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"The One Box" $13.95 @ KFC


New deal starting today at KFC "The One Box"


  • 1x Chicken Piece
  • 1x Wicked Wing
  • 1x Fillet (Original Recipe or Zinger)
  • 1x Tender
  • 1x Snack Popcorn Chicken
  • 1x Dinner Roll
  • 1x Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1x Regular Chips
  • 1x 375ml Drink
  • 1x Sauce (Supercharged, Aioli, Sweet Chilli, BBQ or Tomato)

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  • +24

    I'll have 2 1s please

    • +4

      2 in the 1 and 1 in the 2?

    • +22

      yeah …only 6006kj ….i’m not pregnant but do like to eat for 2 …..

    • +22

      One one was a racehorse
      Two two was one too
      One one won one race
      Two two won one too

    • +26

      I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

    • +5

      I’ll have one box please

      Ok, which box do you want?

      The one box

      Yes, which one?

      THE ONE BOX!!!!

      WWHICH ONE?!?

      • +1

        What if you want two?

      • "The one Fox" :o

    • +1

      I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda

  • +27

    Missing 1 burger

    • +91

      Dinner roll and fillet included. Assemble yourself

      • +14

        They even provide sauce!

      • +4

        Lol well played

    • also someone took a bite on the zinger fillet… yak…XD

  • +66

    Too expensive

    • +9

      yeah seems like much better buying just getting a zinger wings meal etc.

    • +4

      Yep, a colonels dinner $16.95 and a $1 frozen coke for $17.95. 👍

      • +2

        Cheap as chips $20.95 👍👍

    • +3

      More like one expensive

  • +6

    Crack hours thoughts = 24hr KFC = 24hr chicken

    just half the staff per shift but double the hours

    around the clock KFC

    • +4

      And all the entitled customers complaining that it isn't cooked in 30 seconds

      • +11

        Whenever you go to subway/McDonald's/KFC you have to wait forever because the staff are busy preparing the 10 uber orders before they will prepare any instore orders. Fast food it ain't. Waited 20min at subway with 2 people ahead of me in line yesterday.

        • +4

          Walk out.

        • +5

          That's a long time to wait for flyblown 90's style salad on a microwaved roll.

      • +2

        I certainly can't complain they don't cook it long enough. Nearly broke a tooth on meal I bought yesterday. I'm still trying to think of a use for it after I spent $20 on it, all I can like think of is maybe an emergency glass breaker, or possibly roof tiles.

    • +1

      They don't need to half the staff in all hours.. just between 11pm and 10am (lol who's eating fried chicken before 10am)

      • True.

        Just do a busy period and quiet period analysis and adjust staff levels as accordingly.

        Maybe start off with graveyard hours on basically life support skeleton crew just to keep orders coming.

        As for cleaning and maintenance maybe propose once a fortnight to have the place operate on normal hours for one day so maintenance can come in and do inspection or repairs etc.

        Might even only need once a month depending on the store and location.

        But yeah I don't see why late night workers should get shafted just because they have to work different hours than the rest of us plus having that option now in a 24 hr world we live in just makes sense in some places.

        Like truckers and 24hr medical staff need to eat and have a place to have a break and unwind too.

        Literal food for thought hopefully a KFC executive or someone with power sees this.

        • Not just shift workers. I often want KFC to be disappointed when I check the time and it's 11pm-2am

          • @here4dealz: Yeah me too.

            I am a strong believer in if it ain't broke don't fix it or keep the good times coming.

            In this scenario it would be nice to have the KFC times coming 24/7 or at least more hours for more availability.

            Like I said earlier even reduced staff would be nice and they can call it something like quiet peaceful hours or something so people know that they shouldn't expect the same level of service or activity as normal hours but at least they still have something.

            It's all about the little things little improvements.

  • +3

    If they made the zinger fillet a burger I'd be in.

  • +12

    THe one box is 9 pieces of chicken, not this shit.

  • +8

    I still prefer the old All Star Box at $9.95

  • +45

    They need to stop making up random boxes and bring back actual hot n spicy, not that wicked wings coated crap of the last couple years.

    • Wicked wings aren't hot at all in the mouth, they do give a little afterburn though.

      • +1

        they sting my ring

        • +2

          Suggest you read the installation instructions again…

  • +3

    Looks nutritious

    • +3

      Potato is a vegetable, right?

    • +3

      Who eats KFC for nutrition?

  • +2

    No burger no go

  • +9

    The burger deluxe combo value is just too good.

    • +2

      Exactly. Add bacon and cheese, plus chuck in a couple of wicked wings. Lunch of champions.

  • +7

    Not impressed. Kfcs issue has never been that their boxes needed to be bigger. Would rather they brought back hot and spicy (especially the boneless) or a fill up box.

  • They p'd in the dipping sauce

  • +11

    I love going into KFC end of day to see them run out of regular sized potato gravey, and they give you the large one instead.

    • You Sir, deserve a medal from OzBargain.

    • from what time is that?

  • +13
    • 1x Heart Attack
    • Your profile pic made it on to this video. Not sure why.

    • +1

      Would you like it with an extra side of diabetes

    • +1

      Cholesterol enriched.

  • -2

    With a name like "The One Box", I expect one extra large piece of chicken, not nine. Not cool.

  • +1

    6006 kJ

    The average Australian needs to consume 8,700 KJ per day.

    That's 75% of your daily energy intake in one meal

    • That shouldn't be a problem if it's your last meal…

      • if im ever on death row, a bucket of KFC is my final request

        • send me an a5 wagyu steak covered in diamond dust and caviar coated on top

    • +1

      Skip lunch, done.

    • just maybe its not designed for one person…

    • +2

      The fact that this is only around 1500 cals then, which isn't a shitload more than a bag of Doritos, is horrifying for several reasons.

    • +1

      The best part is that includes a Pepsi Max with basically 0.

  • +1

    Can someone please tell me the difference between 1x Fillet (Original Recipe or Zinger) and 1x Tender??

    • +6

      Tender is smaller. They use two to make a twister. Fillet is bigger, they use one to make a burger.

      • +2

        The difference is a tender is disappointing. Give me a crispy strip any day.

  • Include at least 2x original chicken pieces then KFC will have one ecstatic, satisfied customer. Oh well, dreaming is free and true to the Ozb tradition.

  • 1x Snack Popcorn Chicken??

  • Bring back the boneless!

  • +1

    1x day's worth of one's calorie allowance in one meal.

  • Thanks Op. I’d swap out that dinner roll to maximise the kJ…👍

    • +1

      Their Dinner rolls have more kJ than the chicken.

      • +2

        You can swap out a dinner roll 460kJ for more chips 1169 kJ on the app…🤤

  • Starring Jet Li Tender

  • +1

    price has gone up

  • I am done eating with KFC for a year after their prize hunt deals in June which was too much KFC eating .

    • +2

      Did you bulk up?

      • +2

        My tummy did 😅

  • +6

    So is this suppose to be a bargain at $14 ?

    I guess some people don't know how to break it down .

    • ozbargain isnt just for bargains anymore for some reason

  • +1
    1. Swap chips instead of the gravy(many people I know don't like the gravy and would prefer chips instead)
    2. Swap orange juice or apple juice for the drinks

    Both swaps without extra costs. And many people don't know this info

    • +1

      Who the hell has juice with KFC!?

      • +3

        I use the juice to make cocktails lol

        • +1

          Comment of the day!

    • +1

      This should ensure another 1500kj. (which I guess is why they structure the meals with a diet drink and gravy)

    • if im eating alone and already have chips included, then ill take the gravy for variety as dip

  • 6056 / 4.18 = 1448 calories
    I don’t care. I love it. 🍗 ❤️ 😝
    I would swap the bread roll for something else btw. 💪🏻

    • +1

      I'll stick to a true bargain : Macca's $2 FilletOfish :)

      • Good bargain but I'm on the fence on the fof.

  • +7

    This is at ~100 upvotes in 9 hours but it's not a good deal compared to fill up boxes.

    Just KFC upvote hype?

  • +1

    Have they stopped selling the 9 pieces of chicken for $11 on Tuesdays?

    • +2

      It's a random event that pops up every now and then but yeah I don't think it is running right now at least in nsw.

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