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Free Shipping on Whole Order With Fragrance Purchase (From $2.99) @ Chemist Warehouse / My Chemist


Basically a cheap way to get shipping under $50 spend, by adding a $2.99 fragrance and then buying whatever else you want on Chemist Warehouse, rather than paying $8.95 for shipping or picking up in store.

Some examples that qualify for free shipping on your whole order:

Secret Sass Coconut 125ml Body Mist $2.99
Secret Sass Hot Temptation 125ml Body Mist $2.99
Secret Sass Crazy In Love 125ml Body Mist $2.99
Secret Sass Spell Bound 125ml Body Mist $2.99
Secret Sass Summer Rain 125ml Body Mist $2.99
FCUK Passion Tangerine Fragrance Mist 250ml $2.99
FCUK Sensual Grapefruit Fragrance Mist 250ml $2.99
FCUK Sinful Apple Fragrance Mist 250ml $2.99
Revlon Charlie Pink Body Spray 75ml $2.99
Revlon Charlie Red 75ml Body Spray $2.99
Hello Kitty Juicy Grape Body Mist 75g $3.99

Free standard delivery - does not include fast 3 hour delivery. Sale ends 9th December 2021 11:59PM AEDT. No minimum spend. No Voucher code required. Offer valid only on regular Australia Post orders.

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    If you are quick it will stack with this deal, but it expires in 25 85 minutes.

    Add $1.99 Hand Wash (or whatever you want from that list, including another $3.75 Dettol Hand Sanitiser)
    Add $3.75 Dettol Hand Sanitiser 200ml (Becomes Free)
    Add $2.99 Fragrance (Becomes Free Shipping)

    Total $4.98 Delivered (Cost of Hand Wash/Whatever you chose + Fragrance). The $3.75 Hand Sanitiser and $8.99 Delivery becomes free.

    Standard Shipping:$0.00

    +Add anything else you want.

    • Amazing!

    • Still working. I took their 31st November 5pm AEST to mean 30th November 6pm AEDT (current time zone), but it's still working as of now.

      • There is no 31st November

        • +2

          Yes exactly, so I took it to mean the 30th of November. It's still available today though, so possibly it was set to 1st of December.

  • thank you boss!

  • Right now, another cheap way to get free shipping with Chemist Warehouse is to add a medication prescription to the order.

    • +2

      Yeah but u need to send in your prescription for that though… cbf.

      • Reply paid on sending the prescription, or you can send them an electronic prescription.

        I personally CBF to go to my local pharmacy and wait there to pick up my regular repeat. So I send it to them once, they hold it on file, and they post it to me for free whenever i need it.

        It takes me less than 5 minutes to get my repeat or get a new electronic prescription, and i can order anything else i want from Chemist Warehouse without paying ANY postage.

        • It's once a month & paid subsidised through Australian government, so not technically CW's Promo, i believe other pharmacies offer it as well.


          Would be annoying getting 15 different prescriptions faxed or posted through GP for me.

          • +1

            @Tehcookiemonsta: Of course not for everyone, but the idea was just a way to be able to get your Chemist warehouse items shipped for free, not just your medication

  • How do you add medication prescription to an online order?

    • Just search your medication and add it to your order. You do need to either post (reply paid) or email an electronic prescription.

  • +5

    I never say no to a cheap FCUK.

    • It's only smellz.

  • note that this is not the fast delivery cw are doing with doordash, so ymmv in terms of how fast (or slow) you get your order

  • +1

    Just a quick warning. CW currently has a 10 business day delay on orders.

    • I got mine in 2 days last week. But yes, I would not use it for a case of something urgent. Which is why I order 2 weeks or more in advance.

  • alright what are we getting mum for Christmas?

  • Ordered on the 30th Nov, Shopback did not track and order has still not shipped

  • With the cheaper fragrances, looks like you can only click and collect now.

  • Some fragrances have dropped in price, the cheapest is now $1.99 for the Secret Sass Body Mist.

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