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Crossover (For Mac, Linux and ChromeOS) - US$14.99 (~A$21.01) - Save 75% off


Crossover for Mac, Linux and ChromeOS is now discounted to 14.99 USD (Roughly 21.01 AUD) for the next 24 hours.

Crossover is essentially and improved version of WINE (Windows compatibility layer).

I'm putting the expiry on Midnight US East Coast time as I think this is the time it will be available to.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • good price this also works on M1 Macs as well.

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    Somebody tell me why I need to buy this, it sounds great

    • It's a better version of WINE, developed by some of the main contributors to the WINE project and acts as almost a bit of a financing tool to develop WINE.

      WINE allows you to run Windows software on Mac and Linux, and crossover is a better version of it (Easier to use, more compatible).

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        It allows me to run FF14 online at a much better framerate than the native mac client. That's what I use it for anyway.

        Check out the macgaming reddit.

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    Full version, with phone support, includes:

    Software Upgrades (one year)
    Special Renewal Pricing

  • Fantastic thank you! I've been running an old WIN95 accounts program on Crossover for (too many) years. :)

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    An additional thing is that you can renew the subscription (via My Account - Support Licenses) and apply the discount code and it'll cost $7.49USD.
    You can even do it multiple times wink wink

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      You're the real MVP, thank you!

  • Is this a subscription or a one time purchase?, website mentions updates and support only for 1 year? But also mentions it’s the full version?

    Is this worth having as a backup for windows programs on mac as a one time only purchase ?

    • It's a similar business model to Parallels and a lot of other software — you buy it and you own it, but you only get software updates for a year unless you extend your "subscription". You can still keep using the existing version of the software if you don't re-subscribe.

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