LG UP80 65" TV or Similar Experiences?

Hey all. First some backstory; cut to the linebreak if you dont care.

My parents have a 15yo 55inch Samsung TV that the CCFL lighting is starting to get iffy on.
The room is just shy of 5m long.

We actually did a whole bunch of demo-work looking at Hisense and TCL.
We actually bought a 75" Hisense A7G, and when we got it home and set it up, it was blinding.

Every time an ad came on, the overstated colours and shockingly bright whites would light up the entire room.
To compound the issue, there wasnt a "backlight" setting on the Hisense. Only "brightness" which… really messed with the image.
The brightness was an unexpected issue, since the showroom is very lit.
We returned it.

Fwiw, 7 years ago I used to install and tune home theatre systems, so i have some idea what I'm tweaking, even if its out of date knowledge.

The TV we're considering next will be a 65" LG UP80.

The use will be TV. No streaming. The house has no reliable internet (cuts out on dewey or rainy days).
So things like artefact free upscaling will be important, and rtings seems to suggest this is a good choice.

I will be installing a starlink connection for them, and i think the 'pointer' remote will be a good user friendly learning curve to use youtube and TV-Channel-Apps.

Most importantly, does anyone own one, and does it have a standard "backlight" feature? And possibly a "contrast control" feature, to standardise lumen output (based on colour) like older Sony LCDs have?

Any review or opinions from anyone who uses one for TV will be greatly appreciated.

Or, a competing model?
Preference is for WebOS or 'custom' OS; but android doesnt rule it out; just a preference against.

Budget is below $1500 for a 65"; but it can stretch ever so slightly if something would be a dramatic improvement.

Thanks all for any advice!


  • Well for 1500 bucks the ccfl could be converted to led or in fact for free if you know how to do it. Presume the lcd is pristine and parents happy with its specs.
    Many el cheapo's have grown up to close in on flagships so e-waste keeps growing but if they feel blinded I remember many old folks kept their crt ones going because they loved the pix and the fact that you could put flower on top of it.

    As long as you get nothing from Horrendously Normal them just see how long the TCL takes to boou so folks live long enough…

  • Q60A, Samsung 8000, NanoCell 75, Sony X80J would be comparable. They were all between 1.2 - 1.4k when i looked during the black friday sale except for X80J which was 1.7k.

    I watched a lot of videos from Tech Steve. Take a look at his side by side videos so you can decide which one you like more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqGlO51VgdM

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