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Pioneer S6 Wireless ANC Foldable Noise Cancelling Headphones $59.99 + $7.99 Shipping (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Comes in 2 colours Grey and Red. Official Australian stock according to website.

RRP most places for $229 but found them on Amazon for $99.

Looks to be part of Kogan's Cyber Monday Sale so not sure when the sale finishes.

Not sure how good these are but I picked a pair up anyway for me kid. Be keen to hear from anyone who has bought a pair. Did I get a deal or just burn some cash?

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  • Pioneer are a very good electronics maker, I doubt very much that they'll be crap.

    Whether or not they're comfortable to wear for long is another thing.

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      Pioneer was a good brand in history but nowadays all their R&D and manufacturing are based in China.
      Basically, it is a Japanese brand but ownership bought by Chinese.
      That is their reason for the inferior quality.
      Still bought this headphone for cheap price $59.99 to try out the quality.

      • It's sad that they sold out to the Borg.

        Not all Chinese products are junk by default though. There has been a shift in their manufacturing and we are seeing more good stuff come out of there. A good related example would be Behringer gear. 20 years ago I would not even entertain using that crap, these days we're seeing some high quality products come out under that brand. Has always been made in China.

        Pioneer still, arguably, make the best CDJ stacks in the world and have done for years.

        • The reality is that some pioneer products were not very good…. as someone who has an old Pioneer 6/7 ch. receiver in the garage.

          They also did not react to changing consumer demands.

          It seems unless you're huge and can afford to spend on research then you cant survive.

          Even that doesnt always work… why is Sony bad at phones?

          be advised these are on ear headphones so… dont expect good anc, or comfort

          • @tonyjzx: Sony announced that they had stopped selling/distributing SONY smart phones in Australia and many other countries.
            Sony mistakes for trusting their manufacturing partners in China.

          • @tonyjzx: Yeah, I never rated the pioneer receivers much.

            Never much rated Sony products either, gimme a Yamaha any day rather. :)

            Something that occurred to me as well… with these manufacturing giants it's likely that the factories and people who make headphones would have zero relation to the factories and people that makes CDJ's or receivers. More like a conglomeration of companies who work for the same overlords.

        • You are right, not all China-made products are inferior quality,
          BUT there is poor quality control and chances (percentages) of getting inferior items is at least 4 times higher than Japan/Korean/Taiwan/US/Australia made products (Brands). Purchase China-made products at your own risk despite cheaper prices.

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    Whenever this brand comes up dust flies around :) used to be among the best in the 90s

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