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55% off + $7.99 Delivery (Free Delivery over $99 Spend) @ Myprotein


Myprotein - 55% off with code FRIENDSOFMYP21. Free shipping over $99.

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  • +5

    Prices have gone up massively.
    5kg WPI was $180ish, now $275

    • I can't seem to find the Natural Vanilla flavour of the Impact Whey Protein I ordered in August this year.
      However, the Unflavoured 5kg protein + unflavoured 1kg creatine comes to $115 delivered and that is kind of a good price. Creatine is now $32 on Bulk Nutrients and $27 on Venom.

      • Actually the code is wack. The price comes to the same total when selecting another flavour which is full price (e.g. White Choc which is $200 for 5KG vs unflavoured at $100 for 5kg).

        Even though the prices are higher back in August, the discount makes it cheaper. the same items cost me $139 back then using the 40% off code compared to the $115 now. I would stock up if I didn't already have most of my amount left from August haha

    • Last year 5kg Smooth Chocolate was around $21.6/kg :( I bought some during this black friday for $24.6 or so after 50% off and 11% cashback

  • Cashback doesn't seem to support the code which would make it worthwhile

    • Last time i used a unapproved code with shopback it tracked and got paid, YMMV

  • +1

    Not anywhere close to 55% off, I am getting ~10% off https://imgur.com/a/lI9Wpj1

    • Yeah the code is very weird. When adding $200 protein and $55 creatine, each item is not reduced 55% but the total was. Comes to $115. Very odd and not sure how the code works or when it doesn't

  • Their pre-workout (pro version) is BEAST !!! but can't find it anymore.

    • The pro one is the biggest rip off lol, I remember it to be over $100, I've been using "The Preworkout", its 70$ for 420g and has nearly same macros at 'Pre workout blend" which is $50 for 500g, only difference is basically 2g of Creatine.

      Much cheaper to get the "Pre workout blend" as a base and supplement extra Citrulline Malate and Creatine according to your needs and it'll still be 50% cheaper than the Pro version

      • I tried MP pre maybe 2 years ago and didn't think much of it. I would recommend trying AminoZ high stim pre, and taking 1/2 scoops. I think it is the best value for money on ingredients, but take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

        • Wow 350mg of Caffeine is quite the stim haha, its pretty good on ingredients (haha 100mg of Pink Himalayan Salt), but the 'Amino Z Complete Pre-Workout' subjectively looks better to me, with 2g more Citrulline Malate, same 3.2g of Beta Alanine and only 275mg of Caffeine + $5 cheaper than high stim.

          I think for people that drink coffee(s) on top of taking preworkouts, the high stim may be a bit much and the 'Complete" would be a good alternative.
          Definitely better than most of the MP stuff and most commercial brand pwos.

          I get the 500g of Preworkout blend (3g Citrulline Malate, 1.6g Beta Alanine, 150mg Caffeine) from MP for ~$25 and supplement to double the first two,
          PITA to do this as I've run out of Beta Alanine so i'll most likely try the Amino Z Complete after I've finished what I have left.

          Thanks for the recommendation :)

          • @chena: Yeah I don't have any caffeine other than pre-workouts so I normally don't take the full scoop. Although if it works for you I may start looking into adding in my own extras to pres as you do. Are Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine your favorite parts of a pre?

            • @knobbs: Yes, i would consider them to be, there's extensive research into their effects in preworkouts as power enhancers, though I also take Creatine with my pre and BCAA's during my workout
              More expensive preworkouts like Total war generally have 6g Citrulline Malate and 3.2g Beta Alanine which I try to match, be careful though you might not like the itch/tingle from beta alanine.

              I would definitely recommend 'More Plates More Dates" on youtube, he gives good insight into preworkouts that are out there, and what amounts of ingredients are optimal

          • @chena: I mix my own preworkout, costs me about $10 per 500g

            • @easternculture: Dam that ain't bad for value. Care to PM or list here what goes into yours and where you buy it all? Feel like I would be out of Breaking Bad mixing my own pre

              • @knobbs: Its raw material from the preworkouts ingredients, basically mix and match until you find the right formula your body likes. Its pure without fillers so the 500g they sell you would be about 200 to 250g mix at home

                • @easternculture: Yeah I know lots of them have fillers and things, but just from how many ingredients they have I would be a little lost.

                  • Citrulline Malate
                  • Beta Alanine
                  • Caffeine

                  are the main ones I know of so would include those, but I am not really knowledgeable on what all the other ingredients do. Then there is flavor also.

                  Also I think powdered caffeine is banned in Oz?

                  • +1

                    @knobbs: You can get Caffeine tablets and grind them into powder, people that make their own preworkouts usually just include Caffeine, Creatine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate. BCAA's can be added as well. For flavour, you can get flavour drops?

                  • @knobbs: Yes they are mainly the ingredients i use.

                    I buy muscletech caffeine tablets 220g from amazon when.its about $10 for 200 tablets and grind it.

                    For flavor, i just use cordial , i found rasberry and lime work best.

                    Citrulline Malate
                    Beta Alanine

                    I do 1 hour cardio then i take
                    10g creatine
                    10g BCAA

                    After workout, i take my WPI with extra leucine and glutamine for better recovery

                    If i get my hands on short dated preworkout for cheap, i buy them and modify the ingredients a little to make it stronger

  • +3

    Since moving their warehouse to Aus, their inventory has turned to $#it

    • true. they need to lease bigger warehouse maybe hahahahah

  • Well, was 20 a K ish a while Beck

    But I reckon real food is better than supplements (the hint is in the name)

    Just like shampoo, better to use real poo

  • Theoretically a great discount. Unfortunately 500gram Creatine Monohydrate Powder is now about twice the price ($14.84) compared to what I paid back in May ($7.99), even though the discount back then was "only" 50%. Most other items are similarly more expensive.

  • Tried MyProtein impact whey after years of Bulk Nutrients WPC and it gave me the squirts big time.

    I can't see any difference in the ingredients they use though, perhaps the soy lecithin is increased in myprotein.

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