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[Refurbished] Fetch Mighty PVR / TV Box $199 ($80 Discount) @ Fetch TV


Do you love Fetch and love free movies? Do you know someone who would love Fetch too? Then our summer offer could be just what you both need.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell your friends and family how great Fetch is, and share your unique referral code with them.
  2. They then go to store.fetchtv.com.au/pages/refer_friend to order their Refurbished Mighty before 31 December 2021.
  3. They enter your referral code when they check out to receive an $80 discount on the box (usually $279) plus a free Voice Remote (usually $29.95).
  4. We send them their Refurbished Mighty so they can start enjoying Fetch.
  5. We credit your account with 3 free Movie Rental Credits for each Mighty sale you refer (up to maximum of 5 sales), and let you know when they are ready to use.

Easy! And it’s OK for you to use your code to purchase boxes to add to your own Fetch Retail account, or as gifts.

Your unique referral code is: <code was received by email>

The boxes have been professionally refurbished and rigorously tested by Fetch, and include a 24 month warranty. They come in new packaging with all the accessories included. The bonus Voice Remote is brand new.

Hurry, stock is limited. This offer is available until 31 December 2021, unless sold out sooner.

The Fetch Team

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[Out of Stock] Referee receives an $80 discount on a refurbished Fetch Mighty PVR. Referrer receives 3 free movie rental credits, capped at at a maximum of 5 referrals. Referral program ends 31 Dec 2021.

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  • I don't use the fetch anymore. This post makes me think I can sell the mini and mighty

    • +1

      Probably if good condition. I use for recording shows and recently they have free previews of some subscription channels for a month.

    • +1

      If you purchased from Fetch or retail store, then there shouldn't be an issue to sell, but if purchased through an RSP, the box is locked. If you don't want to use it, it's pretty much a paperweight.

  • For a few $ more, you might as well get a Nvidea shield pro.

    • Does that get free to air channels ?

      • Yes, mine does. I got a tuner for it…

        • What tuner did you get? And can you record with it?

          • +1

            @cptnawesome: I got this

            But I haven't set it up yet.

            I used one of their early devices many, many years ago and it was great until I bricked it with a firmware update…

            They have a subscription service if you want to record with their software, or you can use a plex pass and record on plex.

            I've got 2 nvidia shields, so this one tuner can be used on both, as well as any other phones, tables, computers etc. on my network.

            • @jv: Looks good but a bit more expensive option

              • @Paul B: There are other compatible TV tuners that you can add directly to the usb port on the nvidia shield.
                Just google it.

                The homerun does cost more, but I figured i can use it on any device and don't need to run any coax cables through the house, so for me, just the convenience is worth the extra cost.

                • +1

                  @jv: When my current box dies, it works well for now on wifi

            • @jv: I’ll stick with the mighty!

              • @Coops1: Can you watch Kayo on it?

                • @jv: I’ll stick with Foxtel

                  • @Coops1:

                    I’ll stick with Foxtel

                    Now you are trolling…

  • Yeah reminds me, must sell(if I can) my Fetch mini and Fetch mighty

    No longer understand why I bought these, the Fetch channel subs seem pointless now

  • Bargain for the mighty…..as good as the old TiVo, even better now with added apps etc.

    • Do they have the full range of streaming/catch up apps? Or is it still limited?

      • +1

        A double question :) Enough apps for me, I don’t if have enough cash to sign up to all of them anyways. Is there a solution that has all of them?

        • Haha. Fair enough. Through various wheelings and dealings I have Netflix, Disney, Prime and Stan and pay less than $25. Admittedly I couldn’t justify it if I had to pay full price.

      • +1

        No Kayo or Binge

  • +6

    For those that don't want to tell their friends how good Fetch is, JB Hi-Fi has got a refurbished one too for $199 excluding shipping: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/fetch-mighty-fetch-tv-ref...

    • Would the remote be a used remote? I couldn't see any mention of it on the JB link. Whereas this one comes with a brand new remote

      • Also the warranty is 1 year vs Fetch is providing 2 years

      • +2

        Fetch has slightly newer remote version with voice control. JB says 12 month warranty so maybe ask them to match 24 month if buying

  • Would this work well purely as an offline PVR for someone who likes to record free-to-air (our new sony tv doesn't have USB recording)

    • You'd need to connect it to the interweb for the channel guide I believe. Otherwise, yes.

      • Sounds like a headache

        • +1

          It has wifi. Most people have wifi.

          • @itsross: It can work for a few days without internet connection for a temp wifi outage.

            • @Paul B: Yeah for sure. I recently changed my wifi password and didn't update it for a week on the fetch. It kept chugging.

        • +4

          Sounds like a headache

          Using the internet in 2021 is a headache?

          • @PainToad: This would be for my mother who doesn't have home internet. She only uses her mobile as a hotspot when she's using her tablet for internet browsing, and doesn't get a lot of data. Other than that she has no wifi which is why I asked about offline PVR. Bit annoying that it relies so much on an internet connection, but I guess that's the age we live in

  • Fetch is great for PVR recording. Can do multiple channels at once. I can also watch what I have recorded through Kodi on my PC which is handy too!

    • +1

      Plex on there too since the latest update

    • +1

      Using a PC, you can also transfer your recordings over your wi-fi and onto an external disk if your Fetch disk starts to fill up.

  • The referral code is not working for me. I received a referral code but I could not redeem it.

  • I had a Fetch mini from my ISP, once I changed ISP it became dead weight as Fetch said I couldn't reuse it and I had to buy a new one with them, had to throw it in the bin as it became useless and decided to completely ditch fetch. Now they are selling refurbished boxes but I couldn't reuse my box? No thanks.

    • +5

      Fetch purchased outright will never have that problem. That's your ISP's fault. That's like buying a network locked phone and complaining it doesn't work on another network.

      • Fair enough, nevertheless it was a bad customer experience.

  • +1

    I have had Fetch since Tivo finished, I had no idea you could refer people, I have checked my app and my Fetch box just then and still have no idea how to refer people.

    • I received this offer by email. Did you check spam folder?

      • Can you refer me? I turned off e-mails from Fetch.

        • +1

          Sent you a PM with a link, but there is a random link at the bottom of the main post

  • Only ever use Fetch Box to pay for the package that has ESPN ($6 a month) during NBA playoffs - Is there any other way to get it that cheap besides some random Kayo promos?

  • Interesting 👍😁

  • Missed out by day.Hope this offer comes around again as my old Strong PVR just gave out.

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