JigoCity Closed down

i bought from them 2 weeks ago, but didn't get any thing from the supplier till now, check their website and just find out that they close down already, any other victim of jigocity?

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  • We should have a poll on which group buy operator will be the next to fold. The number of operators was unsustainable.

    • I probably spent close to $10K in the first year once the group buy companies started operating in perth. Now I rarely buy anything.

      • did u buy every week?

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          oh yes, nearly daily. I have bought 3 vouchers in the last day or so but that is very much the exception. One for kids mags, one for bulk food,and one for Oxford.

          I remember early days when scoopon had deals here in Perth when they would sell 2 or 3 thousand in an hour. You had to check to see if it was a good deal at noon or you would miss out. They wouldn't be available after work. Perth is way overpriced and we didn't get any good deals like in the eastern states so people went nuts.

          I now know how to do facial peels, so wouldn't bother with them ever again, even if free. Facials are not much benefit if you do peels and use vitamin c and maybe retin a cream. The beauty treatments have become annoyances. I cook better than most voucher restaurants. Even with a huge discount, I can cook for acomparable price and enjoy the process. And I can hit the piss as much as I like without having to drive home. So, group vouchers have really lost appeal for me. I like the retail ones where you can buy what you like. Tomorrow I use a cudo for seafood. I think I paid $20ish for $60 in value.

        • omg. i never know that some people can have very tempting to purchase everything. for me, before I purchase anything on that deal, i do some research first to make sure better value for my money :)

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    I bought a voucher for a friend as a birthday gift late last month/early this month, hope it'll still work.
    If only the free jigo credits could be used to purchase OS vouchers.

    Had a feeling they werent doing too well, giving out so many free jigo credits and so many crap deals.

  • They started spamming me to use up my points (up to 10 per purchase), but surprise, surprise, the cheapest thing you could buy was $19.95, and the stuff wasn't worth $9.95 after the discount. No wonder they folded, selling overpriced stuff you could find elsewhere on the Internet in 10 seconds.

    • I think I got those emails too… I gave up on group buying a long time ago… too many emails! :)

    • u can get bargain on certain item, such as the thomas ride, last time they allow me to use 2x$10 voucher to pay the deals

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    Damn, I got a speed dating scheduled with a jigocity voucher. I hope they'll honour it.

    • at least its not JigaloCity

      • That would be even better. Why would I buy the cow…..?

  • They were over in singapore and perhaps other places as well.

    wonder if they will come up with an insurance scheme, similar to the travel agent insurance scheme.

    heaven knows there is enough money being brought in.

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    JigoCity is in the process of consolidating operations and a decision has been taken to discontinue future operations in Australia and only remain operational in select countries. As a result, JigoCity will no longer offer new daily deals to our customers in Australia. Our website will remain in other respects fully operational until the JIGO vouchers have expired.

    We will continue to honour existing JIGO vouchers and will pay our vendor-partners what they are owed as part of our commitment. Existing customers should experience no problems in using past services and deals they have purchased. As part of the winding down process, our Jigo point program will no longer be operational or available for future deal purchases.

    We would like to sincerely thank all of our valued customers and vendor-partners for their support and patronage in the past as well as our staff in the local JigoCity offices.

    Please feel free to contact our customer service support group at [email protected] at your convenience, should you have questions or require assistance. We will no longer offer phone support.

  • Looks like JigoCity is a Chinese company that operates in quite a few SE Asia countries (CN, TW, MY, SG), although the Australian guy told me that the founders/owners are Americans (back then maybe in 2010).

    Surely the Group Buy space needs quite a bit of consolidation this year.

    • not sure about that mate, but i think the manager in australia is black man (sorry guys,no offend to certain ethnic, just want to clarify that the manager not chinese)

      • Jigo in Chinese means Groupbuy… Though I don't know if the company is from China Mainland, HK, TW, SIN, MAL… Too many chinese speaking countries.

  • Well they still owe me $20 from a past deal so I'd say good riddance.

    • why don't u do charge back with your credit card, you have 6 months period for charge back your transaction

  • Hey as I always said the industry is not sustainable like in the old days with big company set ups, huge margins and staff of hundreds of people. This business model truly only works if the firms stay small and high on variable costs and low to no fixed expenses. I would think groupon was on the money when they announced a 460million loss in first year of operations…they will end up where they started. Business are getting smarter too….

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am currently having problems with JigoCity. I bought a bunch of vouchers back in February which are still valid, but since JigoCity closed down, none of the merchants are willing to accept my coupons. They say that Jigocity hasn't paid them yet, and that I should ask for a refund from Jigocity. I have written emails to them several times stating my problem, but they only send me a general email thanking me for contacting them and they apologize for the inconvenience, but they don't do anything to help solve my problem, and I still haven't received a refund for any of my purchases. I cannot even reach them via telephone.

    Has anyone taken any legal procedures against JigoCity? If yes, is there a way to get this problem sorted without having to pay a fortune?

    • Has anyone taken any legal procedures against JigoCity?

      Rather than "legal procedure", wouldn't it be easier for individuals to just go through Fair Trading or CTTT of their states to file a claim against JigoCity?

      Looks like they are closing down pretty much everywhere — Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia all down at the moment. Brazil site might have never launched. The only one that's currently running is their Taiwanese website although it would be hard to claim refund from an overseas company.

      I guess the first step would be looking at who is representing them here in Australia. Looking up ABR returns Jigocity Pty Ltd (D&B gives you the phone number + address although I am not sure whether they are still there), and the domain is currently registered by this sole trader here (which might not even be in Australia). To claim against a business (or take any legal procedure) you would need to be able to locate it first…

      Some good information previously.

      All the best.

    • you should charge back your credit card within 6 months of purchase to get your money back, out of this time frame, you need lodge complaint to fair and trading department.

  • Just got email from Jigocity that they were acquired by Suredeals.com.au and existing vouchers will be honoured. You will get redirected when you go to the old Jigocity website. Just FYI, I have no comments about the deals now on offer etc.

    • me too. I promptly unsubscribed. They closed down before I had an opportunity to use my credit! :(

  • BTW the previous owner who just sold jigocity for $65million is JAMES SULLIVAN. He is the bast*** who cheated all of us of our hard-earned money. Please spread the word.

    • Spread the word? What's your source?

      • Not sure about being a bast*** but I did see they were bought by FreindFinder for $65m …


      • Yeah their name server has been FriendFinder's for quite some time — the purchase was done in September last year, and according to their past deals they were still offering until February this year.

        A bit weird though — someone paid $65 million (!!!) and shut down almost all the operation except Taipei?

        • Yeah, very weird.

          Presumably it must be $65 Million Taiwan Dollars, but still seems an awful lot of money to then shut down.

  • Great - I just tried to redeem a JigoCity deal I bought (still a few months left on the voucher). I've been told that the person who was delivering the service and who had entered the arrangement with JigoCity had left and the company had changed…I tried contacting Sure Deals and have had no response. Not sure what the next step is - credit card chargeback?

    • It would probably the best you can do. Credit card charge back - bad for the merchant, but the merchant here is already long gone…

      • Tried this and failed - apparently the transaction couldn't be investigated because it happened "too long ago" (21 Oct 2011). VERY unhappy. It was only $19 but I am still really annoyed by it!

  • I will be reporting Jigocity to Consumer Affairs and VCAT. If anyone else has been cheated by them, I suggest you do the same thing.

  • I got some response from JigoCity only when they feel like it and they kept saying they will refund my money. But until now still no luck. I've been CC-ing SureDeal too, but I don't think they help much either. Anyone having any luck?

  • I keep getting spammed by their new company "savings in Australia" or some such. They have no unsubcribe so I was forced to manually filter them.