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[XB1, XSX] Forza Horizon 5 $64 (Was $99.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


New game, and the cheapest price to be found at the moment (free if you have Game Pass).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Amazon AU

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    New players will inundated with Porsche Cayman gifts…

    • I used the AFK exploit (think of it what you will) and the amount of cars I gifted out was pretty ridiculous. I gifted everything from Ford F450's to Sesto's to Jesko's. If I had a double, I just gifted it out rather than sell it or keep it for Auction House.

  • if only the PC version went down I picked up the ultimate version of forza horizon 4 on steam for 45 bucks usually costs a 150 or something like that but yeah for 45 its a steel :D

    forza horizon 5 isn't on sale though.

    • To be completely honest, you're not missing a whole bunch. If you've never played FH4 then you've got so many hours of fun ahead of you.

    • Even better if you get access to those cheap regions.

  • not associated the site doesn't let me unselect it.

  • "Was $99.95" seems legit lol

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    free if you have Game Pass

    No, it's not free

    • yeah its basically renting the game lol because you pay monthly to play it.

  • Terrible

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