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EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Keyboard + X17 Gaming Mouse Bundle $99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Scorptec


Decent price for anyone looking for a mouse and keyboard.

EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Keyboard

  • TOF Proximity Range Sensor
  • Per key RGB Lighting
  • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor supporting 4,000Hz report rate
  • Dedicated Macro keys, Volume Scroll Wheel, and Multimedia Keys
  • Premium Magnetic Palm rest

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse

  • Wired, Customizable, 16,000 DPI, 5 Profiles, 10 Buttons
  • Triple Sensor 3-Dimension Array Tech
  • Quick Responding Mechanism
  • On the fly DPI Settings + 5 Onboard Profiles
  • Ergonomic Design with Sniper Button
  • High Speed USB Max Polling/Report Rate: 8,000Hz

Don't forget Shopback/Cashrewards for 0.7% cashback

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  • +2

    Proprietary optical linear switches in the keyboard, in case anyone was wondering; 'Light Strike LK Optical Mechanical Switches'

  • That mouse built like a tank

    Personally didn't buy this because of stabilizers on spacebar, wobbles and rattles in reviews i've seen.

    Have the Z15, fantastic.

    • Personally didn't buy this because of stabilizers on spacebar, wobbles and rattles in reviews i've seen.

      Can probably take out stabs and lube them. Will fix the wobbling and rattling.

      • Lubing stabilizers stops wobbling and rattling?

  • Looks like a really nice keyboard and price, but I don't have an excuse to replace my current corsair k70 =\

  • Clicky or linear?

    Found - linear

    Can anyone comment wether this is good for office use like cherry red, razer yellow etc?

    • Obviously it won't be as loud as a clicky switch variant, but yeah, it should be fine for office use. If you want to/need to be quiet, just use a membrane board.

      • yea. hard to tell without hearing it in person.

        • If you are concerned with noises, a lot of the mechanical keyboards are noisy, linears or not.
          You are basically hitting plastic on plastic when you hit the bottom of the keys.

          Something like Cherry MX Silent Red or Black would be better (they have sillicone dampeners inside). Ducky just released/announced One 3 which will have foams inside the board, which will reduce the sound further. So go for something like One 3 with MX Silent Red or Black. I would probably look into those or go for something like MX Keys or a Topre/Topre Clone board.

          • @iridiumstem: MX red and razer yellow are both okay for office. much quieter than razer green that i use at home.

            • @DisabledUser141524: I guess that depends on how you type. If you hit the switches hard, it makes more noise. My wife had to change her keyboard to a silient one while WFH because people were telling her that her keyboard is loud (that was MX Black, which basically is a heavier MX Red). Clicky switches make clicky noises, regardless of how hard you type.

              If you are really used to the keyboard and know/or can feeling where the actuation point is, you can kinda stop before hitting the bottom which will reduce the noise that the keyboard makes significantly. That doesn't remove the noise coming from the switch coming back up, but I think that noise is much more bearable at least.

              A silent switch will get rid of that noise as well (because the stem hits top and the bottom of the switch with the dampeners). I think they are much better suited for work places.

              • @iridiumstem: Yea. I dont tend to bottom out. Prob will invest $100 and give it a go.

                • @DisabledUser141524: If the spec sheet I found is correct, this does have a shorter travel (3mm) and shorter actuation point (1.5mm) compared to Cherry MX Reds (4mm total travel, 2mm actuation). That might put you off the muscle memory a little.

                  Though if you are used to Razer's yellow switch, I guess that matters little :P

                  • @iridiumstem: Keyboard… Is such a slippery slope… Can become an expensive hobby.

                    Having said that… Well worth the money.

                    My trusted Logitech MK700 was great when new, and the keys got abit 'sticky' and no longer has a crisp press/bounce from aging.

                    • @DisabledUser141524: Hmmm, why not try something like Logitech's MX Keys? At least it seemed to me that it's the keyboard to go for for a lot of Ozbargainers. I have not tried one yet, since I have too many keyboards as is, but it did sound very promising.

                      I personally don't think "mechanical keyboards" whatever that term means (since Cherry MX style switches are basically one of many designs that there were and are) is necessary for the keyboard to be decent.

                      • @iridiumstem: Not yet. They are not cheap.

                        Membrane keyboard, assuming will suffer the same fate.

                        Ordered one. Price is cheap enough to give it a go.

                        • @DisabledUser141524: I am guessing that it's the rubber dome giving out.

                          I know that people do get aftermarket rubber domes for Topre and Topre Clones, so changing the rubber dome probably is possible so that might be an option you might enjoy?

  • I bought this. Got to say, the keyboard is loud. Reminds me of a 1980's keyboard.

    The 2 and 3 keys are starting to stick a bit. 2 has stuck down more than once. It's worse than my old Logitech G510 gaming membrane keyboard where shift/ctrl keys started sticking a bit (but never stuck down).

    The mouse is a bit oddly laid out. The "back" button is awkward to reach. My old G500 mouse is better laid out (but left mouse button contacts bounce after a while and have to open it up and spray contact cleaner on the switches. Had it replaced under warranty but the replacement did the same thing).

    As an aside, Windows repeatedly makes alert sounds for USB disconnection unless you plug in both USB cables. Since one is marked for the keyboard and the other for the USB pass-through port, I initially did not plug in the USB 2.0 pass-through cable since I can easily reach the back of my PC for USB 3.0 (and the keyboard one is USB 2.0)

    In an office, I'd say the kb noise would drive other people crazy (and probably also on video calls).

    What full size wired keyboards should I be looking at for quietness, for general office/home use mostly, some typing, a bit of FPS gaming? I also want dedicated media controls (volume, mute - buttons are ok). Have no need of RGB light shows or USB passthrough. Should I be looking at mechanical?

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