Do You Use Your Mobile in The Toilet?

I saw someone coming out of the toilet punching away at their mobile.
Who does that and how often do you disinfect your phone?

Do You Use Your Mobile in The Toilet?

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      A phone is worse but becoming questionable is probably a little less to do with it being newspaper or phone, and more because humans overall generally improve and become more aware and better educated with hygiene. Nowadays I personally feel seeing someone walking out of a toilet while folding away a newspaper under their arm would be pretty gross, especially if they continue reading it later.

      A phone is still worse since you're gonna at some point be pressing it against your ear, putting it in your pocket with other things, using it during mealtimes, using it before bed and dropping it on you're face accidentally, etc. (if you can't bear to separate from your phone to poop I assume its a very integral part if your life). A newspaper gets thrown away somewhere when your done, you can wash your hands and it's all good. But when you wash your hands say before a meal not everyone will wash/wipe their phone also.

      IMO if the phone was pocketed before they started cleaning up their business I'd say its still okay, but if they walk out while swiping then I'll be taking a mental note that the person is unhygienic.

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    I do, until I need to wipe.
    Then the phone goes in my pocket.
    Hygiene is important.

    Takes a while sometimes to get to that stage hahaha

    Or I deliberately sit there and get a few minute's of peace and quiet.

  • 99.99% of females hold the mobile while voiding. I guess if you got nothing else to hold on?

    Can talk was frowned upon in times of wireless phones. Times have changed.

    Where else would you add your dating profile when that is the only chance you have peace from your partner?

    Then they sell UV bags if hand washing is not an issue!

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    Where else can I bet on Race 7 at Remington Park peacefully?

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    I do, but regularly clean the phone with spray alcohol to sanitise.

    I remember reading an article on the Conversation that phone toilet use is an issue with hospital staff who use on the loo. It kind of mitigates the benefits of good hygiene if your phone - something everyone uses a lot every day - has **** particles on it from the bathroom.

  • I never bring my mobile in, I find that truly repulsive, I don't know how people do that

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      I dont know why it is. Like theyre all ip68 water proof so i wash it afterwards. Like i was my hands. It's really no different to your whole body in the toilet

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        Lmao now im picturing a mobile phone showering like a person would

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        Seriously? You go to wash your hands and at the same time wash the phone with soap and water and dry it? Every time? It’s a good practice if you’re going to take the phone to the toilet but I’ve never seen anyone do this.

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          Well I'm at home so you wouldn't be able to see it but yes, yes I do. I walk in to toilet with phone and walk out with said phone. I go to bath room and wash my hands and the phone that's in my hand :)

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            @FrozenFred: Well I guess if you’re going to phone on the toilet that’s the best way to do it - I suspect you’re more hygienic than most.

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    As a millenial I barely remember using the toilet without a mobile phone…
    I do disinfect my phone regularly though

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    Long enough to get numb legs at my old job 😂🤦‍♂️

    • hahaha. that's how you know you've spent too long on the loo.

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    I love the smell of my shit so I don't mind browsing reddit on the toilet

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    For every dollar the boss makes, I earn a dime so ofcourse I poop on company time.
    No Video Calls though

  • well there's the next invention - charge and clean station for your phone.

    annnnd there are already heaps of them. Maybe work should put them near all the sinks

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    Absolutely, my 2000x return on MANA came after I bought it while sitting on the toilet seat. From now on, I only buy crypto from toilet.

    • They're not called shitcoins for nothing.

  • If you touch public surfaces and then your phone without washing your hands, your own shit particles on your phone is the least of a germaphobes worries. Consider not a lot of people wash their hands before eating, don't go down this rabbit hole.

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    I bought a toilet brush and gave it a try. Short story is I'm going back to toilet paper

  • I never enter the toilet without my mobile phone.. it's a bad habit when you think about it.

    • Well, just don’t think about it then!

  • They dont call it the detachable male appendage for nothin'

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    I dropped my Iphone 4 into the toilet. Since then I only buy phones with an IP68 rating.

    • Unfortunately i did the same but it was already ip68

  • No way i will ever take my mobile to toilet…..loving my ipad mini while i download 😝

  • It's the only time I sh*t post.

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    Me and all the people that I know use their mobiles in the toilet while doing a fat dookie

    Sometimes little bits of brown cake get on the screen but you can wipe it clean with toilet paper, no biggie.

    Dropped my phone in the brown toilet bowl a while back, a good clean and soaked in rice did the trick and it was usable again.

    I don’t think the public found out that I had smeared some of the resistant chunks under seats and on the shopping trolleys lol

  • Yes, what's the problem even the richest man on the earth does that (Elon M)

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    Do You Use Your Mobile in The Toilet?

    No, that would void warranty.

  • Using the mobile phone phone in the toilet for longer hours can be bad for your health. There is one time my leg was frozen I couldn't get up, it like there is no feeling on my legs, have to do a bit stretching in order to stand up :)

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    Pretty disgusting to use a mobile on the toilet
    Besides, I find it hard enough to make a motion while typing on my laptop without taking a call as well.

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    Based on the numbers I think its fair to say the vast vast majority use their phone on the toilet and its the norm. Its just one of those things that people faux pretend its disgusting and do anyway… like picking your nose..

  • I use a dildo, but a mobile with vibration works too

  • It's waterproof so great for blockages

  • I never go to the dunny without it. One hand on my phone and one hand on my willy

  • Tend to read the back of shampoo bottles.

  • Youtube #Shorts over Staring at toilet wall anytime.

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    What's the big deal anyway? you pull your pants down, sit, pull out phone from pocket, do your business, put phone back in pocket, wipe, pull pants up. My phone hasn't gotten anywhere closer to my crap than anything else….. You've just wiped and touched your pants, belt, and anything else all before you've washed your hands. And will continue to wear all these clothes for the remainder of the day, meanwhile touching all these clothes throughout the day. Unless you wipe and shuffle your way to the sink and wash your hands before you redress yourself, then you're still putting your poo particles everywhere.

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      Same, between wipey wipey and washy washy, phone no touchy touchy.

      I remember seeing a guy in an airport urinal using his phone with both hands and I thought, dude, who's driving?

      • Lol your post really cracked me up.

  • Phones are easy to wipe clean. Just think about all the times you've buckled and unbuckled your belt with unwashed hands. Ever cleaned your belt? There are life forms evolving on there that could cure cancer or wipe out small towns.

  • I don't see how using it on the toilet is unhygienic.

    You enter with your hand the same as always, you use the phone while you're doing your business with the same hand, you put it away before you wipe them wash your hands.

    Unless someone is wiping their arse then using it again before washing up, there would be no issues with hygiene

  • I do that all the time at home. nothing wrong with that if you wash your hand and clean your phone afterwards.

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    This is literally how people miss out on bargains - by not using their phones in the toilet.

  • But they might got shit bargains

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    I put usb charger ports in the toilet I use my phone that much.

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      Go the full hog inbuilt tablet in the door and wifi mesh on ceiling for max signal

      • Is that all? I've got a waterproof laptop dedicated to OzBargain opposite my toilet with a hard-wired LAN connection to ensure optimal internet at all times.

        • I need an oled in there.. any bargains?

  • "punching away"

  • No it's not waterproof.

  • I've never been in the toilet. I am an adult human and too large.

    The cat has and was really angry about it, so I will take that as being a negative experience.

  • Do bears sh1t in the woods?

  • That is exactly why I never bought used phones. But I sold a few.

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