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Dog Breed Identification DNA Testing for $89.95 (Was $129.95) & Free Delivery @ Orivet


I recently adopted a pooch and have been wondering what breed it actually is. If you are in the same situation, this deal might be for you. This DNA test will reveal the breeds that make up your dog (breed percentages) and you will also received a personalised wellness plan based on the breeds determined.

A more detailed DNA test (Geno Pet 5.0) that provides that also information on heritable diseases & traits of your dog is available for a higher price of $179.95 ($249.00 before). The discount seems to be a Black Friday offer, not sure how long it will run for.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    If I was in the same situation. I would post Ozbargain poll along with ms painting of the dog.

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      In a way I can understand because certain breeds have greater risk of certain diseases and whatnot so it may be helpful to know the breed.

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      Why breathe?

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    are these even accurate?

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      no lol

      had a couple of friends get them done

      they genuinely punt based on the photo you send in

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    100% accurate. Came back that I'm 100% bitch. Can I swab you JV?

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    I promise honey it didn't mean anything

    • LMFAO

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    Followed the provided instructions and literally collected a sample just last Friday, but kept getting an error page when trying to 'activate' the kit on their website. Their online chat person said they were aware of the problem and asked me to try again in a day or two. Tried to do it again today (Monday) but it is still not working…

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    Your best fur pal loves you totally and unconditionally, no matter who your parents were. Do the same for them, and donate $89.95 to a dog rescue charity instead.

  • So what breed the op's pooch is at the end?

    • I am waiting to get the kit to take the sample and then will send it back for testing. It will be at least a couple of weeks until we know the breeds (will be more than one for sure) but hope the answers we get will help us better understand our pup’s temperament and her needs (and satisfy our curiosity).

      • To know her temperament and "needs" you should know the life she had before adoption from previous owners, unless it's a very young one. A test will never tell you that but good luck

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    full mutt

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