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20x Everyday Rewards Points with Selected Ultimate Gift Cards (Limit 10 Per Member) @ BIG W (In-store Only)


I appreciate a deal for 20x Everyday Rewards points for every $1 spent on (selected) Ultimate gift cards is nowhere near as appealing as the recent TCN gift card deal at Coles or the current 15% off deal for Ultimate Gift Cards at Coles, but considering the difficulty of finding gift cards in stock at a lot of Coles supermarkets during previous 15% off deals, I still think it is well worth posting this deal.

This deal is particularly great for people looking for discounted EB Games gift cards, as the Visa variant of the Ultimate Students gift card is included in this deal.

The following Ultimate gift cards are pictured in the catalogue, so my presumption is that these are the only gift cards in this deal:

Ultimate EFTPOS Gift Cards

  • Accepted in-store at all participating retailers.
  • Cannot be exchanged for a digital gift card from a participating retailer.
  • Cannot be added to any mobile wallets.
  • Cannot be used for any online purchases.
Gift Card Participating Retailers (EFTPOS) (Last Updated 25 Oct)
Her Adidas, Bras N Things, Forever New, JD Sports, Lorna Jane, Pandora, Peter Alexander, Seed, Sephora, Swarovski, T2, The Body Shop, Wittner
Him 99 Bikes, Barbeques Galore, BCF, Drummond Golf, Oakley, Oxford, Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto
Teens Boost Juice, City Beach, Grill’d, JB Hi-Fi, Kingpin, Rebel Sport, Ripcurl, Timezone, Zone Bowling
Active 99 Bikes, Adidas, Anaconda, Drummond Golf, Foot Locker, JD Sports, Lorna Jane, New Balance, Puma, Rip Curl
Style Bras N Things, Forever New, General Pants Co, Nine West, Pandora, Sports Girl, Strandbags, Sunglass Hut

Ultimate Visa Gift Cards

  • Only accepted in-store at some participating retailers.
  • Can be exchanged for a digital gift card for some participating retailers.
  • Can be added to Apple Pay (with support for other mobile wallets coming soon).
  • Can be used for online or in-app purchases at some participating retailers.
Gift Card Participating Retailers (Visa) (Last Updated 25 Oct)
Kids Cotton On Kids, Dymocks, H&M, Holey Moley Golf Club, JB Hi-Fi, Kingpin, Rebel, Smiggle, Strike, Timezone, Toyworld, Xbox, Zone Bowling
Students ASOS, Ben & Jerry's, Body, Boost, Chatime, City Beach, Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, Deliveroo, EB Games, Factorie, Foot Locker, General Pants Co., Grill'd, H&M, Holey Moley Golf Club, JD Sports, Kathmandu, Puma, Rubi, Strike, Supré, Typo, Webjet, Xbox, yd, Zing
Home Amart Furniture, Baccarat, Barbeques Galore, Dusk, House, House Bed & Bath, JB Hi-Fi, MyHouse, Pet Circle, Pet House, Robin's Kitchen, Star Car Wash, The Good Guys, The Iconic
Eats Ben & Jerry's, Boost, Chatime, Deliveroo, Grill'd, Hogs, Mad Mex, Menulog, Nando's, Ribs & Burgers, San Churro, Schnitz, Sushi Hub
Baby & Mum Cotton On Kids, Deliveroo, Michael Hill, Peter Alexander, Prouds, Purebaby, Seed, T2, The Iconic, The Memo, Toyworld, UGG
Thanks Adrenaline, Angus & Coote, Edible Blooms, Goldmark, House, Luxury Escapes, Menulog, Michael Hill, MyHouse, Prouds, Redballoon, T2, The Body Shop, The Iconic, UGG, Webjet
Beauty & Spa Dusk, Ella Baché, MAC, Michael Hill, Sephora, The Body Shop, The Iconic

Terms and conditions

  • Offer available from 02/12/2021 to 08/12/2021 for Everyday Rewards members who scan their registered Everyday Rewards Card.
  • Refer to individual gift cards for gift card terms and conditions.
  • Offer limited to 10 gift cards per member.
  • For T&Cs, please visit https://www.bigw.com.au/everydayrewards.
  • Available in-store only.

A note on Everyday Rewards

This deal requires an Everyday Rewards account. If you do not have an Everyday Rewards account, use this link to get 1,500 bonus points as a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus points can take up to 30 business days to be credited to your account. If you sign into your new account through the Everyday Rewards app, you will get a special booster offer for 1,000 bonus points for shopping at Woolworths.

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points is equivalent to:

  • $10 in Everyday Rewards Dollars, or
  • 1,000 Qantas points.

If you have a question regarding this gift card deal, the answer may be in the dedicated FAQ page!

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  • -2

    If u have the time then keep hunting at coles. They often put out new ones at opening time or have some hidden inside the cabinet. Worth asking. Assistant at coles sthmelb got really snotty when I asked to look in cabinet as he said he put them out already.

    Found some $30 ones and got lucky at another melb store so keep trying

    Beware the similar cards not listed in catalogue for the discount. The other home ones also don’t see,
    M to work at job hifi as advertised which is false advertising….

    • +14

      I have visited seven Coles supermarkets on 15 occasions over multiple days of the TCN promotion so far (including one Coles a few hours ago), and there has been no stock of the discounted TCN gift cards (even the BABY and ACTIVE gift cards that don't have JB Hi-Fi as a participating retailer have been impossible to find). I've asked staff at all stores at the service desk, and only on two ocassions have staff been willing to check the storage area behind the gift card display (and yes, there were no discounted TCN gift cards hiding there). I’ve visited shortly after opening, I’ve visited during lunchtime, I’ve visited in the early evening, I’ve visited in the late evening… no luck.

      I honestly don't feel like wasting any more time and fuel looking for TCN gift cards that probably don't exist in my region anyway, so this deal is better. Sure, there are a few more Coles supermarkets I could visit in my region, but that would be at least an 80km round trip, plus I'll need to cross state borders to get to one of them, and I'm not that desperate. My experience this year is the same as what I experienced during last year’s 15% off TCN gift card deal at Coles, and during that campaign, I actually visited all Coles supermarkets in my region at least twice (excluding the one over the border)…

      I think you can see why I really cannot be bothered to hunt for TCN gift cards at Coles anymore.

      • +1

        I didn't have any luck either. In the end I started ringing the store rather than driving

      • +3

        They normally have them in the cabinet just behind where these are dispalyed inside the store.

        After visiting 3 coles with no luck on the display stand, I aksed a supervisor to restock them and she denied having more in stock and was throwing tantrums when I insisted on checking.

        Then I just waited for a few minutes for her to vanish and asked another girl who was restocking to check. And there you go, she quickly found a bundle of $100 Home gift cards. Lucky me!!

        • +1

          yeah they get very strippy when u ask them to check cabinet sonetimes. i suspect they stash them for themselves.

          coles is the new dick smith

          • +1

            @Garagesale: To be fair, I'd probably do the same after most probably having 50 ozbargainers ask the same question right before.

      • At the end I started scouring Coles Express servos. I didn't have any luck on finding more of the discounted cards, but they DID have the brand. Worth considering for next time.

        • Coles Express is always listed as an exclusion for gift card deals at Coles, so I don’t see much point checking whether they have stock (besides knowing that they stock them).

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Ah, bugger. Ah well.

            FYI, my final tally:

            $1,910 in Apple Cards @ 15% off from this deal. (two half-days of "work" to get those)
            $200 in Apple Cards @ 20% off (Amex spend $100, get $20 off, twice)
            $2000 in Apple Cards @ 10% (BigW 20x rewards)
            $800 @ 10% off (Amex reward with $80 cashback)

            Big love to you and the rest of OzBargain.

  • 20X per $1?

    • +2

      Yes, 20x bonus points per $1 spent on these Ultimate gift cards.

  • +1

    Works out to be 9.1% discount. Not bad. Bird in hand better than 2 in bush.

  • +1

    Am planning to get an iPhone 13. discount better than nothing.

    • If you'd prefer to wait for a chance at a better discount then you might want to hold out for 30x points on iTunes GC.

      • or more if u use coles e gift cards from suncorp etc. staff will say oh they dont work but they do.

        • Are you saying you can use discounted Coles eGift cards to buy other gift cards in-store?

  • This is great thanks OP

  • good deal

  • Nice.

  • +1

    I being using Coles gift cards to buy gift cards in Coles, no problem. I managed to get some tonight. 14 x $50. 15%off. We went shopping we saw some hanging at a smaller stand. Get the remaining balance in big w on Thursday to get an iPhone 13. Save around $170. Not bad

  • Do these cards stack with the TCN cards in one transaction at JB or good guys? I have the home card from the 15% off promotion

    • Yes.

      TCN gift cards and Ultimate gift cards are treated by JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys as EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard/AMEX cards, because they are essentially EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard cards that can only be used at participating retailers, so there's nothing stopping you from mixing and matching TCN/Ultimate gift cards.

  • I will wait until next week to see if Coles having any deals 15% off the ultimate giftcards.

    • Doubt it.

      Coles (and Woolworths) sold some Ultimate Gift Cards at a 15% discount earlier this year, but it was only on Him/Style/Eats/Active/Baby gift cards, so bad luck if you're looking for JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys or EB Games gift cards. Coles also sold all Ultimate Gift Cards at a 10% discount earlier this year, but Coles usually sells Ultimate Gift Cards with bonus Flybuys points instead.

      Who knows though!

    • +1
      • +1

        Lol. Funny karma.

  • Is it 10 cards per member/transaction or only 10 cards registers as 20x points ?

    • You can only earn bonus points on ten gift cards during this promotion for each Everyday Rewards account. The gift cards can be purchased in one or more transactions.

      You can buy more than ten gift cards during this promotion for each Everyday Rewards account, but the 11th, 12th, 13th etc gift cards will earn zero points.

    • It seems to be 10 cards per store.
      Subsequent cards scanned at a approx 10x points. (I cancelled, and went to another store).

      At 2nd store, its back to 20x again.

  • Can ultimate gift Home card be used to purchase a phone from JB Hifi ??

    • Yes.

      • Thanks wookiemonster :). So per rewards accounts only 10 cards can be bought or 10 cards per transaction?

        • You can only earn bonus points on ten gift cards during this promotion for each Everyday Rewards account. The gift cards can be purchased in one or more transactions.

          You can buy more than ten gift cards during this promotion for each Everyday Rewards account, but the 11th, 12th, 13th etc gift cards will earn zero points.

    • Just did exactly that today.

      The BigW stores weren't too busy, which helped as the gift cards took (what seemed like) forever to process (activate).
      I went to cashier, not self-serve.

      See my above comment on how to get enough for phone.

      Note: We (wife/I) have a rewards account each, so that helped.

      JBhifi near closing time, thought it was going to be quite, but opposite.
      But I told them I had all gift cards 50s/100s, and they opened other registers to move the queue along.
      The process was tedious (as I had 1/3 of the amount on 50s), have to swipe each card individually, then enter PIN.

  • I am after the His or Active cards to use at 99Bikes. Found a stack in my local Big W but only a couple actually had 99Bikes on the card. They must be a fairly new retailer and only on recently issued cards. The website is not clear around whether this matters - refers to most up to date list of retailers, but doesn’t say whether they need to appear on your card or not. Has anyone had experience with this issue and / or can advise if the retailer needs to be shown on the card or if it’s enough they are shown on the website?

  • Can you buy apple products at JB Hifi with this?

    • +1


      Are you aware of the current 15% off Ultimate Gift Cards sale at Coles?

      • No I didn’t thanks. So I can use those to buy an iPhone at JB hifi?

        • Yes

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Thanks very much :)

            • @kirkleton: Good luck finding gift cards though!

              Ultimate Home and Kids gift cards were impossible to find at a couple of the Coles supermarkets I visited today, as those particular gift cards are pictured in the Coles catalogue, and nearly everyone thinks they're the only Ultimate gift cards accepted at JB Hi-Fi that are on discount. However, one Coles I went to had a huge pile of Ultimate Teens gift cards on the gift card shelf. If you see Ultimate Teens gift cards at Coles, I suggest you scan one of them to see whether they are also discounted by 15%. I think they should be discounted by 15% as well, as they are not listed as an exclusion in the catalogue.

              Anyway, happy hunting!

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