would you want it on a tv?

      • +1

        Variable refersh rate and its a gaming thing mostly and it probably never will come to the x90h

        • does ps4/5 and xbox output freesync?

    • +5

      Samsung also lacks DolbyVision, has ads in the UI, bad banding and possibly might drop the VA for a ADS

      • This is a VA panel.

        • +1

          Then it was the 80A that's already dropped the VA. The Samsung have a big panel lottery with the DSE and banding issue tho. Once you test for it you will never unsee it

      • Can't you turn the ads off through settings-privacy menu?

    • I may be wrong but i don't think Sony will ever get VRR.. If you don't care Sony is great buy lots of deals if you do care Sammy has one port for hdmi2.1 and works well (I have the ugly 55inch serif Sammy and no issues with xboxSX on that port) …

    • +1

      At this price, you can't be comparing it with this Sony Model, although can compare them at their RRPs

      • +1

        It is very comparable mate. See the link above.

  • +8

    I can also vouch for the Sony, love the picture it produces

  • Excellent Price!!!

  • +2

    Decent bang for buck, but no local dimming and very average brightness for HDR.

  • What will be good all around QLED 85 inch Samsung TV please? Under $3K. Thx in advance.

    • +1

      Don't think that exist in that price bracket. Samsung isn't the premium they once were. Honestly the new TCL 825 looks to be a game changer and get close to OLED

    • I got that model TV QA85Q70AAWXXY at JB (advertised at $3888 + free delivery) for $3200 with Shopback cash and JB gift cards.

  • Very tempted, what's to stop you just going for TV only (ie. If I have soundbar) and claiming $300 cash back on that to get the TV for under 2k ? Or does the soundbar HAVE to be involved?
    Just trying to read through promo info (Edit: nevermind, it's in the first section, must have soundbar).

    • +2

      You'll need to have a receipt that shows the TV + Soundbar purchase, as well as submit photos of serial numbers for both I imagine.

    • +1

      Mate, the soundbar has to be in there. You are in loss, literally, if you just buy the TV.

    • I suppose you could purchase both, take photos of the receipt and return the soundbar thru change of mind. No idea if/how they track the serial numbers of products being sold though. Pretty low move though

      • I think have to open it to get the serial.

        • Could still do that. TGG change of mind policy is just that they have to be in resalable condition, not necessarily unopened.

          • @whitelie: If you really want to do that, you can do that with a lot of cashback claim, like Samsung SSD, etc.

  • Cashrewards 2% CB… maybe?

  • Any decent soundbar with atmos on the eligible list?

    • +1

      Q900A / Q950A

  • Wow. this makes this deal useless now. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636166.

    The combo comes down to 2975.10 before the 300 cash back. pretty good…..

    • Indeed it does, I posted that deal earlier.

      Lucky I still have 28 Degrees price protection so I've sent off a few claims to get around $300 back… I paid $3,298 for the combo via JB Hi-Fi and I can see it for $2,992 via TGG with delivery (no stock in-store).

      I contemplated just cancelling JB Hi-Fi and re-ordering, but ultimately that would have been too much of a headache.

      Still pretty excited to get the TV + Soundbar for $2,700 after cashback.

  • +1

    Does anyone here have any experience on price protection with CBA. Purchased it for a few hundred more from a different retailer. Looking at the T&C on CBA, they only cover if there is a "printed catalogue" which shows a lower advertised price. Just checking if anyone has had experience here to see if its a worth a call to CBA. Seems like i am out of luck looking at the T&Cs.

    • +1

      All the banks/credit cards require a catalogue price for claiming on price protection. Keep checking the GG website to see if they advertise it in their catalogue.

      • 28 degrees doesn't. Just a screenshot of the website.

        • previously had one when one could use it to withdraw $$ for free whilst overseas. maybe should have held on to it.

    • How do you like the TV? Do you recommend it?

      • +1

        yes, upgraded from an older TV so its great for the things i watch - mostly netflix and occasional sports. Its been a massive upgrade!

  • This or the Hisense 75Q8?

    Which one is better?

    • Q8 has better FALD with more dimming zones. possibly better picture/contrast
      samsung has better motion processing and software. you really need an android tv/nvidia shield to go with a Q8

  • +1

    Does this have HDMI 2.1?

  • This or the Q80A? The Q80 65 inch is $2220 (price includes $250 cashback) with the same sound bar but the Q70A 65 inch is $2030 (including $200 cashback) with the same soundbar. Just wondering if the Q80A is worth an extra $200?

    • The Q80a now has a ADS (IPS type) panel. Q80t would be a better buy if you can find one

      • Is that mean ADS no good?

        • Yeh the performance is worse but their benefit is viewing angle is wider compared to a VA. Lots of information out their about them. The ADS/IPS type can also suffer serious light blooming and that's bad in a theater set up or just dark viewing environment.

          But this is a 70 vs 80 series which just sucks they would use the inferior panel on the more premium TV

    • Different panel so different picture quality - contrast seems worse on the Q80A


    • Q70A is better for picture quality while Q80A is better for viewing angle and sound quality.
      Q70A is VA while Q80A is ADS.

  • Will this make use of Xbox series X 120fps 4k visuals?

  • +2

    You folks must have a big house.

  • On a side note anyone having issues logging in to cashrewards.

    Me and a friend can't login getting message "incorrect password or login" when both are correct?

    • Nope, just used CR without any issues.

      • Bizaare that it's happening to both of us using different browsers, different locations etc.

  • Can someone confirm that’s it’s not possible to get google chrome app as it’s a smart TV and not an Android TV?

  • +3


    • That or pulled, I am getting page not found.

    • -1


  • Oos

  • +1

    Managed to order this combo over the phone - they said it is currently OOS but more stock should be available soon

    • +1

      Available soon but no more "TODAY"

  • Where’s the “TODAY” code from? Called a store and asked them to use it but they have no idea abt this promo code :(

    • +2

      Apparently, TODAY was a test run for the TGG sale that starts tomorrow across all stores.

  • Gosh.. just missed the deal.. hopefully more stocks available..

    • Technically meant to start tomorrow so they might relist it

  • Is it possible to get google chrome on Samsung Smart TV's?

    • Yes

      • How?

  • Where’s the “TODAY” code from? Called a store and asked them to use it but they have no idea abt this promo code :(

  • No stock today either 🤷‍♂️

  • +4

    Worth noting that the discounted price of the 75" Q70A was only advertised until 14 July 2021 anyway. All retailers now have it back to $2,995 now.

  • +1

    GGRRR, wish Sony TVs were in the % off deal today…excluded. I want to get the X9500H, but it just won't budge in price. I know I could have gotten it for 15% TGG ebay last week, but will wait for it to reduce in price and then take advantage if and when it is included in the monthly 10% deals at TGG.

    Looked at The Frame 65" Samsung, but although people give it good reviews, it doesn't handle glare well (and our Samsung atm doesn't either) and viewing angles aren't supposed to be the best (with the 20% off it comes in under $2k) Anybody else with 2c worth comparing the 2?

    • Reviews put it as on par with Q60A which isnt particularly impressive. I'd get it to put it in formal lounge for ambience rather than your proper media tv

  • Anyone heard anything about delivery yet or managed to the same or better price for this exact unit?

    • +1

      out of stock: Called Few stores from TGG, JBHiFi and Harvey Norman. Will be getting shipments next week.

  • The story Ive found (currently July 2021) is that no one has any stock. And this goes too for The Good Guys. They'll tell you that have stock then you'll get a phone call a week after you've ordered it "sorry, but we'll get it late July" - then a few days later "Um we have supply issues and your delivery has been pushed back to August"

    • Well got it delivered today so they had some stock of the 77 G1 atleast

  • +1

    For those that missed out, JB Hi-Fi now have this combo for $2345 ($2045 after cashback) delivered. It says the item is on back-order with delivery only.

  • Anyone got update on delivery?

    • +1

      Not yet. Been advised of stock coming this Friday though.

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