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Donner DMS-1 Sheet Music Stand Folding Travel Metal Music Stand $32.49 Delivered @ Donner Music


Portable and Foldable designed: Black foldable bookplate and steel music stand is very easy to carry, and come with carrying bag to storage.
Adjustable and Flexible:Flexible height adjustment from 19.1 inch to 46.4 inch for your height needs, suit for school, orchestras, choirs, church bands, classrooms.
Highest Quality Materials: High quality rubber feet, a sturdy base that opens and closes quickly and easily, and a high quality height adjusting handle and desk knob.
Sturdyand Durable: Bookplate is made of high quality ABS, and shaft and legs are made of high strength tubular steel.
ExtraAccessories:Come with music stand light, USB cable(power for music stand light), black carrying bag and music sheet clip holder.
Color: Black
Net Weight: 1.21KG.
Material: Metal+ABS Plastic.
Adjustable Angle: 180¡ã
Bookplate Size: 17.6(L)X10.7(W) Inch
Holder Book Thickness: 1.2Inch
Support Pole Height: 20.5to 48.5Inch
Each Tripod Pole: 13.7inch

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Can anyone advise what's the quality?
    Everyone claim they use high-quality materials, however it is not the case once you receive the product.

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      The accessories bundled with it are pointless for the starter musician and likely junk quality, and for the money you can get a budget model from a real brand

      Heck it's not a whole lot more for made in Germany with 5yr warranty…


      Source: am musician and worked in a music store for many years. Cheap stands end up in the bin, the tightening lugs all strip, the prongs bend out of shape. Waste of money.

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      I don't know about the quality, but a plastic bookplate is not ideal if you will ever perform outdoors. Sheet music, being paper, is easily blown off the music stand. You can try to hold it in place with pegs or clips, but the music is usually too tall or too short, so it's difficult to clip. What does work well is a steel platen, and fridge magnets.

      Note that some metal bookplates are actually made of aluminium, so take a magnet to test before purchasing. And a sheet-metal platen works much better in the wind than a platen made from strips of metal, because it blocks much more of the wind, and you can place the magnets anywhere. However, a sheet-metal platen doesn't fold down, so it's more bulky and less convenient to transport.

      • Oops, substitute "bookplate" for "platen" in the above comment.

  • Any idea where to enter coupon code?

    • At checkout

      • Thanks. My mistake was that I went to express checkout.

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