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Bonus $250 Woolworths eGift Card when Signing Up to Origin Go (Fixed Rate) 12-Month Electricity Plan (New Residential Customers)


Light up Cyber Monday! Get a $250 Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card on sign up
Online only offer when you sign up to an Origin Go electricity plan. Hurry, ends 5 December.

Sign up to an Origin Go electricity plan with fixed rates for 12 months – and we’ll throw in a $250 Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card.
Hurry, this online only offer ends 5 December 2021 for new residential customers only.
*T&Cs apply.

Terms and Conditions – Cyber Monday offer
The Cyber Monday offer is available for new electricity residential customers in available areas who sign-up online at https://www.originenergy.com.au/cyber-monday-plan, from 29 November 2021 until 5 December 2021, 11:59 AEST (Offer Period).
If you sign up to electricity on Origin Go or Origin Everyday Rewards Plan during the Offer Period you will receive a $250 (incl. GST) Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card.
You will receive an email containing your offer details within 72 hours of you completing the sign-up application. You will receive a second email with your Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card code approximately 45 days from the date of sign-up.
Only one Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card is available per eligible customer. You will no longer be eligible for this offer if you change your electricity plan or close your electricity account before the eGift Card is emailed to you.

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  • +7

    be mindful that when i was checking my rates vs origin, there's a fairly significant markup so you may just be paying for the $250 gift card over the year :D

    • Hi Peter05..
      Care to elaborate on your plan ??..

      • +3

        it's going to vary across the board for everyone but i would hazard a guess to say that for majority of customers it would be cheaper to go with a retailer that is just simply cheaper in the first place.

        for my comparison, it's

        supply charge = 49.12 vs 92.52
        usage charge = 17.99 vs 21.94

        as you can see, even if you don't use any electricity you're already out at a minimum 40c/day, an average 2 person household uses around 14kWh/day

        this means that the delta will be 55c per day for usage and 43c per day for supply. this means after only 255 days, i am now paying more for electricity over the year than if i just went with (my) cheapest retailer.

        if you somehow manage to use less than the average, then you may make it back, but if you use more you are only speeding up the break (even) point.For example, increasing daily usage to 28kWh/day would mean that after just 163 days you're paying more with origin.

        Keep in mind these are break even points for you to "benefit" from the $250 voucher. The voucher isn't even really worth $250 since many members can get 4-5% off the voucher.

        I hope that breaks down the math. Each household will come to a different conclusion of course, if Origin is around the same as other retailers then it may be of benefit

        • Hi just wondering which provider have suppy charge of only 49 and rate is also so low. Thinking to switch on it after 45 days

    • you may just be paying for the $250 gift card over the year :D

      who says you are paying $250 over the year? from what i gather you just need to stay until you receive your gift card (45 days). no exit fees.

      • +1

        absolutely, churn in and out but the typical energy consumer doesn't switch that often so as long as you only stay long enough to get the voucher then it's worth it :D

  • +2

    I did the math this morning and on the contrary it turned out to be the cheapest among the big providers. Have had many issues with billing wirh the small players

    • +1

      Sounds good but is there anything in the clause about how much they can raise prices once you're locked in for 12 months?

      • +1

        Don't think you need to stay for 12 months, you just need to stay till you get the egift card (sounds like its 45 days)

        The 12 months is that they won't change the electricity rates for that 12 months at sign up.

        Happy to be corrected, as I'm keen to jump on to churn.

  • +1

    Wow! $250? Who'd have thought there was so much margin in electricity retailing?

    Is this one of those things where you get a good rate for 12 months, and then they totally rip you off if you forget to switch or renew plans?
    Those businesses who rely on a rent-seeking exploitation of dumb people make me uncomfortable.

  • It may be worth to sign up and sign out ASAP

  • Quite expensive for me too. Supply charge is coming up as double to what I am paying right now (VIC).

  • Already with Origin, not on the Go plan. Shame that i am not eligible as I suppose they are wanting new customers :(

    • Is your friend who live at your address a origin customer?

      • Depending on the distribution network that will probably not be worth it since there are disconnection/connection charges with electricity and Origin rates are expensive. e.g:
        Disconnection charge: $90.11
        Connection charge: $90.11

        $250 GFC - $10 (4% off GFC deal) - $90.11 disconnection fee (to cancel account in your name) - $90.11 connection fee (roommate to sign-up online as a new customer) = $59.78

        From my calculations you would spend more than the $60 in the increased rates over 45 days.

  • Rubbish rates as more than $250 over 12mth period compared to my current provider and that is being like me a low kw user. Might be ok for switch get gift card and move back, but not staying long term. No wonder can offer rates guaranteed (or fixed) rate won’t change over your energy plan period with such mark up.

  • Wow. Those are some high rates. No thanks

  • +3

    So you can connect, get GC in 45 days and then transfer out?

  • +1

    "offer is available for new electricity residential customers"
    Tempting to change providers for electricity from Origin to someone else.

  • +1

    Only if I didn't have solar… their solar buyback plans are pathetic…

  • The rates on this plan arent that bad for me. actually lower than my current Momentum deal Question is, does anyone know if they support Premium feed in tarrif? There doesnt seem to be any mention of solar feed in anywhere for this plan.

    • Anyone…anyone?

        • Nice. Thanks for finding that, Will call them today and see if its limited to any specific plans.

          • @hazzad: What did you get from the call?

            • @Cataclysm: Ok have called and spoken to sales. They have confirmed that if you are on Premium Feed-in, this plan will pay out. If you are on any other feed-in(that isnt government subsidized), then you wont get a feed-in. You would need to go to one of their solar boost products, which would negate this offer of course.

  • +1

    You also get 5000 everyday rewards points if you put your card number

    • "Collect bonus Everyday Rewards points
      Got an Everyday Rewards card? Enter your membership number to get the additional member benefits. Or, skip this step to continue to sign up to our Origin Go energy plan. By entering your membership number, your plan will be updated to our Everyday Rewards Plan, but your rates won't change."

      this suggests that the plan will change to "Everyday Rewards Plan" . you might want to check you will still receive the card

      • +1

        If you sign up to electricity on Origin Go or Origin Everyday Rewards Plan during the Offer Period you will receive a $250 (incl. GST) Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card.

        • oh, i didn't see that

          • @mtg: This offer is available for new electricity residential customers in available areas who sign up to our Origin Go or our Origin Everyday Rewards electricity plan. You must sign up on this page. During the campaign period, you’ll receive a $250 (incl GST) Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card. Your electricity account must be active at the time the eGift Card is emailed to you (approx. within 45 days of signing up).

    • I got 10000 sweet as

  • $250 WW Gift Voucher,
    $25 Credit on bill,
    10000 WW Reward Points, some may get 5000 only if you link your WW reward while signing up (our Origin Everyday Rewards electricity plan)
    12% guaranteed discount.
    Apprx within 45 days of sign up.

    • How do you get the $25 bill credit and 10,000 points?

  • Just checked my agreement which has arrived, will be receiving 10000 points, have seperate confirmation of giftcard

    • What does the email for gift card confirmation say?

      • +1

        We’re writing to confirm your Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card for signing up to Origin electricity. You don't need to do anything further.

        You'll receive your $250 Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card via email in approximately 45 days, as long as you don't change your electricity plan or close your electricity account before then.

  • Alinta took 3 months to switch, Origin took just 3 days, switched already

    • +1

      All providers must now switch your electricity in 2 business days using the previous meter read

  • Stackable with Cashrewards?

    • +1

      Suspect not as it looks like the cashrewards offer is via a referring landing page. Suspect the 2 offers will clash and using one will negate the other.

  • thanks! i took the plunge, signed up, got the egift card confirmation

  • I signed up as well and got the gift card confirmation. Thanks OP!

    • Did you receive a separate email for GC confirmation or within welcome email where you received the contract?

      • -2

        Within the welcome email.

      • +2

        After you sign up to an Origin Go electricity plan, an agreement pack is automatically generated and sent out to you. This agreement pack will not include details of the $250 Woolworths Supermarket eGift Card. You’ll receive a separate email confirming these details, so keep an eye out in your inbox.

        • have you received a seperate email confirming the eGift Card yet?

  • i received 5000 bonus points today. still waiting on the card

  • Got my 10k points last night and converted to dollars this morning. Still waiting on the 250 gift card.

  • Just received my $250 gift card.

  • Signed up the plan on 3 Dec 2021 and got the $250 gift card on 13 Jan 2022

  • got my card

  • Got both my gift cards. Signed up 2 separate houses. Between the gift cards and points, Pays the grocery bills for a good 6 months of so.

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