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[PS4] Diablo III: Eternal Collection - $32.98 @ Playstation Store


Pre-emptive proviso of Activision Blizzard's scummy practices.

First discount since Apr 2021:

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    yeah this isn't cheap last year I paid below. for the PC version.

    Mon, 7th December 2020
    $14.97 EB Games - Click & Collect
    Diablo III Battlechest PC

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      Battlechest doesn't include Necromancer DLC. Also for PS4 this looks like it's only still sold on PSN (no new physical versions being produced), so Sony can get away with charging a higher price.

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    d3 is crap, long live d2

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      I tend to agree, but it's one of the few good/great couch co-op games on PS4 which is why I bought it.

  • Didn't the CEO threaten to kill his assistant?

    • Yep and many women got sexually harassed while working there. Awful company.

    • No wonder Warcraft 4 hasn’t happened

  • It really never goes very much below the $30 mark. I've been waiting for a bargain bin special for PS4 as I played it alot on PC. It's really stood the test of time the price.

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    Should get a bit of value out of it at this price, I pick it up and play through maybe once a year for some hack and slash fun. Just nostalgic enough while being nice and easy to pick up and leave.

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