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50% off Philips Hue Bridge $39.98 ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ EB Games


Finally bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Philips Hue Play Bars from the recent Amazon Black Friday special, rushed to unpack and set them up behind my 75" TV (I'll need a few more bars and perhaps a gradient strip to cover the entirety of the rear side), only to learn that the device requires another separate $99 (RRP) add on known as the Hue Bridge.

Was tempted to return the device but decided after having waited so long I may as well purchase the add on and seal the deal.

Was browsing and managed to come across the above stated deal @ EB Games. No idea how long or when it will expire but stock appears to be very scarce in NSW (none in Western Sydney) but managed to ring up office works (local one didn't have any stock) and price matched and price beat over the phone.

$39.98 is by far the cheapest around at the moment with office works selling it for $64.65. Try your luck and price match at JB hifi or other similar electrical retailers (or better yet, try office works for a price beat). Good luck

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    You can usually get a bundle that includes the bridge, a switch, and lights for around $60 from time to time. If you're getting started, the bundles will get you up and running cheaper.

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      Agreed. For example, if you're going to EB anyway just pay $5 more for a kit that includes 2 bulbs. https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/loot/257776-philips-hue-w.... Price match at OW if OOS.

      Edit: beaten

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        OK but I don't get why you had to neg just because there's a separate deal that you're interested in for your particular use case? I was only after the hue bridge which is the deal I posted and was able to successfully price match at office works as there is virtually very limited stock at EB Games.

        • Because it is better value?

        • Because it's a drastically better value.

          • @pizzaguy: See above. Also to draw attention, no one else had negged. Apologies if you took it personally.

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    Might as well get this starter kit for $5 more and then you get two basic white globes too:

  • As usual no stock … also the other 50% Hue products … says shipping possible and when you go to the cart it says no shipping.

  • The bridge and two white lights is also available for $44.98 if you’re in East Maitland, Coffs Harbour or Cairns.

    Edit: Oops already linked above.

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    If you don’t care for brand new, they are $20 on Marketplace all the time. And half the time they are actually brand new because people make the mistake of buying the bundle packages when they already have the bridge.

    • Can confirm. I ended up with a spare brand new one.

      • Don't worry, you will eventually need a 2nd bridge (I did this but kept the 2nd and am now using 2 bridges).

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          Did you need a second bridge because you maxed out the first with heaps of lights?

          Does that also mean your router now has 2 of the LAN ports full of Hue bridges?

          • @Lionheart: Yep, got over 50 lights and accessories, my modem only has 2 lan ports so got a 5 port gigabit switch so I can add more bridges haha.

            • @Davbar24: Yep I’m up to 10 lights and have zero spare ports on my router…when did you change over to the second bridge? How many lights? Does it alert you when your bridge is at max “capacity”?

              • @Lionheart: 3 bridges and nearly maxed out …lol Hue loves me. Hate how each one bad to on a different emaol though

                • @jasontworld: Why do they have to be on seperate email? Is that for google home/alexa functions? I just added mine on the app.

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                @Lionheart: I just found that some accessories were randonly unreachable which means bridge is struggling with ram. I use google home so I just put things I don't use much on the 2nd bridge. Stopped the issue.

                Generally it's around 50 devices it maxes out at.

                • @Davbar24: Thanks mate, yep I love telling all the Google nests what to do with my lighting, and at like $30 each for them I’m gradually filling every room!

                  • @Lionheart: My favorites are "Ok google, let there be light" or "Ok google, let darkness fall"

                    • @Davbar24: TIL: that (and I’m totally gonna use it, I used to say “hey Google turn on (or off) all the lights

                      • @Lionheart: Just turns on or off the lights for the rom you are in

                        • @Davbar24: Yep, totally gonna use that in future (TIL = today I learned)

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    What's the cheapest flight from Melbourne to Geraldton ?

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    Griffith got stock, 6hrs drive from my home

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      Can you hire a helicopter ?

  • EB has had this Hue stuff on clearance for quite a while. OP definitely missed out on the $50 play bars….

    I hate to break it to the OP too but if you want the lights to colour match you're up for the sync box as well, which yesterday was $100 off in BF. On the other hand, just having lights behind the TV to create ambiance is nice too. My missus likes sunset colours so in the evenings we put the lights on the 'Savannah sunset' Hue scene and let that gently cycle.

    • Damn, $50 for play bars is a pretty solid deal (I still think they are way overpriced, especially at RRP - daylight robbery, almost) - the next logical step is to purchase the hue sync box to pair it with my ps5 but having a really hard time stomaching the gut-wrenching cost of the box… maybe I'll wait another few years before purchasing the box…

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        First up, congratulations (or condolence) for being sucked into a very expensive ecosystem. You'll soon find out that once you want to venture further out of your lounge room the hue will be a money drain pit so think carefully before expanding your smart home set up.

        • Noted - thanks for the heads up.

        • I got sucked into the hue system but still haven't found an alternative that's as reliable and good. They're pricey and I got 3 hue hubs worth of stuff but also have cheap-exxy stuff like Kmart, lifx, smart things, tuya stuff, sonoff, yeelight and govee.

          My top would still be hue, smart things, lifx and govee in that order. The reliability and speed is well worth it

          I also haven't paid full price and between the sales last year from Amazon and JB, I got most of what I needed.

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        I still think they are way overpriced, especially at RRP

        I don't think I've bought a single Hue product at RRP. Part of the "fun" is the scouring for deals. The staff at the special orders desk in Bunnings duck for cover now when they see me coming.

  • better to get the https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/loot/257776-philips-hue-w..., then you have 2 extra bulbs

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