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[VIC, SA, QLD] 12-Month Gym Membership $199 Upfront (Save $400) + $49 Admin Fee (New & Expired Members) @ Derrimut 24:7 Gym


Looks like same as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659070

12 month membership upfront for $199 for new and expired members + $49 admin fee = TOTAL $248

24 hour access to ALL locations Australia wide (they say all locations but are mainly based in VIC & SA with one branch in QLD), including group fitness classes.
See for locations: https://www.derrimut247.com.au/pages/gym-locations

*Terms And conditions apply. Derrimut 24:7 Gym reserves right to change and extend this offer.

After purchasing, please visit your nominated gym location with your proof of purchase and valid ID to finalise your membership.

Seems like the cheapest gym I've found by far, second cheapest being $365 for a year and then the rest are $600+, anyone got a membership?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • They need one of these on the Northside of Brisbane. You're lucky to get a well equipped gym for $15 a week here

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      What about Good Life gyms¿
      Ar they not located on north brisbane

      • ~$18 a week and equipment quality greatly varies. I like a lot of barbell movements and most bars there don't use free spinning collars

        • +1

          That's I shame.

          I would have tried to organise a referal for you otherwise.

          I joined a while back and have the all gym access for $15/week.

          Good luck on your ventures.

          Don't be shy to ask for a discount Btw.
          I used to be a personal trainer in a former life (before admin fees on memberships were a thing). So know the bs behind that fee (it's there to make the deal look cheaper, etc).

          Also, always good to know the best times of the year to push for gym deals.
          Easy explanation: outside of when most people want to join a gym.
          New years is their cash cow…everyone with their new terms resolutions for fitness for example.
          Winter is a good one normally and people can hide their bikini body under layers in winter, but in summer…. Damn ! I need to gt back to the gym..

          Hope this is of some help.

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    Lol $49 admin fee, almost as bad as trying to trade on Ethereum right now

    • theres alot worse

    • +1

      Wait for ETH 2.0

  • Goodbye GoodLife

  • -1

    I just dont think a discounted gym appealing to the masses is a good gym. Overuse of equipment and amenities don't exactly lead to people going back

    • The free market forces will find the right balance.

      But you're right .. I'm happy to pay x3 at GoodLife for an empty gym.

      • its not so much empty thats an issue, its the smell of the locker room, the run down bathroom stalls with no doors and broken toilets with pee on the seats. the accumulation of body odour and sweat since the air-conditioning isnt able to keep up

      • +1

        Problem is most the GoodLife gyms in SA are garbage and outdated.

    • Paying upwards of $600 a month just to exercise a few times a week is ridiculous. Shouldn't cost that much at all. Build bigger gyms, build more gyms.

      • Don’t know where you came up with those numbers, the gyms you’re referring to has all the amenities

  • If you go in person to purchase the membership does the $49 admin fee still apply?

    • Probably, yeah.

    • yes

  • Is there actually one in ACT as per the title? Doesn't look like it?

    • My bad, could have sworn I saw two ACT locations.

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