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WD Black P10 4TB Ext Portable HDD $149 (Limited Stock, In-Store Only) @ Officeworks


Most NSW stores showing limited stock. Purchased 4TB @ Wetherill Park 2164 this arvo, estimated they have 10 units left. G'luck.

  • Only USB A cable included.
  • 2TB @ $97 - don't bother with 5TB.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Any advantages for this over recent Seagate 4tb at Amazon?

    Other than Seagate being $30 leas

    • Metal casing for better heat dissipation maybe? That was my conclusion with this vs the $30 cheaper WD Passport, had to fight with myself for 5 mins. :p

  • Got a seagate 5TB on Amazon for $154 with $20 Amex cashback and $14 from shopback making it $120..👍

    • How good is the HDD?

      • Not sure, hasn’t arrived yet…I’m just using it to back up photos and videos so don’t need much speed.

  • -1

    Why would one even need such a large portable drive?

    • GamePass games. Honestly, 4TB isn't enough.

    • It's cheap and doesn't need a power supply.

      I have a 5TB external drive plugged into my NAS for extra storage - and not requiring a power supply is a big benefit.

    • 4 letter word, starts with P.

  • cmr?

    • SMR. Go to the link page below and have a look at the table further down. WD Black 2.5" 2TB is already SMR. There is no CMR 4TB 2.5" HDD as far as I know. Technically, they are all hybrid SMR (with some CMR), but we generally refer to those drives as SMR drives.


  • Says $189 for me

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