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BlitzWolf BW-F3 Folding Fan USB Desktop Fan with Remote Control US$39.99 (~A$56.24) Delivered (CN Stock) @ Banggood


● 4 Wind Modes, 3 Gear Wind Speed

● 7.75 inches Large Size

● 7200mAh Battery Life

● 7 Large Blades

● Adjustable Height, Shaking Head

● 5m Air Supply Distance

● <25dB Quiet Operation

● Remote Control

There are other models available as well

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  • Looks like it would be good for camping, as anyone got one?

  • Any reason to get this over generic one on Amazon or ebay? It cheaper over there too?

  • Looks too small for a fan with stand. Anyone owns it?

  • +1

    I have the first version of this, BW-FUN1 (no remote but same size as this one). It pretty much works like you'd expect - it's not going to compete with your Vornado but it's surprisingly powerful (not a complete waste of time like most of those tiny USB fans). I don't think the battery would last long enough to be worth taking camping for more than one night, but could be useful to create a breeze on a hot night. Doesn't rotate so more useful for one person than several.

    • Self-reply to just note: looks like this one does rotate. Nice improvement!

      • Strange as it doesn't mention oscillation at all in description but in the questions people saying it does.

        • +1

          As per the description, yes it has "shaking head"

  • I have the original version of these but HELLER branded.

    Great for camping, they last all night. Pretty damn quiet and can tuck the base under the mattress for additional stability.

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