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Sanus Simplicity Full Motion TV Wall Mount $99.99 (in-Store Only) @ Costco (Membership Required)


For those who bought their massive TV during the black friday sale. RRP $138.99 and even more on other retailers.

Here is a good wall mount unit, Enjoy!

In Costco, currently there are three models on sale :

But the question is, how to calculate the prime height for the TV?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Hi OP, any deals on the mount for a 75" TV? Can only see 2 mounts in the Costco website. Do you see more with a membership?

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    But the question is, how to calculate the prime height for the TV?


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      But this asking you the question, How high off the floor do you want your TV? But there are some websites explaining how to calculate the optimal height base on the distance and tilt.😆

  • isnt this out of stock already?

    • Plenty of stock in CBR

  • OOS online. Anyone knows if there's stock in Dockands MEL?

    • It's in stock online

      • @brandogs Can you play share the link that has it in stock?

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    There are some very good wall mounts on Selby website and are much cheaper than this too.

    • I just checked Selby website looking for a full motion wall mount for my 75" inch Tv and it's priced $199 double the price.
      The cheapest full motion wall mount they got is for $86 for up to 60" inch TV.

  • I got one of these a couple of weeks ago (at full price) and it is a very good wall mount. No issues installing it and there is some flexibility to align the frame with the studs and still have the TV central on the wall. The extendable option is great for plugging in cables and fitting bias lighting behind the TV.
    I mounted my 65" Sony having the bottom of the TV about 80cm from the ground and angling it down a few degrees which I find makes for comfortable viewing. The height finder linked above is extremely useful for getting the TV at the desired height.

  • If anyone is looking for this in MEL, Costco Docklands has plenty in stock.

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