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Alienware 510K Low-Profile RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AW510K $161.05 Delivered @ Dell

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    I have this keyboard it is too sensitive

    • What do you mean by 'too sensitive'? As in there is too little travel? It is meant to be low-profile.

      Is key chatter the issue?

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        He means that he cannot write racist jokes with it

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    Thanks mate, was tossing between this and K70 but extra 8% made me finally click the Buy button. Also got AW610M mouse for $75. Cheers!

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    I own one of these, I can only compare it to the Kogan mech keyboard, but I'd buy it again.

    • which kogan keyboard? I have this https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-full-rgb-cherry-mx-mechan... and it's ok to me.

      what's your feedback on this alienware keyboard? thanks

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        Yeah that's the one I had. It was my first mechanical and made me realise I wanted a better one. Hard to describe, but basically the Kogan one felt 'cheap', and this AW one feels more premium. The caplets don't move around like they did on the Kogan one. Keys feel a bit sturdier to press. Overall just a satisfying feeling from using it. I think the noise level is about the same for both.

        • Thanks for the feedback.

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    would be cheaper if buy a coupon code from classified selling formus, and use it on dell.com.
    eg $100 off code for over $200 purchase. normally $30-40 for the code.
    You can add something else to make it over $200 on dell.com, and get $100 off, total cost is around $130-140

  • Got mine from the desktop bundle. Still unused and sitting in the corner…

  • Seems I cannot use key caps replacements (like the ones from mass drop) on this keyboard? Thanks

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